Proceedings of the 4th Annual International Seminar on Transformative Education and Educational Leadership (AISTEEL 2019)

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The Effect of Learning Model Based on Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) with Multimedia and Creative Thinking Abilities on Learning Outcomes of Vocational Learning Design

R. Mursid, Harun Sitompul, Abdul Hasan Saragih
This study aims to determine the differences in HOTS-based learning models for learning outcomes of vocational learning design, differences in the ability to think creatively towards learning outcomes in vocational learning design; and the interaction between HOTS-based learning models with multimedia...
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Development of Learning Devices Through Problem Based Learning Models to Improve Communication and Self-Efficacy Skills Students at Integrated Islamic Middle School Nurul 'Azizi Medan

Sri Ramadhani, Sahat Saragih, Amin Fauzi
This study aims to describe: 1) the validity of device-oriented learning models based on the developed model, 2) learning devices oriented to the development of learning problem models, 3) the effectiveness of device-oriented learning developed problem-based learning models, 4) improved communication...
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Improving Teachers’ Classroom Action Research Proposal Preparation through Academic Supervision FGD Technique

Budi Syawal Bancin, Darwin, Sahat Siagian
This research is focused on the teachers’ ability in doing classroom action research because it would be affected the students achievement during teaching learning process. Thus, this research is aimed to find out the teachers ability in arranging classroom action research proposal through focus group...
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Computer Based Exam Development on PJOK Course Knowledge Aspect Curriculum 2013 at SMA Swasta Sinar Husni Helvetia

Iskandar Fahmi, Novita, Albadi Sinulingga
The purpose of this study is to develop a computer-based exam on aspects of PJOK curriculum subjects 2013. This research was conducted at the Sinar Husni Helvetia Private High School by using the Research and Development (R&D) research method which consists of three steps, namely 1. Research and information...
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Development of Learning Devices Based on Problem Based Learning Model to Improve Mathematical Communication Skills

Fitriani Sitopu, Sahat Saragih, Hasratuddin
This study aims to: 1) Find effective tools in mathematics learning that are developed based on the PBM model; 2) Finding an increase in students' mathematical communication skills by using learning tools based on the PBM model; 3) Finding students' responses to learning tools developed based on the...
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Human Resource Management of Contract-Based Teachers and Education Staff to Ensure Quality Education of Senior High Schools in North Sumatera Province

Zahraini, Benyamin Situmorang
The purpose of this study was to describe the human resource management system used in the senior high schools to improve the quality of teaching and learning process. It was a qualitative approach with the data obtained from observation, interviews, field studies, and documents. The subjects were principals...
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The Values of Achievement at the Gayo Traditional Horse Racing Sports in Bener Meriah

Putra Arima, Tarsyad Nugraha, Agung Sunarno
This study aims to determine the values of achievement that exist in the traditional Gayo horse racing sport. Because during this time the horse race was only considered as people's entertainment, which was initially held at the edge of the lauttawar lake of Takengon to enliven the success of the rice...
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The Influence of Practical Guide Based on Inquiry Approach toward Students’ Achievement on pH Scale and Use of Indicator Subjects

Predi S. Perangin-Angin, Wesly Hutabarat, Saronom Silaba
The purpose of this research was to observe the influence of practical guide based on the inquiry approach toward student achievement on the subject of pH scale and the use of indicators. The research was carried out in the chemistry education study program, Universitas Negeri Medan. Before the hypothesis...
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Development of Care Learning E-Module for Discovery Learning Based on Students of Makeup Studies Education Program, Medan State University

Dwiyati Wuri
The study is intended to : (1) determine the feasibility of e- module learning care agency based discovery learning, and (2) determine the effectiveness of the e- module learning care agency based discovery learning . Type of research this is the research development using the product Borg and Gall were...
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Developing Mobile Learning Media Integrated of Problem Based Learning In Chemical Equilibrium Materials at Unimed Chemical Education Study Program

Nora Santi, Zainuddin Muchtar, Ajat Sudrajat
This study aimed to understand level of feasibility of learning media mobile learning for special topic of chemical equilibrium; and to know the differences of the improvement learning outcomes of students is problem based learning in learning chemical equilibrium studied by using media of Mobile Learning...
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Efforts to Improve Rhythmic Gymnastics Learning Outcomes Through The Audio Visual Media

Rizky Puspa Sari, Amir Supriadi, Nurkadri
The purpose of this study was to determine the increase in rhythmic gymnastics learning outcomes through audio-visual media. The method used is CAR (Classroom Action Research). CAR has two cycles, namely in the first cycle making action plans, carrying out actions, observations and reflections. The results...
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Development of Research Based Book on Mendel Genetics In Biology Major Universitas Negeri Medan

Naimatussyifa Daulay, Tumiur Gultom, Martina Restuati
The aim of the study was to produce a product in the form of a textbook based on research about Mendel genetics on Drosophila melanogaster that are suitable for use in Genetic course. The development model used in this study is the Thiagarajan (4D). The test subjects were genetics material expert, language,...
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Awareness of Conversational Implicature of Different Academic Year Students of English Department of Faculty of Language And Arts State University of Medan

Fitri Rahma Handayani, Berlin Sibarani, Sumarsih
Conversational implicature is the inference by assuming that speaker and addressee knows and accepts the communicational norms (maxims). The study attempted to explore the students’ awareness of conversational implicature and to give the reasons of students’ awareness of conversational implicature. The...
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Developing Reading Materials Through Local Based Needs at SDN 100107 Lobulayan South Tapanuli North Sumatera

Ade Efrina Nasution, I WY Diregeyasa, Zainuddin
Nowadays, the developing and appreciating material based on students local based needs is very attractive. The purposes of this study are: 1) To find out the existing English reading materials used for the students of sixth grade at SDN 100107 Lobulayan in South Tapanuli regency; 2) To find out English...
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Analysis of Childhood Social Development to Single Parents

Paradita Kumala Lemmy, Asmin, Anita Yus
The purpose of this study is to find out whether there is a significant relationship between: (1) achievement of social development in childhood who have single parents, (2) how is the social behavior of children who have single parents, (3) how childrens social behavior who is cared for by a single...
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Development of Passing Technique Training Model in Private Junior High School Extracurricular Athletes in Medan

Muhammad Aditya Prawira, Suprayitno, Imran Akhmad
In research on the development of basic futsal passing techniques for athletes in the Private Middle School extracurricular club in the city of Medan. This is a process used to develop and validate learning products. Research and development in this study uses the development model Subject analysis needs...
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Super Jabber Game Development in Increasing Learning Interest in Kindergarten Students in Medan

Ernida Eva Saulina Tamba, Suprayitno, Amir Supriadi
Research and development of super jabber games is applied to the interest in learning in kindergarten children, specifically there are several objectives, among others: 1) To obtain in-depth information about the process of implementing basic motion learning in kindergarten. 2) Develop and implement...
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Development of Ludo Game for Elementary School Students 'Motion Material

Janri Mahasan Sihotang, Sanusi Hasibuan, Albadi Sinulingga
The purpose of this study is to produce a product in the form of a game module that contains ludo games with text-based media for elementary school children, so that it can complement existing learning at this time. This research was conducted at several Private Primary Schools in Medan Johor District,...
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The Difference Of Learning And Trusting Models On The Results Of Learning Bullet Styles Ortodoks Junior High School Students

Pangihutan Butar-Butar, Imran Akhmad, Rahma Dewi
The purpose of this study was to determine the interaction between learning models and students' confidence in class VIII SMP. This research was conducted on eighth grade junior high school students. then the treatment location was at Bandar Setia Ujujng Private Middle School, Jl.Pengabdian No. 75 Bandar...
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Different Effects Between Cooperative and Sociometric Learning on Lower Passing Learning Outcomes in Volleyball Games of Grade VIII Students at SMP Negeri 14 Medan

Muhammad Arfa, Imran Akhmad, Tarsyad Nugraha
This research was conducted at SMP Negeri 14 Medan. This research was carried out in 2019/2020 Academic Year. The stages of this research included collecting data on sociometrics, applying cooperative learning treatment, and collecting data about the results of learning under passing in volleyball games...
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The Development of Under the Volley Passing Material Learning Models in Elementary School Students in Medan City

Ayumi Adetya, Amir Supriadi, Tarsyad Nugraha
These studies are developmental studies that aim to produce learning model products. The subjects of the small group trial were 24 students of Public Elementary School 060927 Medan, the subjects of the large group trial consisted of 44 students from the Public Elementary School 060928 Medan. The ultimate...
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Ideational Taxonomic Relation of Surah Al-Baqarah in English Translation

Siti Isma Sari Lubis, Sri Minda Murni, Zainuddin
This study investigates the types of Taxonomic Relation of Surah Al-Baqarah in English Translation. The Objectives of this study are to investigate the types of taxonomic relation used in English Quran translation of Surah Al-Baqarah. It was presented in a qualitative data analysis. The source of data...
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The Influence of Teachers Creativity in Developing Teaching Method

The objective of this research is to find out the indicator of teacher’s creativity which is useful in developing teaching method supported by innovation desire. To realize this objective, then the research is done by using Structural Equation Model (SEM) method, in which the result of the research process...
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Implementation of Character-Based Industrial Work Practices in SMK Arina Sidikalang

Din Oloan Sihotang, Paningkat Siburian, Darwin, Panigoran Siburian
This study aims to determine the process of management of industrial work practices at Arina Sidikalang Private Vocational School. This type of research is a descriptive study with a qualitative approach. Data collected using questions and observations. The study population was the Vice Principal in...
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Analysis of Mathematical Creative Thinking Ability in Solving Mathematical Problems based Learning Styles in Class VIII Middle School Students

Iwan Jepri, Bornok Sinaga, Hermawan Syahputra
This research aims to obtain an overview of students' learning style at St. Peter's secondary school in Medan, then analyse the students' mathematical creative thinking skills in the problem of solving the study style of the accommodation, Divergent, convergent, and learning assimilation styles. In addition,...
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Development of Petanque Training Pointing and Sport Shooting

Hotma Doli Parlindungan, Sabaruddin Yunis Bangun, Imran Akhmad
The purpose of this study is to produce a variation of petanque training books for pointing and shooting training models in petanque sports. find out the validity of the petanque exercise variation book for the Petanque pointing and shooting exercise model, know the effectiveness of the petanque exercise...
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The Effect of Locus of Control, Work Environment, and Innovative Behavior on Teachers Work Commitment

Leo Sartika Pasaribu, Sukarman Purba, Wanapri Pangaribuan
This study aims to determine the effect of locus of control on innovative behavior, the effect of the work environment on innovative behavior, the effect of locus of control on work commitment, the effect of the work environment on work commitment and the effect of innovative behavior on teachers work...
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The Effect of Organizational Culture, Achievement Motivation and Job Satisfaction on the Performance of Teachers of SMP Negeri in North Tapanuli

Torus Manuntun
This research aims to study: The Effect of Organizational Culture, Achievement Motivation and Job Satisfaction on the Performance of Teachers of SMP Negeri in North Tapanuli. This study aims to determine, The Effect of Organizational Culture on Achievement Motivation, Organizational Culture on Job Satisfaction,...
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The Influence of Symbolic Modeling Technique Guidance Service and Group Guidance Service for Achievment Motivation Based in Anxiety Levels in the Physically Challenged Athletes of North Sumatera PPI NPC

Ahmad Zaki, Budi Valianto, Albadi Sinulingga
The aim of the study to find out the influence between symbolic modeling technique service and group guidance services in increasing achievement motivation based on anxiety levels on the physically impaired athletes of North Sumatera PPI NPC. This study used expost facto method. Data collection techniques...
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The Impact of Journal Writing Training on Self Efficacy and Attitude of Postgraduate Program Students in Writing Scientific Publication Articles

Dimyati, Ashadi, Hariyanto
The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of journal writing training on the attitudes and self efficacy of Postgraduate Masters (PPs) students at Yogyakarta State University (UNY) in writing scientific publications in the form of journal articles as a graduation requirement. The method used...
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Development of Two-tier Multiple Choice Instrument to Measure Higher Order Thinking Skills

Rifka Annisa Girsang, Wawan Bunawan, Rita Juliani
The study aims to develop Two-tier Multiple Choice (TTMC) test to measure students' Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) in material Momentum and Impulse to standard qualifications of good test based in validity, reliability, difficulty index, discrimination index and effectiveness distractor. The type...
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Development of Water Play Activities Model Based on Knowledge to Train Children Smooth Motoric

Anita Yus, Neklan Simbolon
This study aims to: (1) determine the effectiveness of knowledge-based water play activities models in fine motor training for children aged 3-4 years based on indicators of children's fine motor skills and (2) to measure the feasibility of knowledge-based water play activities models in training fine...
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Literation Instruments Learning Physical Student Education Through Student Worksheet (SW)

Akbar Zahriali, Tarsyad Nugraha, Hariadi
This study aims to determine literacy skills in reading students by using Student Worksheets (SW); to find out the learning outcomes of students through SW on physical education subjects in school education; to find out the difference in literacy skills of reading students at junior high school level....
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Implementation of Private Teacher Protection Policies

Fahriza Marta Tanjung, Restu Darwin
This study aims to determine the application of the private teacher protection policy in Medan based models Mazmanian and Sabatier. The object of this study is Permendikbud Number 10 of 2017 on the Protection of Teachers and Education Personnel. The data collection was done by interview, observation,...
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Development of Service Information System in the Use of Practicum Tools and Materials in Physics Department Laboratory of State University of Medan

Arman DS Tumanggor, Abdul Muin Sibuea, Sukarman Purba
This study aims to determine the process of theoritical service in the utilization of laboratory tools and materials and to produce an information system design that can improve the utilization service of laboratory tools and materials in Physics Laboratory of State University of Medan. This type of...
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Development of Chemical Practicum Private Vocational School of Senior High School XII Class Based on Projects and Characters

Bajoka Nainggolan, Rianto Sitanggang, Wesly Hutabarat
This research is descriptive with the aim of developing project-based chemistry practicum guides and the characters of Redox and Electrochemical Reaction materials according to BSNP standards. The sample consisted of 2 lecturers and 2 chemistry teachers, 30 students experimental class and 30 students...
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Development of Instruments for Creative Thinking Skills Tests on Momentum and Impulse for High School Students

Mawarni Saputri, Eva Marlina Ginting, Togi Tampubolon, Rajo Hasim Lubis
The purpose of this study is to find out the steps for developing instruments and characteristics of creative thinking skills test on momentum material and impulses. The research subjects were students of class X IPA 1 Cut Nyak Superior High School Dhien Langsa who had received momentum and impulse material....
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Effect of Scientific Inquiry Learning Model Assisted by Mind Mapping on Science Process Skills Student

Tria Anggreini, Togi Tampubolon, Wawan Bunawan, Rajo Hasim Lubis
The purpose of this study was to analyze the science process skills and creative thinking of students who were taught by the scientific inquiry learning model using mind mapping. The study was conducted on the eighth-grade students of Tunas Harapan Private Middle School in Sayurmatinggi Village, Ujung...
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Improving Teacher Competence in Making Class Action Research Through Assignment, Feed Back, and Revision Workshop

Rasmin Simbolon, Abdul Hasan Saragih, Julaga Situmorang
Teachers in State Junior High School 30 (SMP Negeri 30) Medan still has particularly low competence to make proposals of Class Action Research (CAR). The aim of this study is to determine the competence of teachers in making CAR. The hypothesis of this study is the competence of teachers in making CAR...
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The Active Role Of Fostering The Regional Indonesian National Sports Committee In Badminton

Fitrah Miko, Albadi Sinulingga, Suprayitno
The research aims to find out the active role of KONI in Central Aceh Regency in the badminton sport in 2016. The study used a survey method with research subjects KONI management, PBSI management, club management, coaches and athletes. The research instrument was in the form of a questionnaire. Data...
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Improving Passing Chest Pass Results Through a Variation Approach to Learning

Windi Naully, Nurhayati Simatupang, Tarsyad Nugraha
This study aims to determine the increase in learning outcomes of passing chest passes through a learning variation approach. This type of research is Classroom Action Research. The research subjects were 35 students, consisting of 21 students and 14 students. The research instrument observation sheet...
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The Effect of Inquiry Learning Model on Students Science Process Skills

Siska Evriani Depari, Hasruddin
Inquiry models are commonly used to assess students problem solving and discovery abilities. However, there are several resistance to Inquiry syntax that can improve students' science process skills. The purpose of this study was to determine the Inquiry model of students' science process skills. This...
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Implementation of Physical Education Learning in Down Syndrome Students at SLB YPAC Medan

Akhmadi Malaon Lubis, Indra Kasih, Nurhayati Simatupang
The purpose of this study was to find out how the implementation of physical education learning in mentally retarded students at YPAC Medan Special School (SLB). The method used in this study uses a qualitative approach. The subjects of this study were physical education teachers and mild tuna students....
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The Difference Between Certified and Non-certified PE Teachers Performance Based on Range of Service Period

Wahyo, Albadi Sinulingga, Nurhayati Simatupang
This research was conducted in junior high schools (SMP) in Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatra Province. This research has been conducted for 2 months, namely October to November 2018. The population in this study were all physical education teachers who taught in the SMP throughout Deli Serdang District....
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Evaluation of Curriculum Implementation 2013 Batubara District

Mauluddin M Noor, Albadi Sinulingga, Sanusi Hasibuan
The implementation research of Curriculum 2013 in Batubara Regency found many obstacles at the beginning of its application. This study aims to evaluate the implementation of Curriculum 2013 in Coal District. The components of the evaluated curriculum implementation include: the condition of the student,...
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Implementation of School-Based Management (Study case in SMA Negeri 1 Sumbul, Dairi Regency)

Saut Mian Naibaho, Syawal Gultom, Wildansyah Lubis
The purpose of this study is to describe and explain the implementation of school-based management in SMA Negeri 1 Sumbul, Dairi Regency, with a focus on; a) knowing the management process, b) the process of management implementation, c) problems and solutions in the implementation of management, and...
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The Effect of Realistic Mathematics Approach and Self-Efficacy on Students’ Mathematical Problem Solving Ability in Fifth Grade Student of Gracia Sustain Private Elementary School Medan

Anita Rebekawati, Waminton Rajagukguk, Zulkifli Matondang
This study aims to determine: (1) the effect of realistic mathematics approach on student mathematics problem-solving ability; (2) the effect of self-efficacy on student mathematics problem-solving ability; (3) the interaction between realistic mathematics approach and self-efficacy on student mathematics...
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Analysis of Difficulties in Learning Physical Education in Children with mild Developmental Disabilities in SLB Binjai City

Anggun Lestari Tanjung, Albadi Sinulingga, Nurhayati Simatupang
This research approach is carried out qualitatively, meaning that research procedures produce descriptive data in the form of words from people or observed behavior. The subjects of the study were Physical Education teachers in SLB Binjai City and several Tunagrahita class students. This is because Physical...
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Analysis of PDDB Online Implementation Policy (Case study at the Sunggal Branch of the North Sumatra Provincial Education Office)

M. Basir Hasibuan, Wildasyah, Din Oloan Sihotang
The purpose of this study was to determine the extent to which the use of resources used related to the implementation process of New Student Admission Policy (PPDB) and To find out the organization related to the implementation of Online New Student Admission (PPDB) policy in Upper Middle School in...
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Development of Table Tennis Game Rules Through Modification of Game Rules Model Ams32 in Class VIII Middle School Students

Amal Syahril Sihombing, Suprayitno, Rahma Dewi
This study aims: (1) Provide an alternative table tennis learning model; (2) Increase the spirit of play; (3) Enriching student movements; (4) Improving effective student movements; (5) Provide input to sports and health physical education teachers for table tennis learning material. Subject collection...