Proceedings of the International Conference on Education Studies: Experience and Innovation (ICESEI 2020)

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The “Digital Divide” as a Feature of the Modern Educational Process: Ambivalent Assessments

Tatiana Leshkevich
The article is devoted to the analysis of the “digital divide”, which is clearly manifested in the educational process. Modern education has gone the way of digitalization, which has become particularly evident in the current conditions of the pandemic. The focus is on the problem of “digital skills”,...
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The Research on the Dependence of State Exam Results on Contextual Data of the Districts of Voronezh Oblast

Ruslan Chudinsky, Alexander Volodin, Anatoliy Bykanov, Vasily Malev
The research in the field of education quality indicates that contextual data, e.g. family factors, its socio-economic status, the academic resources of the family, the teaching staff, etc. have an impact on school students’ academic achievements. The present article focuses on studying the dependence...
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Investigation and Analysis on the Educational Needs of Parents Having School-Aged Children With Cerebral Palsy and Autism

Jufen Yu, Dandan Dai, Mingsheng Qing
Objective: it is to understand the status and influencing factors of educational needs of parents having school-aged children with cerebral palsy and autism. Method: a questionnaire survey was conducted on the parental education needs of parents of 202 school-aged children with cerebral palsy and autism...
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Research on Parents’ Acceptance of Preschool Inclusive Education

Taking Sichuan Province as an Example

Xiu Li
This paper takes parents with registered permanent residence in Sichuan Province as the research objects. A questionnaire survey is conducted on the acceptance of preschool inclusive education. With the use of statistical methods such as descriptive statistics, independent sample t-test and single factor...
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Implementing the Model of Specialized Education Based on the Principle of Distributed Responsibilities of Educational Cluster Participants

Elena Astapova, Oksana Zamyatina, Elena Panova
The article presents the results of a research on organizing specialized education in Tomsk Oblast of the Russian Federation, which was carried out by the Tomsk Regional Institute for Advanced Training and Retraining of Educational Workers. The research identified the background, conditions and models...
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Methodological Organization of Learning Material in Teaching the Language of Specialty

By the Example of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language

Zhanna Dunkovich, Svetlana Rukavishnikova
The article addresses the issue of developing professional communicative competence based on texts according to the selected specialty in studying Russian as a foreign language. It specifies patterns to organize learning material at various stages of working with text. The authors highlight the role...
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Exploration on Online Teaching Mode of Curriculum Group of “Electronic Technology Foundation”

Li Wen, Yi Zhang, Yuting Zhao, Jingna Cui, Yiyan Lei
According to the characteristics of the curriculum group of “electronic technology foundation”, this article analyzes the timely improvement of teaching methods and innovative teaching design against the background of the epidemic, explores a new online teaching model for the curriculum group of “electronic...
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Integration Processes as a Basis for Modernization of Secondary Vocational Education Institutions: Directions, Resources, Management Specifics

Elena Mikhailova, Tatyana Lozhkina, Elena Azbukina
Integration processes are the basis for modernizing professional education both globally and in Russia. The present article is aimed at describing current trends in the process of modernization of Russian secondary vocational education and the authors’ idea on how to improve the activity of an individual...
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Compositional Stochastic Model Checking Probabilistic Adaptation of Foreign Students in the Student Environment

Leyla Alieva, Irena Goryants
The article is devoted to adaptation of foreign students in Russia, and in the student environment itself. In the article a variety of difficulties experienced by students are presented and analyzed. Aspects that should be taken into account when working and connecting with foreign students as well as...
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Pedagogical Potential of the Slavic Cultures and Its Importance for the XXI Century Youth

Pavel Spišák, Natalia A. Bondarenko
This article expounds on the crucial component of culture of the Slavs (truth, conciliarism, pan-unity) and points out the advent of youth projects (“Envoys of the Young Slavs”, Diplomatic School, Republic of Slovakia), festivals (of Serbian poetry and songs) and other activities aimed at preservation...
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Application of Psychological Analysis of Micro-Expression Recognition in Teaching Evaluation

Jiawei Ning, Rouhua Wang
In recent years, there are more and more researches on micro expression recognition in body language, which has become an interdisciplinary hot topic in language analysis and psychological analysis. However, most of the previous studies are basic theoretical studies, and the application of micro-expression...
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Research and Exploration of Network Distance Teaching of Colleges and Universities Under the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic

Li Li, Musong Gu, Xiujun Zhang
The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has pushed the model of distance teaching under the Internet + environment to the forefront of teaching. Therefore, it is necessary to re-understand distance teaching. In the process of this, it is necessary to grasp the key points such as the feasibility of operation,...
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Research on the Ways to Improve the Informatization Teaching Ability of Primary and Middle School Teachers

Thoughts Based on Online Teaching During Epidemic Prevention and Control Period

Zhuolin Xiao
With the continuous deepening of education and teaching reforms, cultivating and improving the informationization teaching ability of primary and middle school teachers has aroused great concern from all walks of life. In particular, the emergence of the COVID-19 has put forward higher requirements for...
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Exploration on Computational Thinking Oriented Heuristic Experimental Teaching

Ke Jian, Yuru Pan, Lianglan Hu
In view of the shortcomings in the experimental teaching of computer courses in universities, this paper puts forward some heuristic experimental teaching methods which are oriented by the cultivation of computational thinking ability, such as the combination of knowledge points and practice, the expansion...
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Research on the Educational Path of Undergraduates’ “Tutorial System” from the Perspective of Complete Credit System

Junwei Yang
Undergraduate tutorial system is an important way and key measure for the deepening of education and teaching reform in colleges and universities, and optimizing the education of people and talents. The implementation of the full credit system in colleges and universities gives students more freedom...
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Innovative Research and Exploration on Cultivation of Plant Protection Talents Under the Mode of School-Enterprise Collaborative Education

Kaifa Guo, Chenzhong Jin, Xiu Liu, Xiaoming Ou, Hongyan Liu, Yunyun Zhou
School-enterprise collaborative education is one of the directions of China’s higher education reform, and an important means of cultivating applied talents. This article analyzes the problems of school-enterprise collaborative education, and proposes methods and measures for school-enterprise collaborative...
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Path Analysis of Constructing First-Class Universities With Brand Features of Private Colleges in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Mingchao Li
Private colleges have now become an important part of higher education. After extensional expansion, they have entered the stage of connotative development. In the context of university construction in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, brand management has become a key task of university...
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Analysis on the Phenomenon and Motivation of the Tendency of Kindergarten Education Towards Primary School

Guobin Jun
This paper analyzes the phenomenon of forward education in kindergarten education, which is called “tendency of kindergarten education toward primary school”. The education of tendency toward primary school mainly embodies the following four aspects: too much educational content, single classroom organization,...
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Research on the Teaching Status and Reform of Nursing Major

Yan Yang
With the development of social economy and medical undertakings, people’s demands and requirements for medical and health services are increasing day by day. Good nursing teaching can provide a good human resource guarantee for the improvement of nursing level, and it is also a necessary way to promote...
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Research and Practice Analysis on Bilingual Curriculum Construction in Chinese Vocational Colleges

Dingjie Xu
The education modernization in China calls for internationalization, integration and characterization. Based on this, this paper puts forward the research and practice analysis of the construction of bilingual curriculum driven by the comprehensive construction of Chinese high-level vocational colleges...
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Tutoring as a Means for Fulfilling a Social Pedagogue’s Professional Goals

Tatiana Gorokhova, Elena Azbukina
The article concentrates on prevention of deviant behavior, which is one of professional goals of a social pedagogue, and on the feasibility of having this fulfilled through tutoring. The analysis of this type of activity was conducted via systems approach, comparing and mapping of a tutor’s profession,...
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Investigation Report on the Development of Educational Resources in Kindergartens Regarding Huanggang Native Culture

Junqiong Liu
Native culture, a distinctive indigenous culture that preschool children most contact and are influenced by, is a precious spiritual wealth which contains rich educational value in preschool children’s lives. Starting with the Questionnaire for the Development of Educational Resources in Kindergartens,...
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A Study on the “Innovative Entrepreneurial Education System” of Modern Chinese Universities

Mo Chen, Ting Zhu, Youlin Chen
With the rapid development of the market economy, the demand for talents is gradually increasing, and the expansion of university enrollment is also a necessary trend. However, it is difficult to find jobs while meeting the demand for talents. The research is mainly based on the education system, focusing...
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Organizational Support of the Educational Process in Vocational Education Institutions in the First Half of the 20th Century in the Volga Region

Study on the Example of Higher and Secondary Vocational Education

Yuliya V. Vel’dina, Olga A. Vagaeva, Darya A. Aripova, Vlada V. Nikitina
The article deals with the continuity of secondary and higher vocational education’s system, gives a characteristic of the main teaching and learning activities’ methods in secondary and higher vocational educational institutions in the first half of the XXth century in the Volga region. The choice of...
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Research on Optimizing the Evaluation on Students’ Learning of Difficulty and Beauty Event Group in College Public PE Courses

Rui Gan, Xuemei Li, Shuhua Hou
Through investigation, it is found the evaluation on students’ learning of difficulty and beauty event group in college public PE courses has many unreasonable phenomena such as the single evaluation subject, incomplete content, and simple evaluation methods. In view of this, combining the characteristics...
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Research on the Teaching Model of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education From the Perspective of Design Thinking

Zijian Zhang, Jiakun Liu
How to effectively carry out innovation and entrepreneurship education is one of the major tasks of education and teaching of China’s higher institutes in the context of innovation and reform. In this regard, this article introduces the concept of design thinking to clarify its guiding significance for...
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Research on the Innovation of the Management and Operation Mechanism of Continuing Education in Higher Vocational Colleges in the New Era

Ling Chen
Based on the theory of continuing education management in the new era, this article studies the innovation of continuing education management models in universities, including: strengthening the concept of lifelong learning and continuing education, deepening the reform of continuing education and teaching,...
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Enlightenment From Ideological and Political Education Curriculum Carrier of North Carolina State University

Nanfei Chen
This paper focuses on the ideological and political education curriculum carrier of American higher education institutions, explores the specific types, main content, related content, application development, and problems of curriculum carrier in American colleges and universities, and proposes effective...
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Research on the Synergic Relationship Between Tianjin Higher Vocational Education and Xiong’an Economic Development

Dongliang Sun
This article focuses on the analysis of the relationship between the factors of economic development human capital (applied and skill-oriented) in Xiong’an New District and higher vocational education. It elaborates on the relationship between the economic and industrial structure of Xiong’an New District...
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“Five in One” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education System Construction

Taking the Environmental Science and Engineering Major of Xiamen Huaxia University as an Example

Ruochuan Lin, Huabing Huang, Yanyun Wang
With the development of environmental economy in China, the demand for environmental professionals is increasing. On the other hand, the Ministry of education pays more attention to the innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities. By studying the main problems in the cultivation...
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Enlightenment Training of Children’s Perceptual Rhythm

Qingnan Wang
Rhythm training is a very important part of music education, and the perception of rhythm is an instinct of human beings. Children can swing their bodies with the rhythm of music, fully reflecting this innate rhythm ability. Early childhood is the key period to feel and experience rhythm learning. In...
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Exploring the Status and Factors of Primary School Teachers’ Willingness to Concurrently Take on Administrative Positions With a Mixed Model

Wei-Chih Lu, Wen-Jui Huang
This study describes the current situation and factors of primary school teachers’ WCTAP (willingness to concurrently take on administrative position) through quantitative investigations and follow-up qualitative interviews, in order to understand their perception differences against different backgrounds,...
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The Demand and Dilemma of China’s Vocational Education Reform in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Jinli Shi, Xiaofeng Ran
With the coming of the era of artificial intelligence, the development of vocational education in China is facing a series of new opportunities and challenges. This paper analyzes the realistic demand of vocational education reform and the dilemma of its own development from the four aspects of the wisdom...
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Practice and Thinking of Blending Learning Based on the “Outcomes-Based Education” Concept

Taking “Computer Programming” Course as an Example

Linlin Zhao, Yahui Zhao, Zhenguo Zhang, Rongyi Cui, Xu Cui
Combining the philosophy of results-oriented “Outcomes-based Education” (OBE) and blending learning mode, this paper takes the “Computer Programming” course as an example to carry out the whole process of “3+3” blending learning practice in pilot class with the purpose of analyzing on academic conditions,...
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Exploring the Way of Playing the Role of Organizational Education Relying on the Construction of Excellent Class Collective

Taking the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China as an Example

Ke Wang, Yuchun Li, Ya Hu, Ning Zhang
Taking the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China as an Example, this article explores the way of organizational education improvement by creating excellent class collective. It can be seen that, to improve organizational education, it is necessary to enhance the vitality of class collective...
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The Dilemma and Countermeasures of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Colleges and Universities Against the COVID-19 Epidemic Situation

Xiujun Zhang
The innovation and entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities is an important supplement to higher education and is a strong support of national strategy. This paper analyses the dilemma encountered by the work of innovation and entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities under...
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Analysis of Information Retrieval Teaching Against the Background of Big Data

Li Ding, Qian Zhao
In the era of big data, information is exploding. The education and development model for college students are also undergoing certain changes. In response to the current trend, the concepts and methods of information retrieval teaching are re-researched and explored, and new data concepts are used to...
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Information Analysis and Research on Classroom Teaching in Colleges and Universities in Big Data Era

Jixia Song, Xueqing Song
The data information presents new value in big data era. New information technology and analysis method promote the application of big data analysis in various fields so that the potential value behind the data is explored infinitely. Big data analysis also shows unique advantages in references retrieving,...
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Research on Mongolian Traditional Pattern Teaching

Taking a Public Art Class in an University of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region as an Example

Jing Liu
The traditional Mongolian pattern is an important part of Mongolian folk art. It has rich and colorful cultural connotations and features of artistic symbols. Also, it is a visual expression of Mongolian culture. This article takes the W University of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region as an example, and...
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Research on the Implementation Strategy of the School-Based Curriculum of Qingyin, a Kind of Traditional Art in Sichuan

Ping Wei
This paper summarizes the value of school-based curriculum of Qingyin, a kind of traditional art in Sichuan in terms of unique regional culture, the cultivation of students’ local culture confidence, and the enrichment of students’ music discipline literacy through the research and development of school-based...
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An “Apprenticeship” Research Program for Improving Undergraduates Innovation in Food Science Study

Yixiao Shen, Guang Xin, Bin Li, Song Gao, Xiyun Sun
Engaging undergraduate students in research has become important for cultivating potential innovative talents. This study investigated the influence of a two-year-apprentice research program on undergraduates’ knowledge, technical skills, innovation and achievement in food science research. A total of...
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Practice and Application of Case-Based Teaching Method in Chemical Engineering Safety Course

Na Xiao
This paper mainly introduces the application of case-based teaching method in chemical engineering safety course, makes full use of case-based teaching, breaks the traditional teaching method of chemical engineering safety course, this paper analyzes the importance of chemical industry safety with video...
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An Analysis of the Way to Improve the Teaching Quality Management Level of Higher Vocational Colleges Against the Background of “Double High Plan” (High-level Vocational Schools and Professional Construction Plans With Chinese Characteristics)

Dan Ma
Against the background of the “Double High Plan” (High-level Vocational Schools and Professional Construction Plans with Chinese characteristics), the teaching quality management level of higher vocational colleges is closely related to talent cultivation, school-enterprise cooperation, teacher professional...
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Case Analysis on International Education Cooperation

Taking International Education of College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts of Chengdu University as an Example

Xiaojun Wang
College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts of Chengdu University meets the strategic demand of the construction of “China-ASEAN Community of Shared Future”, and is an important mechanism of talent training for its construction. It not only conforms to the international standard, but also conforms to the development...
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Study on “1 Plus X Certificate” in Higher Vocational Colleges

Guomei Liu, Rui Wang
This article analyzes the current research status of “1+X certificate” (one academic certificate + several vocational skill level certificate systems) from four aspects of the teaching model and talent training model, “1+X certificate” system construction, “course-certificate integration” and “course-certificate...
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Study on the Relationship Between Freshmen’s Trait Mindfulness and Mental Health

Yihui Li, Xiaozhen Liu, Wenting Xie, Xuanbai Zhu
From the perspective of trait mindfulness, this study explores the relationship between college freshmen’s trait mindfulness and mental health. Based on the results, this study makes specific suggestions for improving the mental health of college freshmen. The study took freshmen from Gannan Medical...
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Research on the Application of Problem-Oriented Teaching Model in the Course of Accounting Information System

Yihan Wang, Xueer Zhai
The purpose of this study is to apply the problem-oriented teaching Model in the practice of Accounting Information System course, to improve students’ ability to understand and apply knowledge, and to form a unique competitive advantage for accounting professionals. The research significance lies in...
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Analysis on Evaluation Channels of Talent Training Quality for Marketing Speciality

Taking Northeast Petroleum University as an Example

Congxi He, Shuang Wang, Zhixin Cui
In the front of higher education, the cultivation of characteristic talents in colleges and universities has risen to a certain height. In particular, as a special field of petroleum universities, the cultivation of marketing professionals faces a strong challenge in the competitive environment of fierce...
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Experimental Study on Extracurricular Coaching and Training to Improve the Activities of Daily Living of Special Children

Jufen Yu, Qin Xie
Thirty children from a special education school in Sichuan Province were selected. According to their activities of daily living, types of obstacle and age, they were randomly divided into experimental group and control group. This paper explores the influence of extracurricular coaching and training...
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“Serving the Yangtze River Delta” — Research and Exploration on the Social Functionality of Art Specialty in Colleges and Universities

Chunlan Shen
This paper expounds the significance and role of social functionality of Art specialty in colleges and universities in the cultivation of art talents. Secondly, it is necessary to explore the requirements for art professionals from the perspective of social needs, play the advantages of the second classroom,...
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Research on the Reform of Practical Teaching System of Product Design Major

Xue Gao
China is in the period of rapid development of industrialization, and the demand for professional talents in product design is increasing. As the higher education of cultivating talents, how to cultivate design talents who can adapt to the social development and have the ability of design practice is...
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Vectors of Interdisciplinary Agenda for Sustainable Development in Russian Universities: New Meanings and Pedagogical Forms

Natalya Ryazanova, Vasily Eroshenko, Tatiana Sviridenko
The present article studies the introduction of sustainable development goals (SDG) into the activity of Russian universities. The objectives of the research are to study different areas of universities’ activity in sustainable development, analyze pedagogical approaches (forms and methods) to working...
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Tentative Practice on Profound Reform of Principles of Landscape Design Course During the COVID-19 Pandemic Period

Xiaojuan Hui
This paper introduces the reform and exploration of the teaching mode of Landscape Design course when the scheduled time for the new semester was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On the one hand, the original theoretical face-to-face teaching content was transformed into online self-study on the...
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Exploration on the Teaching Reform of Product Design in Ethnic Minority Areas

Taking the Product Design Major of School of Fine Art and Design, Kunming College as an Example

Chen Zhao
This article takes the teaching practice of product design major of School of Fine Art and Design, Kunming College as the starting point of research. Combined with the needs of training product design art talents in ethnic minority areas, this article proposes a talent training model of product design...
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Research on Project-Based Instructional Design Based on the Improvement of College Students’ Learning Motivation in Smart Classroom Environment

Haifang Xie, Wei Zhao, Lihua Huang
The rapid development of information technology and the application of big data have spawned smart education and provided the possibility for the transformation of traditional teaching to smart teaching. Among them, the indispensable is the teaching environment-wisdom classroom. As a high-end form of...
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Research on the Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Aesthetic Teaching of Art Design Major

Bo Mu, Chunlin Yu
Virtual reality (VR) is a virtual immersive environment constructed by high-tech means. With the advancement of information teaching, this technology has been paid more and more attention in college teaching. In the context of the art design major, from the perspective of aesthetic teaching, this paper...
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Teaching Practice and Exploration of Programming Course Based on Processing Platform

Lu Geng
Taking programming course, a basic course for digital media art in the context of cooperative education in College of Sino-Korea Multimedia Design of Shanghai University of Engineering Science and Dongseo University of South Korea, as the example, this paper elaborates the way to organize and design...
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Research on Curriculum of Design Basis Post-Integration

Feng Yu
Under the one-year basic curriculum system, certain professional courses will focus more on the cohesion between courses than before, teachers will also form into a basic teaching group, and curriculum goals will be linked with one another, thereby assisting students in newly developing design literacy...
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An Analysis of Online Education Business Model

Taking “Yuanfudao” as an Example

Jiayi Peng
While the offline education business is blocked and stagnated during the outbreak of COVID-19, the online education business, which is on the rise, once again ushers in the greatest growth potential. China’s online education industry has been booming in recent years and has received long-term attention...
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Teaching Discussion on the Course of International Trade Practice

Minghao Feng
As the core course for international trade majors, the teaching of international trade practice requires students to have a good English foundation, teachers to have rich practical experience, and classroom teaching to be closer to the actual operation. But at present, the teaching of this course in...
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Learning Dance in Games: Study on the Innovation of Dance Teaching of Preschool Education Specialty

Zhihua Zhang, Yu Liu
The dance teaching of preschool education specialty mostly adopts the traditional teaching method of “oral teaching”. The teaching method is single, which can’t reflect the main position of students in classroom teaching or achieve good teaching effects. Infiltrating games into dance teaching of preschool...
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Practice of Integrated Project Teaching of Management Information System Course Based on the “Conceive, Design, Implement and Operate” (CDIO) Concept

Qintao Peng
The establishment of the course objectives of Management Information System is based on the “Conceive, Design, Implement and Operate” (CDIO) education concept and the ability demand of the marketing position. At the same time, by referring to enterprise information management or innovation practice,...
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Promoting the Study Style Construction of Art College Students by Using Studios as Carrier

Zhonghao Hu
The construction of style of study is of great significance to the cultivation of art college students. Through studying the characteristics of art college students, this paper explores the difficulties in the study style of art college students. On this basis, the studio, as a carrier to promote the...
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The Image of a Philosophy Professor in Contemporary Cinema Art

Revisiting the Problem of Teaching Philosophy

Ruzana Pskhu
The paper deals with the problems of teaching philosophy in contemporary culture as they could be depicted in contemporary art, for example, Cinema Art. For the analysis of the new type of problems in the field of teaching philosophy, the author has chosen three films representing philosophers/ philosophy...
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Exploration on Training of Application-Oriented Undergraduate Golf Talents

Taking Zhuhai College of Jilin University as an Example

Hongwei Qiu, Yan Li
Golf has attracted the attention and favor of more Chinese in recent years, which begets a shortage of professionals. However, further development of undergraduate golf education here was stymied by relatively late entry into the field, weak foundation, inadequate infrastructure, unscientific and incomplete...
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Investigation and Reflection on Gender Stereotyped Illustrations in Elementary School Mathematics Textbooks: From the Perspective of Textbook Development

A Case Study of Senior Mathematics Textbooks (People’s Education Press Edition)

Jia Wei, Jinduo Guo
Elementary school is a critical period for the formation of students’ gender concept. Illustrations in textbooks have an important impact on the formation of their gender concept. Study on gender orientation in the textbook illustrations shows educators’ great concern for education equality from the...
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The Construction of Inclusive Culture in General Schools at the Stage of Compulsory Education

Yang Zhang, Zhenzhou Wang
Taking inclusive schools as an open education system, this paper attempts to analyze the cultural elements of schools that successfully accommodate all types of disabled students and how these cultural elements play their respective roles. This paper mainly adopts the literature method, summarizes and...
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Research on Optimizing the Training of Students Majoring in Labor Relations in Applied Universities

Qi Zhong
Labor relationship is a social economic relationship between laborers and labor users to realize the labor process. Whether the labor relationship is harmonious or not is related to the vital interests of employees and the sustainable development of enterprises. Some scholars put forward that the starting...
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Reflections on the Fairness of Education in the New Era

Xiaojia Pang
Educational equity is the main goal of China’s educational development and reform. At present, China’s educational equity as a whole is beginning to take shape, but there are still obvious regional differences, urban-rural differences and class differences, which are embodied in the relative lack of...
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The Positive Role of Interest Teaching in Preschool Education

Yan Huang
As the first stage of basic education, the main goal of early childhood education is to cultivate children’s good morality and behavior habits. Starting from the concept of interesting teaching, this paper expounds how to use game teaching in preschool education from three aspects: the living ability...
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Interactive Learning Strategies of 3D (Three Dimensional) Space Software Courses in Distance Education

HungChug Ou, Bingxu Ni
“COVID-19” (coronavirus disease 2019) has invaded the world in early 2020, and it has also caused many schools around the world to switch to distance education. However, the environment of distance education achieves teaching effects through virtual space, which after all is unable to replace the real...
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Differentiated Model Construction of Teachers’ Role Transformation in Higher Vocational Colleges Against the Background of Entrepreneurial University

Based on MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) Personality Type Theory

Qing Qing
This research takes full-time teachers of the School of Economics and Management of a private higher vocational college that are creating an entrepreneurial university as the research object. On the one hand, it analyzes their professional personality through the classic MBTI questionnaire; on the other...
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Effect of Flipped Teaching on Learning Efficiency of 3D Software Courses

HungChug Ou, Bingxu Ni
The purpose of this research is to explore the impact of flipped teaching on the learning efficiency of 3D space software courses. Statistical analysis is conducted through a network interface, and the main research objects are full-time students in Department of Environmental Design of some university....
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Construction and Research on Long-Term Effective Mechanism of Employment Quality Evaluation in Higher Vocational Colleges

Zhiwei Fei
Employment quality evaluation is an important part of the employment work of higher vocational colleges. Employment evaluation not only reflects the quantity and quality of student employment, but is also the implementation and feedback of talent training programs in higher vocational colleges. The evaluation...
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Knowledge Map of Moral Responsibility Education Research in Chinese Universities

Visualization Analysis Based on CiteSpace

Caiwei Liu, Yanying Fei
This paper uses CiteSpace, a visual analysis tool, to analyze 280 related papers in CNKI, which sorts out the overall growth trend, core author group, high-level scientific research institutions and highly cited papers of moral responsibility education research in Chinese universities, and explores the...
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Problems on Humanistic Care and Psychological Counseling of College Students in Rural Poverty-Stricken Areas Under COVID-19 and Countermeasures Adopted by Colleges and Universities

Shuqi Li
The COVID-19 outbreak has forced college students to study at home for a long time. However, college students in poor rural areas are more prone to psychological issues due to learning disabilities in online courses and unfavorable family economic conditions. As a result, humanistic care and psychological...
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Research on the Utilization Mechanism of Student Curriculum Resources

Youhua Gao, Wei Peng
The most important thing of the new curriculum form is to obtain corresponding curriculum resources. Student curriculum resources are necessary conditions to realize the new curriculum reform. They include students’ life, personal knowledge reserves, direct experience, growth background and other resources...
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Research on the Communication Mechanism and Influence of WeChat Official Platform in Colleges and Universities

Yan Zhang, Hui Xie
As an effective position for the dissemination of ideological culture and image branding of colleges and universities, the WeChat official platform is also an important support for colleges and universities to carry out education and teaching management, admissions and employment promotion, and teaching...
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Four Bottlenecks and Their Solutions in the Training of Applied Talents in Independent Colleges

Yanfeng Zhong
According to the spirit of the relevant documents of the Ministry of Education, independent colleges aim to train applied talents. The reality is that there are a series of constraints in the training process of applied talents in independent colleges. The survey shows that they are mainly reflected...
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Research on the Governance Path Reform of Higher Vocational Colleges Based on the Integration of Production and Education

Hui Li, Yonghong Ao, Tian Yu
Accelerating industrial transformation and upgrading is a key measure for China to break through the current economic bottleneck and enhance its international competitiveness. Vocational education, especially higher vocational education, as the supplier and technical support of industrial talents, has...
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A Summary of Externalities Research on Compulsory Education

Baozhen Yao
The paper presents a literature review on externalities of compulsory education. The externalities are listed as national education level, economic growth, income, crime and health. Due to the potential influence of political, economic, social, cultural and other factors, it is difficult to generalize...
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The Way to Carry Out Scientific Early Children Gender Education

Juan Li
As an indispensable part of the socialization of children, the development of gender roles is an important foundation for early children to form a healthy personality. Scientific early children gender education can promote the healthy development of individuals throughout their lives. There are still...
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Research on Family’s Part on Gender Role Education of Preschool Children

Junfang Zhen
Gender roles refer to social expectations of men and women in terms of their behavior and attitudes. Everyone is playing their own gender roles based on their gender conception. The gender role of preschool children is greatly influenced by the family, which requires measures for cultivation. The author...
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Analysis on the Countermeasure of Cultivating Students’ Innovation Ability in Higher Vocational Colleges

Yan Yu, Xiaxia Zhou
In accordance with the basic task of cultivating students with moral quality, this paper expounds the priorities of colleges and universities in cultivating students’ innovative ability, and analyzes existing situation and issues. The insight and countermeasures of cultivating students’ innovation ability...
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Innovative Mode of Education for College Students Majoring in Chinese from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Overseas Through Practical Education

Lixia Wen
China has over 300 universities and colleges enrolling the students majoring in Chinese from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas in 2020. The active exploration into the Mode of Education is not only the inner dynamics for the social development, but also the inner requirement for the educational reform...
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Research on the Emergency Education Model of Liberal Arts in Universities and Its Quality Assurance

Jurong Wang
At the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 swept across the globe. Various regions have sealed off their cities to fight against the epidemic, and all works of life have changed their models to actively respond to the epidemic. The education industry actively implements the model of “stopping classes without...
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Observation of Online Foreign Language Teaching Model Based on Massive Open Online Course and Small Private Online Course During COVID-19 School Closure

A Case Study Based on the Elective Course of Spanish in Chinese Universities

Li Yan
During the COVID-19 epidemic, China, like other countries in the world, has adopted quarantine measures in schools and universities. Teachers were confronted with the need to adapt to online teaching. The author has observed and reflects on the online foreign language teaching model of Jinan University...
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Analysis of the Influencing Factors of College Students’ Willingness to Entrance Examination for Postgraduate Based on Binomial Logistic Regression Model

Yazhen Tan, Xiyu Zhou, Junlin Chen, Qihao Zhuang, Yuhong Sun
With the development of social economy, the urgent demand for highly educated and high-quality talents, as well as the continuous improvement of social education system, postgraduate entrance examination has gradually become a hot topic, and many undergraduates take postgraduate entrance examination...
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Research on the Science and Technology Innovation Education of Colleges and Universities Based on “Internet Plus”

Yang Yu
As a new form of value, scientific and technological innovation refers to the practice process of maximizing the hidden value in economic relations through knowledge and technological innovation to inject new activities into economic development. “Internet +” has brought the era of rapid development...
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Analysis on Innovation in Cost Accounting Teaching Based on Excel

Meiling Xiao
This article analyzes the current situation of cost accounting teaching, and expounds the necessity and importance of Excel’s application in cost accounting teaching. In the teaching of traditional cost accounting courses, it mostly used the method of blackboard-writing + lecture, and the teaching efficiency...
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Constructing Complete Wushu in Colleges and Universities to Help the Development of Wushu Education Industry

Zhengjun Huang, Lijun Wang, Biao Hu
Wushu education in colleges and universities is the last stop for most young students to learn Wushu and understand Wushu culture. Subsequently, young people will go to the society and become potential Wushu consumers. Therefore, their cognition and attitude towards Wushu will have a long-term impact...
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Reflection on the Popularization of Inverted Classroom in the Era of Mass Higher Education

Xiaoxun Huang
In recent years, colleges and universities in China generally call on teachers to adopt the teaching mode of inverted classroom in course teaching. Starting with the teaching concept and characteristics of inverted classroom, this paper analyzes the requirements of high-quality inverted classroom on...
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An Empirical Study on the Characteristics and Influencing Factors of College Students’ English Classroom Anxiety

Zefeng Yao
In recent years, with the deepening of college English curriculum reform, the unreasonable teaching methods, the incorrect learning strategies, examination pressure and learning burden and the students’ cultural differences make college students more and more anxious about English learning. English learning...
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The Strategy of Cultivating Talents for the Application of Electronic Technology Majors Against the Background of the One Million Enrollment Expansion in Higher Vocational Education

Huijing Chen
The one million enrollment expansion in higher vocational education is a major decision made by the central government after studying and judging the overall situation of China. It is a new challenge and task facing higher vocational education. This article takes the application of electronic technology...
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Teaching Reform in the Course of Corporate Image Design Based on the Teaching Method of Combining Cooperative Learning and PAD Class

Dan Xiong
This paper studies the innovative thinking of the teaching method of combining cooperative learning and PAD Class (a kind of teaching method) in the teaching reform of the course of Corporate Image Design. Based on the practical application of the sub-teaching method in the course of Corporate Image...
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Study on the Integration of General Education and Law Education

Teng Hu, Huafeng Lu
With the vigorous development of legal education today, the personality shaping and skill training of the educated must not be partial. For a long time, legal education has been affected by professionalization, specialization and marketization. Legal education in colleges and universities has increasingly...
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Research on the Ways of Collaborative Education Between Schools and Enterprises in Applied Undergraduate Colleges

Lan Cui, Hongcheng Duan, Shuai Qu, Nannan Xu
The integration of production and education is an important measure to promote coordinated economic and social development during the 13th Five-Year Plan in China. As the main form of integration of production and education, the collaborative education between schools and enterprises has strong theoretical...
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Research on the Reform and Countermeasures of Teachers’ Classroom Teaching in Colleges and Universities Against the Background of “Internet Plus”

Jingjing Gao
The outbreak of the epidemic has led to an increase in the frequency of online teaching by college teachers, and college teachers have begun to think deeply about the construction of innovative classroom teaching modes. The education mode of the integration of the Internet and education is a product...
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The Blended Teaching and Learning Online and Offline From the Perspective of Independence and Interaction

Taking English Teaching as an Example

Wuhui Chen
This paper studies the origin, development, characteristics, forms, application ways and influence of blended English teaching and learning online and offline from the perspective of independence and interaction. Online education such as MOOC and SPOC enable learners to accept classical and up-to-date...
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Research on Improving the Effectiveness of Xinjiang University’s Graduation Thesis

Zhengjiang Liu
This paper focuses on how to improve the quality and effectiveness of undergraduate thesis design. Participant observation, interview and questionnaire are used in this research. The research comes to a conclusion that achieving the improvement of the quality of graduation thesis needs the cooperation...