Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Mechanical, Electronic, Control and Automation Engineering (MECAE 2018)

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[WITHDRAWN] Boosting Relevance Vector Machine Learning Algorithm Based on Noise Self-Detection

Wangchen Qin, Fang Liu, Quan Qi, Mi Tong
AdaBoost is an ensemble method to construct a strong classifier with linear combination of base classifiers, which has been applied to relevance vector machine (RVM) for performance improvement. However, the combination of the RVM and AdaBoost can be overfitting in dealing with the noisy data sets because...
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Internet of Things, Internet, Big Data and Airport Services Make Smart Airport Based on O2O and Humanism

Qi Qi, Zhu Pan
This paper analyzes the reason why the civil aviation enterprises attach great importance to service quality, but the passengers are not much satisfied. And then it puts forward a scientific solution based on humanism and interconnected intelligent equipment. The paper also defines the concept of a smart...
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Theoretical Analysis and Simulation of Buffer Cylinder for Anti-Water Hammering

Guolai Yang, Mingxue Li, Guixiang Bai, Meilin Xu
Aiming at the serious water hammer problem produced by check valve when the pump stops unexpectedly, an optimal method of using buffer cylinder to quick close check valve to reduce water hammer pressure is proposed. Through studying found that water hammer pressure is proportional to flow rate. And the...
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Fault Diagnosis of Vehicle Engine Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process and Neural Network

Chuanxiang Du, Xiuling Wei
Due to the nonlinear relationship between vehicle engine fault characteristics, traditional methods can not accurately describe the correlation characteristics between different features, it is very difficult to achieve accurate diagnosis of vehicle engine fault. In order to improve the accuracy of vehicle...
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Monitoring and Analysis of Vehicle Engine State Based on Data Mining Technology

Xiuling Wei, Chuanxiang Du
the state of vehicle engine is influenced by many factors. The changing characteristics are very complex. The current model can not get high accuracy vehicle engine condition monitoring results. In order to improve the monitoring precision of vehicle engine state, a vehicle engine state monitoring model...
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Design of a High-Performance Ultra-Wideband Monocycle Pulse Generator

Qi Yin, Zhongming Pan, Zhuohang Zhang
A high-performance ultra-wideband (UWB) monocycle pulse generator is described in this paper. The pulse generator circuit is mainly composed of avalanche transistor, step recovery diode (SRD), Schottky diode (SD) and microstrip lines. The proposed circuit solution utilizes the avalanche effect of avalanche...
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The Impact of Climate Change on Yemen's National Stability

Bojian Zhang
In this paper, we have developed an FDS that is a measure of national vulnerability. From the FDS, we can judge whether the fragile state of the country is fragile or vulnerable or stable. We use Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process (FAHP) to construct an evaluation model to evaluate the vulnerability and...
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Summary of Evaluating Inertial Gyro Storage Life Based on Accelerated Life Test

Huizhi Li, Shaoguang Wang, Chen Huang, Xihui Mu
In this paper, the life evaluation of inertial gyro components of information-based ammunition control system is carried out by using accelerated life test. The present research situation of accelerated life test technology is discussed, and the basic principle, shortcomings, the general process of evaluating...
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Design of Image transmission and Display System Based on ZYNQ

Ran He, Zili Chen
Aiming at the problems of high cost, large volume of the PC image transmission and display system, poor backend portability, transmission delay of the image transmission and display system using network camera, an image transmission and display system of IP network camera based on SOC was designed. The...
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Research on the seismic simulated vibration test machine for the aseismatic performance of elevator

Xiao Lv, Dingdong Zou, Lei Zhang, Ligui Kang, Jingjie Yuan
In view of the running safety in elevator under earthquake, several damage forms of elevator are presented and its analysis model is set up. Then some earthquake protective measures for elevators are proposed. In order to inspect the seismic behavior of the elevator, the seismic simulated vibration test...
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Research and Application of Data Mining in Chronic Diseases

Yuliang Shi, Jun Tao
In recent years, with the acceleration of people's pace of life, the number of chronic diseases in China is increasing. The attention and investment of the country to the medical industry is increasing year by year. At the same time, with the maturity and perfection of data mining technology, many countries...
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Summary of weak signal detection and processing methods

Wei Liu, Zhenshu Ma, Huagang Sun
Weak signal detection is a multidisciplinary application of detection methods,which through the use of different methods to study and analyze the statistical properties of signal and noise, and use a variety of signal processing methods to analyze and process the input signal. Weak signals can be detected...
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Research of Structural Reliability Analysis Based on Nonlinear Weighted Response Surface Methodology

Mingren Xu, Zongjie Cao
Response surface method(RSM) is one of the effective methods to solve the reliability problem of implicit structure. In this paper, a new weighting method is proposed based on the response surface method to solve the nonlinear problem. The weighted design method is used to determine the design point...
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Experimental Study on Random Vibration Fatigue S-N Curve of GH188 Alloy Under High Temperature Environment

Chao Qu, Hongwei Zhou, Xuefeng Zou
A random vibration fatigue test system developed by the company was used to conduct a random vibration fatigue test at a temperature of 25? /450? for a typical plate element of GH188 alloy, and the random vibration fatigue median life of S-N curve of GH188 superalloy at a temperature of 25?/450? was...
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Impact of Community Opening on Road Traffic

Lin Chen
This paper aims to analyze the effect of open community system on road traffic. Based on the evaluation index system of the impact of community opening on road traffic, a space-time dynamic analysis model of vehicle traffic capacity is established to describe the urban road traffic situation. Firstly,...
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Multi-Mode Iot Gateway Design and Implemention

Pengcheng Sun
In this paper, a method for the design and implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) gateway is proposed. First, the gateway platform is built on BeagleBone Black. In the software design of the gateway, wireless sensor network mapping into a virtual device through the Lua scripting language, and...
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A method of go recognition based on Deep Learning

Heng Ran, Pengyun Song, Yanghui Liu, Lei Yu, Hang Zhou, Yinrui Zhang
In order to obtain the image information of go, we use the traditional method to process the image, but the traditional method has great limitation. The accuracy is low, and the external factors can easily affect the processing result. In order to solve the limitation of traditional image processing...
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Automatic Morse Code Recognition under Low SNR

Xianyu Wang, Qi Zhao, Cheng Ma, Jianping Xiong
As an important means of communication, Morse has a wide range of applications in life such as medical treatment, radio broadcasts and so on. However, there has been no systematic method for automatic recognition of Morse codes. This paper designs a Morse code automatic recognition system that combines...
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Design and study of intelligent cutting machine for shelling of Camellia fruit

Kaiwu Cai, Wei Cheng, Xuanping Yang
China Camellia fruit shell to mechanical machine has not been popular, especially in rural areas, this paper designs a kind of advanced and applicable Camellia fruit shell device, used to make more efficient fruit tea, Camellia fruit hulling machine, which comprises a shell, a cutting mechanism, tie...
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Application of Auto Disturbance Rejection Control in Fuze Rotation Speed Control

Qiang Xiao, Yongshi Xu, Bin Zhang, Han Wei, Kan Xu
The motor is considered as the carrier and driving the precision control of rotation speed of the fuze, which is an effectiveway to simulate the centrifugal environment of the realistic simulation fuze. In order to precisely control the rotation speed of fuze, motor is used as the research object, a...
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Research on High Speed Rotating Control Machine of Fuze

Yongshi Xu, Qiang Xiao, Kan Xu, Bin Zhang, Han Wei
High speed rotating control machine of fuze can use high speed motor produce effect of rotating centrifugal force under the laboratory environment to simulate the centrifugal force that the fuze received in the flight. The equipment can give a rotating test for the fuze to check its security and dependability.
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Target Detection and Tracking Modeling of Fire-control Radar

Hao Xu, Wenhao Lian, Qiang Xiao, Qian Zheng, Zhenqin Fan
Target detection and tracking of fire-control radar is the primary task of air defend combat and a key of fire-control system. First, wording process of fire-control radar system is analyzed. Then signal simulation modeling and mathematical modules are proposed. Finally, signal simulation of dynamic...
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Rotor Position And Velocity Estimation Of SMO Based On PLL

Xueliang Ren, Mingjiang Wang, Jun Chen
In this paper, a sliding mode observer (SMO) based on PLL and rotary coordinate is designed for sensorless control of permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM). By the proposed SMO algorithm, the control system has a better dynamic performance?And the rotor speed error, the estimated speed, the rotor...
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Application of the Integration of the Internet of Things and Big Data

Yingli Wang
In order to perfectly integrate the Internet of Things (IOT) and big data, the way how big data influences the construction of an open IOT ecosystem was discussed and the significance of big data for the Internet of Things was set forth. Also, the system framework of an open IOT ecosystem with advanced...
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Research on the Relationship between Iron and Steel Production and Air Quality in Beijing - Tianjin - Hebei Region ——Air Quality in Beijing and Tianjin as the Goal

Jian Li, Zefan Jin
This paper mainly studies the effects of monthly production of iron and steel in eight cities in Hebei on the air quality of Beijing and Tianjin. First, this paper uses 10 cities to study whether iron and steel production has an impact on air quality, and the conclusion is that iron and steel production...
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Numerical Simulation and Analysis Optimization of Cast-In-Place Process of Non-Bearing Wall Based on CFD

Jiabin Ma, Weiguang Xiong, Luhang Zhao, Jiajie Wang, Shihang Wang
This article takes the non-bearing wall cast-in-place process as the research object, making comprehensive use of CFD analysis methods, CAE technology, ANSYS Gambit and Fluent software. the flow field simulation was carried out in the mixing section and the grouting process in the pouring wall process....
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Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Physics Experiment Teaching

Huazhong Wang
To explore the application of virtual experiment in physics teaching, the virtual reality constructivism, hybrid learning theory, interaction theory and the used techniques were analyzed. Then, the whole process of virtual experiment system from the design to the realization was explained in detail,...
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The Design of Temperature and Humidity Automatic Control System for the Supermarket Fruits and Vegetables

Biqing Li, Zhao Li, Hongyan Zhang
Temperature and humidity automatic control system is widely applied in various fields more and more gets the welcome of people, because it can greatly reduce the human resources, and it has the characteristics of highly efficient and accurate. the temperature and humidity automatic control system based...
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Design and Development of Mobile Academic Platform in Universities

Yunju Chang, Lili Hong, Guang Su, Xuesong Leng
Under the background of the less connection between teachers and students in universities and the rapid development of the Internet, and according to the needs of students and teachers, the topic was to design and develop university research and academic platform prototype based on Android. First of...
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Research on Model of Feasible Timing of Traffic Light for Intersection Control

Jiangqun Wang, Ning Cao, Guozhong Yao
Traffic lights play a significant role in regulating traffic flow. Due to the use of stationary phase and fixed cycle in traditional systems, it is not feasible to adjust the phase time to meet real-time traffic demand, resulting in delays, inefficiencies and other losses for traffic participants. This...
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Scheduling Optimization Method of Single-line Customized Bus

Yunwei Li, Xuedong Yan, Wen Shao
Customized bus, a new-type traveling mode in China, now has become the first choice for part of city residents due to its quality services. However, customized bus in China is still at the initial stage of exploration. Its route design and vehicle scheduling have not yet formed a unified methodology....
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Optimization of Sight Clearance Area Design at Uncontrolled Intersection

Wen Shao, Xuedong Yan, Yunwei Li
Since the lack of traffic control measures, it is necessary to provide the sufficient intersection sight distance to ensure the safety of driving at uncontrolled intersections. At present, the domestic and foreign design standards and specifications concentrate more on the dimensions of square edges...
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Effect of Collision Parameters on the Pedestrian Thoracic Dynamics Response and Injury

Wenjun Liu, Aowen Duan, Kui Li, Liangfei Fu, Hongchun Jia, Zhiyong Yin
To investigate the effect of collision parameters (impact area of hood, vehicle velocity, walking speed of pedestrian, pedestrian gait and pedestrian orientation) on the dynamics response and injury of pedestrian thorax by combining the merits of Finite Element (FE) method and analytical method of Multi-body...
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Optimization for Train Schedules of Full-length & Short-turn Routing Mode in Urban Rail Transit

Yansong Liu, Baohua Mao, Mengna Li
The train schedule is the basis of operation organization in urban rail transit. According to the properties of the full- length & short- turn routing mode in urban railway transit, a multi- objective nonlinear mixed integer programming optimization model of train shedule for a single transit line is...
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Research on Financial Risk Evaluation of Railway Logistics Based on BP Neural Network Model

Mengna Li, Xiangfei Yang, Congcong Xin, Jie Zhang
This paper analyzes the risk factors of developing logistics finance business in railway enterprises, identifies the risks from two aspects of external risk and internal risk, and constructs the evaluation index system of railway logistics financial risk. Based on the analysis of BP neural network structure,...
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Safety Evaluation of Road Tunnel Based on Fuzzy AHM

Qiming Yao, Shuo Liu
In order to improve the operation safety of road tunnels, a new evaluation method of safety evaluation was proposed. Firstly, the index system was established by comprehensive considering all kinds of traffic safety attribute, including road engineering, traffic safety facility, traffic flow condition...
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Construction Method of Salar Traditional Settlement

Haichen Zheng, Wenyu Zhao, Hongbin Ma
The Salar nationality believes in Islam, and the clansmen mainly live in Xunhua Salar Autonomous County of Qinghai Province and Dahejia, Baoan nationality and Dongxiang Salar Autonomous County, Jishishan, Gansu Province. The construction of many traditional settlements of the Salar nationality is ingenious...
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Design of Indoor Real-time Positioning on Embedded Platform

Xin Shu, Chang Liu, Haoyuan Cai, Tianyang Cao
Indoor positioning is becoming a very popular research direction in recent years. In this paper, we realize real-time trajectory calculation through the fusion of inertial and vision. We have two experiments in different environments and we find that the algorithm's error is below 50% of pure inertial...
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The application of the electrical automation in power system

Laiyun Hou
On the basis of introducing the development of electrical automation, this paper detailedly analyzes the application of computer technology and PLC technology, which are specific technologies of electrical automation used in the power system. The purpose of this paper is to make people have a deeper...
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Research on Train Over-taking Organization of Urban Rail Transit

Junjun Liu, Baohua Mao
Study on train over-taking organization of urban rail transit and propose calculation methods of local train's waiting time as well as the length of the cross section. Combining with actual operation of urban rail transit, the effects of departure interval, tracking interval and the maximum operating...
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Installation and Docking Technology of Control Module for Subsea Production System

Lan Zhang, Yongzhe Li, Yonghong Meng, Liquan Wang, Peng Jia
The docking technology of the subsea production system control module (SCM) is a key part of installation. If the docking accuracy is not reached, or poor stability when docking, the butt joint between the hydraulic joint and the electrical joint cannot be accomplished, may also make the subsea control...
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The Study of Cognitive Radio Prediction Based on Big Data

Haoxiang Sun, Changxing Chen, Yunfei Ling, Jiyao Huang, Xiangyang Lin
With the advent of the age of big dat, the application of big data to predict is a powerful way to solve various problems. However, for the increasingly tense spectrum resources, the prediction of cognitive radio based on big data is an inevitable trend. In this paper, the advantages of big data prediction...
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The Influence of Tail Fitting of Truck Effect Samples on Maximum Truck Effect in Reference Period

Junli Liu, Jinhao Zhang, Lei Wang, Wencheng Yu
In order to study the influence of the tail of the fitted sample distribution curve of vehicle load effect on the maximum value distribution in the reference period of vehicle load effect, multi-model normal distribution curve, straight line, parabola, exponential curve and POT model based on Pareto...
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A Compact Bias T Used for Front-end of Millimeter Imaging System

Baohua Yang, Huajie Zou, Jungang Miao
As millimeter wave (MMW) electronic technologies have matured, MMW receiver research is also in the rapid development which includes front-end and frequency synthesizer. They all needed isolation between RF and DC bias. The good design bias T which can realize high isolation between DC bias source port...
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Research of Theoretical Model and Transmission Efficiency of ZC1 Worm Dynamic Lubrication

Dongyue Qu, Chunyu Zhang, Jianan Xu, Rilai Zhang, Shengxi Zhang
The dynamic pressure lubrication theoretical model of worm gear ZC1 is established, the formula of hydrodynamic lubrication discretization for the calculation of the mixed friction efficiency of circular cylindrical worm and worm pair is achieved and the formula and process for solving the hybrid friction...
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The Control System of 100kv High Voltage Power Supply

Shengmin Pan, Peng Fu, Yiyun Huang, Baocan He, Hulin Feng, Denghu Wang
It described a control system of 100kV high voltage power supply. It used PC control and monitor the power modules via fiber optic. By testing, proved the control system is a good isolation and provides stability control system. By this way, we can remote control the power modules.
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Research on Educational Video Retrieval Method Based on Audio Transcription Technology

Muqiang Zhao, Wenxi Zheng, Yan Ye, Min Wu
In the modern education platform, there are many problems, such as insufficient retrieval accuracy and single retrieval process, this paper conducts an in-depth investigation and analysis of the features of educational videos, combined with the cutting-edge audio transcription technology and text processing...
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The Fault Diagnosis of Smart Substation Equipment Based on Fuzzy Petri Nets

Shaowen Wan
This paper introduces fault diagnosis method and its mathematical descriptionthe of fuzzy Petri nets, including the basic concept and rule representation. On the basis of the original fuzzy Petri net reasoning decision, the transition threshold judgment is proposed. This paper presents a fault diagnosis...
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On-line Monitoring of Ethanol Concentration during Biomass Fermentation.

Ranran Zhang
For fermentation process large time delay, nonlinear and distributed parameter and disturbance, to combine neural networks and fuzzy control, neural network has the ability to learn, to modify control rules, the proposed neural network controller, realize online monitoring of biomass in the fermentation...
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Application of Electronic Chart Display and Information System in the Teaching of Nautical English

Xiandong Zhao, Yonggang Zong
The emergence of Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) is a revolution in the field of navigation. With the improvement of ECDIS's standardization and its further promotion, the research of ECDIS in the world is also deepening. On the basis of the understanding of the standard of electronic...
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The Study of SAR Image Change Detection Algorithm Based on the Difference Graph Fusion

Chunhua Fu, Xiaojing Wang, Lijun Zhang, Liying Qiao
SAR image change detection technology is the two picture in the same area, the different time periods for SAR image detection, quantitative and qualitative analysis of the change area, thereby gaining interest area change a technology of information. SAR image change detection technology is of great...
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A Novel Controller Dynamic Linearization-Based Model Free Adaptive Predictive Control for A Class Of Discrete Nonlinear Systems

Danna Wang
In this work, a novel controller dynamic linearization based model free adaptive predictive control algorithm (CFDLc-MFAPC) for a class of discrete nonlinear system is proposed. This method introduces dynamic linearization parameters of ideal controller based on dynamic linearization technology, and...
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Research on Promotion of Emergency Rescue Strategy of General Aviation for Earthquake Disaster in Mountain Area

Liang Zhang
This paper analyzes the influencing factors of earthquake emergency rescue of general aviation in mountain area, the relevant knowledge of operational research is applied, the influencing factors of emergency rescue are analyzed and evaluated by analytic hierarchy process; according to the analysis results,...
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[WITHDRAWN] A Relevance Vector Machine Based on Gaussian Mixture Kernel

Mi Tong, Fang Liu, Quan Qi, Wangchen Qin
Relevance vector machine (RVM), a sparse Bayesian kernel method in machine learning, has been well-known for its sparsity and probabilistic predictions. Like other kernel methods, it use the kernel functions to map the input instances into higher dimensional space for problem simplicity. At present,...
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Discussion on the Effect of Machining Process Technology on the Machining Accuracy

Fang Chen
The part qualification rate of enterprises will be affected by various factors when the machine parts are processed, which will cause some effects on the whole project in the process of producing machine parts. Machine parts process can directly influence their accuracy in the machining process technology....
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The Optimal Design and Study of the Power Ultrasonic Transducer Vibrating System

Xinxin Xie
With the continuous development of the economy, the development of our country's science and technology has entered a new phase. Subsequently, the power ultrasound technology has been optimized, among which the vibrating system has played an important role, mainly including the ultrasonic transducer,...
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Target Detection and Extraction Based on Motion Attention Model

Long Liu, Qing Liu
In the paper, a new motion attention temporal spatial fusion model is constructed for motion object detection and extraction in view of the limitations of target detection and extraction method under global motion scene according to motion attention formation mechanism. In the algorithm, motion vector...
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Application of System Dynamics and WCCI in Water Resources Evaluation: Taking Pakistan as an Example

Hong Fang
The theme of World Water Day in 2015 is water and sustainable development, which arouse our great attention to clean water scarcity. There are two models in this paper. Model one is the application of system dynamics in water resources. Aimed at the dynamic nature, the main factors of level, rate and...
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Stiffness Characteristics Analysis of Interconnected Hydro-Pneumatic Suspension for Heavy Multi-Axle Vehicles

Xu Wang, Gao Gao, Zhihao Liu, Jiangtao Feng
With heavy multi-axle vehicle interconnected suspension system as research object, a mathematical model of elastic force of four-axis interconnected hydro-pneumatic suspension system is established and simulation and bench test are carried out. Based on the mathematical model, the stiffness characteristics...
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An Optimal Fuzzy Logic Algorithm for Edge Detection of Stone Inscriptions

Jie Song, Jie Wang, Shanshan Li
The identification of stone inscriptions is of great significance to the study of Chinese characters and the exploration of ancient history. Characters are the symbol of civilization. The identification and analysis of the stone inscriptions can determine the age when they belong, and can help to study...
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Stock Price Short-term Forecasting Based On GARCH Model

Wanle Chi
Using the stock price data to set up a sequence to explain the relationship of stock price data, the future stock price can be forecasted. This paper conducts the real modeling research on the shanghai composite index utilized the GARCH-class models. The results of this paper had indicated that stock...
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Research on Gesture Recognition Technology of Data Glove Based on Joint Algorithm

Shuran Yin, Jun Yang, Yukun Qu, Wenjun Liu, Yunfei Guo, Hongtao Liu, Dapeng Wei
A gesture recognition system were fabricated with distributed sensor networks as the core component, and could be wore in the hands. This data glove could detect the posture of fingers using the FLEX2.2 bending sensors and STM32 series single chip. Furthermore, we adopted a gesture recognition joint...
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Application of Array Pressure Sensor in Roller Fault Detection

Yukun Qu, Shuran Yin, Jun Yang, Hongtao Liu, Tai Sun, Leyong Yu, Yun Hu, Dapeng Wei
In order to diagnose the fault of roller group, we have designed an array pressure sensor and a scan circuit with weak crosstalk of the column signal for collecting pressure distribution data. Furthermore, these data are processed via both the probabilistic neural network (PNN) fault diagnosis model...
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A Review of Automotive Lightweight Technology

Hongwang Zhao, Ruibin Zhang, Zeyun Bin
Reducing vehicle quality to reduce fuel consumption and reduce emission pollution is the core problem in the development of automobile industry. Lightweight design and improvement are urgently needed for new energy and traditional automobile. In this paper, the research status and development trend of...
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A New Fast Method of Magnetometer Calibration Based on Hexahedron Measurement

Yongzhu Hua, Huibin Qin, Bowen Luo, Jianfeng Wu
According to the thermal equilibrium equation, the resistance value of the film is converted into the air flow rate, and the flow rate is converted into the wind pressure by the Bernoulli equation. The wind pressure is detected based on the film resistance. Using the digital filter to remove the collected...
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Design of the Vehicular SINS/OD Positioning Based on Locality-Aware Auxiliary

Si Chen, Qiyuan Zhong, Lilong Tan, Peng Wang, Yantao Zhang
In order to solve the problem of launching vehicles positioning and orientation technology when losing GPS aided,a navigation scheme based on radio frequency identification (RFID) to assist the SINS/odometer (OD) are proposed.A variety of ways to locate vehicle are designed based on RFID and the actual...
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Memory Management System Based on Inverted Page Table with Hash Technology

Haoyu Yang, Linying Gong, Yuping Yuan
Faced with the development of information technology and the arrival of the era of big data, dynamic memory management is one of the most important operations in many C/C++ applications. Traditional paging memory management apply page table which aims at process. When the address of the process is large,...
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Electromagnetic Mechanism Design and Analysis of Electromagnetic Engine

Ruibin Zhang, Hongwang Zhao, Jing Li
In order to solve the design problem of the electromagnetic mechanism of the electromagnetic engine, a method for the design of electromagnetic mechanism is proposed by means of finite element method and magnetic circuit method. According to the structure characteristics of the electromagnetic mechanism,...
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Thermal Analysis of Electromagnetic Engine Water Cooling System Based on Fluid-solid Coupling

Ruibin Zhang, Guofu Wang, Yuanhua Chen
This paper elaborates the fluid-structure coupling electromagnetic heat transfer mathematical model of the engine cooling system, combines with finite element method to build the fluid-structure coupled model of water cooling system for the water cooling system, the uniformity of the flow field and temperature...
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Digital Library Based on RSS Technology

Yihua Zhang
In order to facilitate the user to select the information, a RSS information push system for library information was proposed. The actual situation of the library was investigated. Combined with the recommended technology, the library information push platform was designed. The design of the information...
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Planning and Analysis of Fiber Wrap Trajectory in Pressure Vessel

Wenzhi Liu, Mingjun Huang, Jiancheng Tian, Ye Chen
According to the application requirements of a kind of composite pressure vessel, aiming at the fiber winding of multi-axis CNC filament winding machine based on robot platform, the cylinder body and head of pressure vessel are analyzed. The geodesic winding line. Using MATLAB to calculate the trajectory...
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Finite element analysis of the fan blade in the Creo Simulation Environment

Fujian Yang, Zhe Chen
The fan blade is the key component of the whole engine, using digital modeling software to reverse the structure model of fan blade, and the Finite element analysis, parameter sensitivity research and optimization design of fan blades are carried out by Creo Simulate. The load of the blade under the...
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Research and Design of Low-Frequency RFID Tag Chip Based on FPGA

Dong Wang, Weiping Jing
For the limitation of the low-frequency tag chip, a new type of low-frequency radio frequency identification (RFID) tag chip is designed based on the field programmable gate array (FPGA) platform. During the research, FPGA is selected as the microprocessor, with the RF circuit, taking active RFID work...
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The Impact of Short Routing on the Line Capacity of Urban Rail Transit

Yi Ge, Baohua Mao, Yao Chen
This paper established the composition of minimum interval of single crossover reentry station and double turn-back line station in different proportion of trains on long routing and short routing firstly. Moreover, the paper examined various factors which influence line capacity using quantitative analysis....
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An Indoor Localization Method of Image Matching Based on Deep Learning

Guihua Yang, Yu Liang
To overcome the problems of low accuracy and poor stability brought by the complexity of scenarios, an indoor localization method of image matching based on Deep Learning is proposed. The method includes taking images of indoor surroundings with cameras of mobile devices, setting up a dataset of images...
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Robot Motion Planning Under Uncertain Condition Using Deep Reinforcement Learning

Zhuang Chen, Lin Zhou, Min Guo
The motion planning of industrial robot plays an important role in today's production systems, such as Made in China 2025 and Industry 4.0. The motion planning under uncertain condition is an important research topic in autonomous robots. For promoting the ability of motion planning to adapt to the environment...
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Research on Digital Library Based on Virtual Reality Technology

Cuiyuan Zhang
To explore intelligent library, the method of literature survey, case analysis, empirical research method, comparative analysis method, interdisciplinary research and other research methods were adopted to make an all-round discussion of application foundation of the digital library, system composition...
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An Optimization of the Passenger Throughput at an Airport Security Checkpoint

Meiying Yang
With the rapid development of transportation, we are entering the era of large population distribution. Thus, how to optimize the passenger throughput at an airport security checkpoint has become a universal concern. This paper first builds up a Petri Net model which is based on random Generalized Stochastic...
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Case Based Teaching of Microcomputer Principle and Application

Guangfeng Chen, Linxia Wang, Xiangping Yang, Huimin Li, Yan Li
This paper explores case-based microcomputer principle teaching methods combined with case teaching. According to the teaching outline, divide the content of the curriculum into a number of knowledge points. Select typical SCM applications to design typical cases, merge knowledge points into cases, and...
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The Optimal Solution to the Development of Water Resources Influencing Factors Based on GRNN and the Genetic Algorithm Model: Case of Tianjing

Keke Fang
According to GRNN ,the paper find the network of the relationship between geographical, economic and environmental factors and its influencing factors .According to the genetic algorithm, we detect four indicators influencing mainly the ability among the 9 indicators. Our plan of intervention aims to...
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Evaluating System of a Country's Development Potential and the Analysis of Climate's Impact

Ning Fang
In this paper, fragility which is measured by Fragile State Index is used to represent a country's development potential. Then, we establish an evaluating system to measure a country's fragility based on GRNN model and Entropy weight method. Besides, we analyze the impact of climate change on the results....
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Evaluation of Ability to Supply Water Based on GRNN Neural Network Model: Case of Beijing

Jiaming Tian
Water supply capacity is an important index for evaluating a city. In this paper, AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) is used to establish an index system and evaluation standard of the ability to supply water, and 15 evaluation indicators are put forward from 4 aspects of the relationship of supply and...
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Study of Soil Microbial Biomass and Enzymatic Activity

Jingjing Peng
Taking five different grassland types of Hulun Buir Grassland (the meadowsweet plain, stipa baicalensis plain, guinea grass plain, stipa grandis plain and stipa krylovii plain) as the research objects, this paper respectively studied the change characteristics of their soil physicochemical properties,...
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Research on Surface Micro Pattern Generation in Turn-Milling Considering Ball-End Milling Cutter Eccentricity

Huiqun Chen, Jiliang Hu
The mathematical model of machined workpiece by orthogonal turn-milling with ball-end milling cutter is established, which takes the effect of ball-end milling cutter eccentricity into account. The simulation steps and flow chart of the algorithm are also given in this paper. The relation between representative...
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Study on the Influence of Vehicle Sound Source Height on Traffic Noise Forecast

Xintan Ma, Guopeng Chang
At present ,the prediction result of highway traffic noise is quite different from the actual situation ,the main reason of which is that the prediction model of the sound source is not perfect .This paper considers the actual height of highway sound source ,uses acoustic simulation software to build...
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Dynamic Analysis into Creeping Reasons of Slowly Moving Hydraulic Cylinder

Fengguo Li, Mingfu Yin
In this paper, with the opinion of nonlinear dynamics and the triaxial testing machine as the research object, we did the dynamics modeling towards the vertical load cylinder. In the case of taking account of nonlinear friction and nonlinear elastic force, we analyzed the dynamic model of the cylinder,...
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High-Precision Header Flux Control of Ultra-Fast Cooling in Hot Strip Mill By PI Controlle

Xudong Li, Fang Xu, Shuzhi Wang, Bo Gong, Changli Zhang, Ziying Liu, Fengqin Wang
A new header flux controller of an ultra-fast cooling (UFC) system was investigated during hot strip rolling. The UFC header flux was calibrated by changing the opening rate of the adjusting valve from 0% to 95% and, reversely, from 95% to 0%, in increments of 5%. The results showed that the header flux...
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Soccer shot training system based on CNN

Zheming Yang, Qi Cheng, Qiuhong Jia
The system uses STM32F103 as the main control chip and measures the instantaneous acceleration and angle of the shot by controlling the MPU-6050.Our motion data by hardware to collect a large number of professional players of the instep shot. Based on this data set to train the CNN model we build. We...
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Implementation of Face Recognition Based on Deep Learning Framework Caffe

Zijiang Zhu, Xiaoguang Deng, Yi Hu, Dong Liu, Junshan Li
At present, deep learning has been recognized as the best research direction of face recognition. This paper describes the basic principle of neural network technology, uses deep learning framework Caffe to build neural network, and realizes face recognition by experiment. It also puts forward the major...
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How to Protect Your Secret in Memory

Hongwei Zhou, Jinhui Yuan
Due to the limitations of computer architecture, any sensitive data is in clear text in the memory. If we enter sensitive data, such as a card password, into a computer, the data is also plaintext. It leaves the window for the adversary to steal your secret. How to protect your secret in the memory?...
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The intelligent distribution network WSNs performance optimization and control method based on fuzzy cognition graph

Chunhua Fu, Xiaojing Wang, Lijun Zhang, Liying Qiao
Wireless Sensor network (Wireless Sensor Networks WSNs) with low cost, low power consumption and ad-hoc network and a series of characteristics of the experts and scholars at home and abroad for its application in the power system to give a high degree of attention. WSNs in intelligent distribution network...
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System of Soil Moisture Monitoring and Water-Saving Irrigation in Hulun Buir Based on Internet of Things and Neural Network

Xiaobo Hu, Chaoyuan Cui, Shu Yan
The soil moisture node and water-saving irragation node distribute in the farmland constituted Wireless Sensor Network(WSN) of system via communication technology of Internet Of Things(IOT) like ZigBee,3G/4G and so on.Intelligent sensor of soil moisture node collect soil moisture data and send the data...
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Design of the control circuit of automatic dryer

Biqing Li, Zhao Li, Hongyan Zhang
the temperature and humidity of the received signal after processing is sent to the display shows the number, when the value reaches the initial settings required the relay to control the motor, closed, the dryer to stop working, the GSM module and the remote user information exchange, automatically...
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Modelling, Simulation and Analysis of the Crane Ship Hoisting System

Xiujun Xu, Zhen Li, Liquan Wang, Shaoming Yao, Xiang Li
Adams, Simulink, and analytics combined method is created to predict the hoisting operation of crane ships. The flexibility of the boom can be modelled in Adams with a mesh file created by Ansys APDL and 3D visualization can be fulfilled in Adams. With this method, the model of "Offshore Oil 201" is...
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Continuous Class-F Power Amplifier Design by Using Multi-Harmonic Bilateral Pull

Chaoran Dong, Yonglun Luo, Qian Wang
In this paper, multi-harmonic bilateral pull is used to design power amplifier(PA) fundamental and harmonics matching networks. By combining with continuous Class-F operation mode to realize high efficiency with broadband. And large signal dynamic device model is used in multi-harmonic bilateral pull...
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Masked Face Detection Via a Novel Framework

Qiting Ye
Masked face detection has a large variety of application like community policing, criminals capture, etc. Meanwhile, it is a challenging problem for academia. Study on normal face detection lasts for decades and has reached a high level in recent years. Contrastively, masked face detection still requires...
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A TDOA-Based Three-Dimensional Positioning Method for IoT

Yu Zhang, Kai Gao, Jiang Zhu
As the Internet of Things (IoT) expands, new networks are initiated in order to provide long-range links with low power and low cost. At the same time, end-devices, localization is attracting more attention. This paper proposes a three-dimensional (3D) positioning algorithm based on time difference of...
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Application of Image Matching Algorithm Based on Lifted Structured in Large Scale Database of Furniture

Yong Wang, Wenwen Gao, Ying Wang
Based on the Lifted Structured Feature Embedding (LSFE) proposed by H.O. Song, it is extended to the two million-level furniture image database retrieval application, which proves that it is excellent content-based image matching capabilities on large scale database.
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Research and Design of Energy Efficiency Monitoring System for Resource-Saving Campus

Ling Cao, Xiangwei Luo, Jie Deng, Weixin Chen, Yan Zhao, Junyi Yang
The state advocates building a "two-type society", while the education administration vigorously promotes "two-type campus" and provides corresponding policy support. Institutions of higher learning are an important part of society, and the construction of two-type campus in colleges and universities...
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The Research of Online Shopping Customer Churn Prediction Based on Integrated Learning

Guoen Xia, Qingzhe He
The prediction of customer churn is an important research direction of customer churn management. In this paper, take the non-contract scenario of online shopping customers as an example, select transaction data of a domestic e-commerce website for empirical research. On the basis of the single model-BP...