Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Research of Educational Administration and Management (ICREAM 2019)

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Authentic Leadership Model in the Management of Modern Islamic Boarding School

Tonton Taufik Rachman, Aan Komariah
Modern Islamic Boarding School right now is one of the aims of students to learn a formal subject and obtain a deeper understanding of religious science. The problem in Modern Islamic Boarding School is its leadership management. Modern Islamic Boarding School which is success normally has authentic...
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The Influence of Competency and Compensation on Performance of Full-Time Employees in Parahyangan Catholic University Bandung

Sedarmayanti Sedarmayanti, Teni Listiani, Edah Jubaedah, Veronica A. Khristiningrum
The aim of this research is to analyze the influence of competency and compensation on performance of full time employees in Parahyangan Catholic University (UNPAR). The method of this research is explanatory. Sample chosen for this research is using proportionate stratified random sampling method and...
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The Influences of Principal’s Supervision, Teacher’s Empowerment, Achievement Motivation on Teacher’s Organizational Commitment at the Junior High School

Sri Lia Hartati, Sukarman Purba
The study Aimed to analyze the influence of: Principal’s Supervision on Achievement Motivation, Teacher’s Empowerment on Achievement Motivation, Principal’s Supervision on Teacher’s Organizational Commitment, Teacher’s Empowerment on Teacher’s Organizational Commitment and Achievement Motivation on Teacher’s...
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Competitive Intelligence and Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Middle School Institutions

Stepanus Supardi, Endang Herawan
Competitive Intelligence (CI) is a business tool in strategic management, and thus gets significance as a process that allows institutions or organizations to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. This study explores the state of CI in education services at SMP Kanisius Jakarta. The purpose of this...
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Study on Changes of Garut School of Teachers and Education (STKIP) to be Changed to Garut Indonesia Education Institute (IPI)

Eva Devi Sofyawati, Djam’an Satori
The change in status of STKIP Garut to IPI Garut (2018–2022) is not a guarantee that the Garut IPI organization has also changed. In some ways, Garut’s IPI is still influenced by the Garut STKIP organization. The focus of the investigation is the management of organizational change. This investigation...
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Concept of Inclusion Education Management in Private Education (A managerial case)

Putri Dewi Indah Wulan, Nur Aedi
The initiation of an inclusive education system is a solution which is a solution for generalizing access for all education consummators without discrimination and in its implementation to improve the quality of education at the middle level. However, in its implementation there are still some fundamental...
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The Effects of Transformational Leadership, Internal Communication, and Management Control Systems on Teacher’s Performance of Junior High School

Armelia Bidari Ketaren, Sukarman Purba
The objective of this study is to obtain information concerning the effect of Transformational Leadership, Management Control Systems, Internal Communication and Teacher’s Performance. The research population of all teachers in the Junior High School in Medan Labuhan District was 164 teachers. Determination...
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The Effect of Work Motivation and Organizational Commitment on Teacher’s Work Ethics

Dahliana Dahliana, Sukarman Purba
The purpose of this study was to determine (1) the direct effect of work motivation on organizational commitment, (2) the direct effect of work motivation on the work ethic of the teacher, (3) the direct effect of organizational commitment on the teacher’s work ethic. This type of research is descriptive...
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Management of Information and Communication Technologies-Based Curriculum in Private Vocational Education Unit

Dea Pratami, Aceng Muhtaram Mirfani
This research is titled “Management of information and communication Technologies-Based Curriculum in private vocational education unit”. Curriculum management is a cooperative, comprehensive, systemic, and systematic curriculum management system in order to realize the achievement of curriculum objectives....
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Commitment to the Teacher’s Loyalty as a Customer

Erna Kusumawati
Customer loyalty is the major importance in maintaining customer and to attract new customer at SMEs. It becomes also the important attention for Koperasi Sejahtera Bersama. In maintaining customer, it is needed Customer Relationship Management and Customer Commitment, especially for the customer who...
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Teacher Technological Leadership: Realising Potentials and Practices

Norhanida Samsudin, Muhammad Faizal A. Ghani
Teacher technological leadership expands upon leadership with the use of technology for education with focus on 21st century education needs. This study aims to observe the awareness, potential and practices of technological leadership of a teacher. The study focusses on the leadership standard set in...
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Educating Through Entrepreneurship Training by Utilizing the Nonorganic Waste

Sri Setiawati, I. H. Kurniasari
This research is aimed to know the improvement of the entrepreneurship spirit through entrepreneurship training to the school society by utilizing the non-organic waste. In order to support, maintain and develop business of the non-organic waste product, further will be reviewed the strategy, concept...
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Implementation of Lesson Study Based on PDCA Concept in Improving Professionalism Teacher

Dera Widyawiyarti Aji Putri, Nani Hartini
This study aims to (1) find out how the Lesson study process using the PDCA concept, then (2) want to know how to apply Lesson study by using the PDCA concept to increase teacher professionalism, and (3) want to know the effectiveness of using Lesson study using the PDCA concept towards increasing Teacher...
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Management of Facilities and Infrastructures for Improving the Learning Quality of Vocational High School

Herdina Yulia Agustin, Johar Permana
This research was conducted to describe the implementation of facilities and infrastructure management and to know the mechanisms for managing facilities and infrastructure that have been implemented by vocational high schools. This research is a descriptive qualitative research with data collection...
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Regional Government Innovation: Study of Educational Affairs Implementation Innovation

Merry Paulina Saimima, Dadang Suhardan
Regional autonomy provides broad space for the region to create and innovate both political and administrative. This is an opportunity for the local governments that can be used to answer the basic needs of their citizens, about the increasing access and quality of public services in matters of education....
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Commitment to Teacher’s Work and Authentic Leadership in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0

Hana Lestari, Ima Rahmawati
This study aims to determine the commitment of teacher work and authentic leadership of school principals in Vocational High Schools (SMKs) throughout the city of Bogor. This study uses a Qualitative Approach by describing data obtained through words or sentences that are separated to achieve conclusions....
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Real-Time Assessment in Education Quality Management Support from Digital Teaching Platform

Hung Le Thai, Tran Thi Thu Huong
To assure education quality, assessment is considered one of key indicators which provide insights for teachers to tailor their teaching to students’ needs and abilities. Generally, different kinds of assessment are used but sometimes too late for teachers to give real-time support for students in need....
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The Role of Guru Penggerak (Organizer Teacher) in Komunitas Guru Belajar (Teacher Learning Community)

Budi Prawitasari, Nugraha Suharto
Komunitas Guru Belajar (KGB) is an example of a Professional Learning Community that has shown very rapid growth since its establishment in 2015. This rapid expansion is inseparable from the role of the Guru Penggerak (the organizer teacher) who are responsible for organizing and driving KGB in each...
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Improving Teachers Teaching Performances Through Development of Capacity Buildings and Innovative Work Behaviors

Ima Rahmawati, Johar Permana
Improving the quality of education through the role of teachers in developing sustainable professionalism (capacity building) and the teacher’s innovative work behavior towards teacher teaching performance is an effort to be made. This study aims to describe the influence of capacity building and innovative...
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Strategy of Principal Placement in Improving the Quality of Education

Sepniwati Sepniwati, Yayah Rahyasih
This study aims at explaining how the strategy of the Education Board of Bandung in placing school principals in order to improve the quality of education. The background of this research is that each school principal has different competencies and leadership styles. Not all principals are able to master...
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Total Quality Management and Its Impact in an Elementary School in Indonesia

Muhamad Iqbal Ansori Firdaus
This study aims to describe the application of the total quality management and investigate its impact in SDN Pelita Karya I Subang. This was a descriptive study employing the qualitative approach. The data were collected through observations, interviews, and documentation. The results of the study are:...
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The Strategies Toward the Improvement of Academic Achievement Through Optimizing Teachers’ Skills

Reza Fajar Ghifari, Yayah Rahyasih
This study aims at examining the strategies towards the improvement of academic achievement through optimizing teachers’ skills. Thus, the background of this study is mainly because of the academic achievements in the school, in the form of national exam scores did not get any significant increase. This...
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Analysis of 21st-Century Leadership in Higher Education Management

Dedy Achmad Kurniady, Siti Nurlatifah, Aan Komariah, Cucun Sunaengsih
This research aims to describe and analyse 21st-century leadership in higher education. It is important to be continually studied to become an example in implementing in Indonesia higher education generally and similar higher education specifically. While for the specific aim, this research will be developing...
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Entrepreneurship Competency Training Model of Private High School Principal Through Knowledge-Based Economy Approach

Asep Sujana, Aan Komariah
Private schools has a number of problems that require their principals to have entrepreneurship competencies, which can be obtained through trainings. This study focuses to provide information on entrepreneurship training models for private high school’s principal through the Knowledge Based Economy...
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Principal Leadership for Private Schools Improvement in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0

Rois Abdul Fatah, Aan Komariah
The purpose of this study is determining the leadership of principals to facing the challenges industrial revolution era 4.0 in private schools and how a leader responds to the challenges of the industrial revolution era 4.0. Workers in all fields in the era of industrial Revolution 4.0 are required...
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The Effect of Self-Efficacy and Work Commitment of Teachers at School

Fibie Liona Pangaribuan, Leo Sartika Pasaribu, Agus Letwing Manik
This research aims to identify the impact of self efficacy and work commitment towards teachers work discipline among public school teachers in Kerajaan District, Pakpak Bharat. This research uses quantitative research with descriptive approach, which is used to verify the hypothesis. The population...
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Recruitment Planning of Teachers and Education Staff at MTs Yaspina Cianjur

Rima Yulianti, Munir Munir
Recruitment planning of teachers and education staff is a process that systematic, analyzed and very closely related to the forecasting conditions of educational institution in the future to improve the quality of education. To be able to determine the needs of teachers and education staff in the future,...
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Leadership in Education: Decision-Making in Education

Kaniati Amalia, Aan Komariah, Sumarto Sumarto, Kholifatul Husna Asri
Decision making is one of the main responsibilities of every leader. Based on the responsibility and authority possessed, the time the school is the right holder in decision making. Decision making occurs in situations that require someone to make a prediction in the future, choose one of two choices...
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Implementation of Total Quality Management in SMK Negeri 10 Bandung

Dita Luthfia, Sumarto Sumarto
The aims of this study were to acknowledge the implementation of Total Quality Management in SMK Negeri 10 Bandung, which is consist of planning, execution, and evaluation. Also, to acknowledge the obstacles faced by SMK Negeri 10 Bandung to implement the Total Quality Management. The method of this...
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The Effect of Work Discipline and Organizational Culture on Service Quality in Teaching and Learning Process (Case study of civil servant teachers in Kuningan Area)

Nana Suryana, Abdul Azis Wahab
The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of work discipline and organizational culture on Service Quality in learning and teaching process given by the civil servant teachers in order to improve student’s achievement in Public Junior High School in Kuningan area. The research method used...
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Analysis of Vote Behavior in Election (Psychological Study of Election Behavior on the Young Generation)

Mulyana Abdullah, Kama A. Hakam, Wilodati Wilodati, Ratnafitria Ratnafitria
Party ID can be formed when it looks like clearly. Through a process of socialization and institutionalization to the community which over the long term will build partisanship having opportunity to create loyalty of the voters. The problem is to build the loyalty and partisanship in the soul of voters...
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Principal Leadership and School Committee Administrators Against School-Based Management Effectiveness

Rika Aryanti, Dadang Suhardan
This study aims to analyze the leadership of school principals and school committee administrators on the effectiveness of school-based management in Mutiara Insani District Plus Elementary School Purwakarta. The type of this research is descriptive qualitative research. In qualitative research, data...
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Outstanding Teachers’ Competition: Between Strategies and Challenges

Rusi Rusmiati Aliyyah, Widyasari Widyasari, Rasmitadila Rasmitadila, Sri Wahyuni Ulfah, Megan Asri Humaira, Didi Mulyadi
The research is intended to find out the strategies of how outstanding teachers participated in a district, regencies/mayoralties, provincial and national excellent teacher’s competition. The study uses multi sites with four respondents consisting of National level outstanding teachers and headmasters...
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The Usage of Social Media to Enhance Effective Communication Among Secondary School Teachers and Principals in Ampang

Shah Rafi Ihsham Shah, Zuraidah Abdullah
Social media has become a medium of communication in today’s educational organisations. It is seen to be relevant in encouraging effective communication. This study aims to identify the level of frequency in utilising social media among teachers, level of communication between principals and teachers,...
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Strategy in Improving the Quality of Vocational High School Graduates

Siti Maria Ulfah, Sururi Sururi, Silmi Amrullah
Based on data from the Central Statistics agency noted that the education level of vocational high school becomes the highest contributor to the open unemployment rate in Indonesia. This can encourage the improvement of the quality of education in order to improve the quality and competitiveness of human...
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The Implementation of Quality Management in Elementary Education Unit in Rural Areas

Wiska Wiska, Nugraha Soeharto
This research aimed at finding an implementation regarding quality management in elementary level of schools located in rural areas. This research is qualitative research which observed the phenomena to find the data and information related to quality management implemented in some elementary schools...
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Teacher Leadership Models: A Directed Analysis of Content

Saiful Adli Abd Rahim, Harris Shah Abd Hamid, Norhanida Samsudin, Muhammad Faizal A. Ghani
Teacher leadership researches have continuously expanded and progressed in lieu with innovative and dynamic changes in education. This study aims to analyze the content of three current teacher leadership models and synthesis relevant dimensions in developing teacher leadership. The models showcases...
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The Importance of Application Total Quality Management at Higher Education

Devika Putri Kistiani, Johar Permana
This study entitled “The Importance of Application Total Quality Management (TQM) at Higher Education”. The objective of this research is to know the implementation and the importance of application Total Quality Management (TQM) at higher education, also the benefits and barrier of application Total...
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Teaching Geometry According to the Discovery Method with GeoGebra Software: A case study in Vietnam

Trung Tran, Ngoc Giang Nguyen
In the context of the industrial revolution 4.0, the trend of adopting active teaching methods in mathematics for high school students with the help of dynamic geometry software is popular in smart schools in Vietnam. This article focuses on studying the teaching of transformations on the plane with...
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The Roles of Visionary Leadership and Organization Culture Toward the Response of Changes in Higher Education Institution (Survey at International Women University)

Jonathan Sarwono, Dewi Indriani Jusuf, Sumarto Sumarto
The goal of the research is to find out how the visionary leadership and organizational culture affect the response of changes due to the effective provisions of higher education institution accreditation from the National Accreditation Board. The method of the research is a mixed method. The qualitative...
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The Relationship Between Principal’s Communication Style and School Climate

Nik Rizlina Binti Sapian, Reza Badiuzzaman Bin Abdullah, Muhammad Faizal Bin A. Ghani, Zuraidah Abdullah, Intan Marfarrina Binti Omar
The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship of principal’s communication style and school climate in primary school in the district of Lipis, Pahang, Malaysia. This study using quantitative descriptive-correlational research design method. 300 primary school teachers in the district of...
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A Study Related to “Government Employees with Agreement” Policy in Order to Overcome Problems Faced by the Contract Teachers

Abdul Muhyi Sobari, Nani Hartini
This study examined how the conditions faced by contract teachers in Indonesia, stemming from various research results that have been studied by the writer, it can be seen that there are still many shortcomings related to educational problem in Indonesia, especially when it comes to contract teachers’...
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System of Educational Quality Assurance in High School

M. Ali Sibram Malisi
The purpose of this study is to investigate and understand quality assurance of education in international model school. The focuses of this research is the quality assurance system in SMAN 2 Palangka Raya consisting of: 1) determination standard, evaluation, and monitoring, self-evaluation, external...
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The Involvement of Recreational Sport Enthusiasm in Regular Sport Activities with Musical Integration

Reza Badiuzzaman Bin Abdullah, Muhammad Faizal Bin A. Ghani, Intan Marfarrina Binti Omar, Dayang Maryama Bte. Ag. Daud, Nik Rizlina Binti Sapian, Victor Jibson Bin Anthony Idi
Nowadays many of us give many excuses when to do some exercise. To make exercise more interesting some recreational sports fans exercise with integration of elements music. Can music really improve involvement to exercise routine regularly? The purpose of this study is the know the level involvement...
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SILAS-Based Approach in Practice of Education: The Mission of Peace and Humanity

Muh. Takdir, Sumarto Sumarto, Aan Komariah, Asep Suryana
The SILAS-based approach (Silih Asah, Silih Asih, Silih Asuh) is values of Sundanese local wisdom which is transformed in community behavior including in the practice of education. This study aims to analyze the values of SILAS in the practice of education in schools that are oriented towards the formation...
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The Effect of Female’s Administrative Leadership on Employee Performance in Higher Education

Sulastri Sulastri, Nurhizrah Gistituati, Neviyarni Neviyarni, Hasdi Aimon
The aim of this study is to determine the effect of female’s leadership style on the performance of universities employees in the city of Padang. The sampling technique uses purposive sampling so that there are 35 employees who leaded by female administrative leaders from two universities in the city...
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Quality Curriculum Models for the Millennial

Dian Hidayati
This study aims to determine the effect of ICT on the quality of education for the millennial generation, the focus of this research is a discussion of the Curriculum Model and its application to the millennial generation. The method used in this study is the study of literature with data obtained from...
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Policy and Practice: Teacher Recruitment in Private Vocational Schools Based on Regional Potential

Mohamad Muspawi, Rahmalia Rahmalia, Robi Hendra, K.A. Rahman
This article aimed to explore recruitment policies and practices in private vocational high schools. Various instruments for interviewing, surveying, and observing were used to describe the challenges and strategies used by the school in seeing the appropriateness of teaching staff to the needs and potential...
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Evaluation of Gender Roles in Turkish Society: Cultural Impact on Education Perspective

Mustafa Tekke, Faizal A. Ghani, Radzuan Mohd Kassim
Study 1 indicates that men tend to display still stereotypes in society. In study 2, the eight domains related to masculinity such as achievement, rationality, objectification of sex, self-reliance, emotional restriction, avoidance of femininity, focus on toughness and aggression, and homophobia was...
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Competence and Method of Teaching Tarannum Al-Quran Among Teachers of Special Class on Reading and Memorizing Al-Quran Skill (KKQ) in Johor

Mohamad Khairul Latif, Talhah Jimaain, Kamarul Azmi Jasmi
This study was conducted to examine the level of competence and method of teaching Tarannum al-Quran by the teachers of Special Class on Reading and Memorizing Al-Quran Skill (KKQ). The sample involved in this study was 46 KKQ teachers who taught in KKQ class in Johor. This study used a survey method...
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Implementation of Sustainable Class System Policy in Efforts to Improve the Quality of Education

Muthahharah Thahir, Udin Syaefuddin Sa’ud
This study aimed to describe the implementation of policies Sustainable Completed Class System (SKTB) based on Local Regulation Gowa District No. 10 of 2013 applied in Gowa. this study is a qualitative descriptive case study design. The data collection was done by using interviews, observation, and documentation....
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Acceleration Program Management Model in Elementary School

Ahmad Zeni, Aan Komariah
Education is very important and a priority for everyone. Therefore, every human being has the right to get good quality education and without exception. This is in accordance with the concept of Education for All, an effort to elaborate the Basic Law on Education for all its citizens, so that equal opportunity...
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Teachers’ Professionalism and its Triggers: Academic Supervision and Principals’ Achievements and Motivation

Ezra Riyandanita, Nurhizrah Gistituati, Hadiyanto Hadiyanto
This study aimed to find out the contribution of the implementation of academic supervision by the principal and achievement motivation towards teacher’s professional competency in elementary schools Prayoga Padang foundation, both partially and simultaneously. This study belonged to ex-post facto approach....
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Phenomenology of the Policy of Lecturer Development at Higher Education in Indonesia

Abdul Azis Wahab, Dedy Achmad Kurniady
The excellent and professional human resources who have the competencies relevant to their expertise are required by every higher education institution. Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI), as one of the big institutions of higher education, requires a variety of ways to develop and improve its human...
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Post Training Evaluation; Effectiveness of Road Infrastructure Training in Indonesia

Taufani C. Kurniatun, Thomas Aden Setiabudi
This study aims to determine the effectiveness of the results of training in the field of road infrastructure in infrastructure training institutions in Indonesia This research method uses a quantitative approach which is validated by using a qualitative approach. The training observed included 4 training...
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Leadership Characteristics Era Disruption: Strategy for Intellectual Capital Building Leadership in Higher Education

Nayyif Sujudi, Aan Komariah
This study is the theme of Leadership Characteristics Disruptions Era: Strategic Leadership in building Intellectual Capital in higher education. Leadership is required to determine the direction of the strategy to adapt to rapid changes, evolving and uncertainties. The starting point of this study is...
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The Implementation of Professional Learning Community in Elementary Schools

Cucun Sunaengsih, Isrok’atun Isrok’atun, Aan Komariah, Dedy Achmad Kurniady, Siti Nurlatifah
The primary aim of this descriptive study is to identify the extent of Professional Learning Community (PLC) implementation in elementary schools in West Java, Indonesia. Professional Learning community (PLC) is a method that teachers continuously implement to improve their competencies and motivations...
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The Development of Curriculum Learning Centered for Student Character Achievement

Nurrohmatul Amaliyah, Puri Pramudiani
This study aims to find out how the development of a centralized learning curriculum to improve student character achievement. This research practice research and development method or development research, an effort or activity to develop an effective product for the school. This research concludes...
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The Effectiveness of Education and Training Management Systems

Maman Suryaman, Yousef Bani Ahmad, Farisha Noor
The study aims at exploring management and training improvement of nursing competence in hospital. There are two concerns of this study that represent education and training management. They consist of training management and its implementation. The training management begins with an assessment of need...
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The Influence of Gross Regional Domestic Product on Mean Years of Schooling

Sururi Sururi, Dewi Septiyani
In General, this research aims to know the effect between the Gross Regional Domestic Product (GDRP) on Mean Years of Schooling (MYS) in West Java. The method used in this research is descriptive method with a quantitative approach, then researchers also use panel data regression models to process data....
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Social Worker Staffing Process

Aprellia Anggraeni, Soni Akhmad Nulhaqim
The aim of this research to describe the staffing process of social workers, given the importance of the staffing process to find competent individuals to achieve organizational goals. The research conducted at social field of DINSOSP2KBP3A Cimahi. The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative....
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The Impact of Education and Training for Strengthening Schools Supervisor Competencies at South Sulawesi

Andi Nurochmah, Ansar Ansar, Bachtiar Bachtiar, Andi Mappincara
The problem in this research is whether there is a significant impact from the training of the increase of superintendent competence of unit of education unit in South Sulawesi province? The purpose of the study was to obtain a picture of the significant impact of the training on increasing the competence...
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The Role of Character Education Toward National Values Actualization

Aan Komariah, Taufani Chusnul Kurniatun, Hikmat Zakky Almubaroq
The aim of this paper is to examine the role of character education towards national values actualization. Character education plays an important role in shaping an individual’s behavior to be better based on Pancasila values, 1945 Constitution and unity in diversity. National character is expected to...
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Analysis on Items of Lecturer Self-Efficacy Instrument Using Rasch Modeling

Rais Hidayat, Yuyun Elizabeth Patras, Griet Helena Laihad, Marislinda Idris, Donna Sampaleng
Strong self-efficacy from a lecturer will encourage the lecturer to have motivation and performance in carrying out the duties and functions as a lecturer: teaching, conducting a research and implementing community service. The purpose of this research is to analyze the sub-construct and items of lecturer...
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Contribution Principals Leadership and Teacher’s Responsibility Toward Teacher’s Job Satisfaction in Gugus IV Public Elementary School, Kuranji District

Silvia Pentri, Nurhizrah Gistituati, Nelitawati Nelitawati
This study aimed to find out the contribution principals leadership and teacher’s responsibility towards to teacher’s job satisfaction in Gugus IV Public Elementary School, Kuranji District, both partially and simultaneously. This study belonged ex-post facto approach. The population in this study were...
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Financial Satisfaction Increase: Effect of Income and Financial Literacy Factors (Study of MSMEs)

Dany Fajar Nugraha, Indra Mulia Pratama, Memen Kustiawan
Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) will be an economic milestone in Indonesia. But in the midst of the current era of development, Indonesian MSMEs have not been able to maximize opportunities and potential in developing their business. South Solok Regency is an expansion area with thousands...
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The Characteristic of Business Incubator Tenant

Wayan Eny Mariani, I Gusti Ayu Anom
The purpose of this study is to determine the characteristics and similarities of characters possessed by beginner entrepreneurs who are tenants of Incubator Business STIKI Indonesia. The characteristics possessed by beginning entrepreneurs who are tenants of Incubator Business STIKI Indonesia need to...
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Lecturer Payroll Management in Improving Lecturer Welfare of Universitas Islam Bandung

Chairil Fajar Hadiansyah, Djam’an Satori, Endang Herawan, Achmad Taufik Ismail
This research is based on the existence of differences in regulations between state and private university lecturers, thus there is inequality between state and private university lecturers. The purpose of this study is to find out and describe about payroll management at Bandung Islamic University is...
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The Implementation of Transformational Leadership: Makes Effectiveness Organizational Culture

Moh. Ali Yusuf, Dedy Achmad Kurniady
One of the newest and most popular approaches to leadership that has been the focus of much research since the early 1980s, is the transformational leadership approach. Transformational approaches can be used to describe leadership in a broad range, from very specific efforts to influence followers at...
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Efforts to Increase the Behavior of Organizational Citizenship Behavior Educator at the General Support Education Command

Frankie Oktolim Madethen, Bedjo Sujanto, Nurhattati Fuad
The objective of this research was to understand the effect of leadership, trust and motivation on organizational citizenship behavior Educators at the General Support Education Command. It was a quantitative research which was conducted in General Support Education Command. The research used a survey...
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The Implementation of Ethics Indexed to Realizing Organizational Values on Higher Education

Yusuf Arifin, Erni Rusyani, Taufani C. Kurniatun
Organizational culture is essentially a system of general values, while Value is a guideline underlying how an organization thinks, makes decisions, behaves and acts. The main value promoted in an educational services institution is in the form of educational services. The ethics of education services...
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The Effectiveness of Grant Policy at Private Junior High School

Ira Nadya Octavira, Eka Prihatin
This study is focused on implementation variables these are the goals and objective, communication, and resources. Based on the things that describe above, the writer took the tittle about the effectiveness of implementation the regional school operational grant policy in public and private junior high...
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Instructional Leadership in Improving the Quality of Elementary School Education in Bandung

Lia Nurdianti, Diding Nurdin
In organizing education the principal has an important role. In this research instructional leadership focuses on learning success and achievement for improving school quality. Leaders who are not only oriented on results, but also on improving quality. It starts with oneself, teachers, school staff...
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Implementation Literacy of Education Through Entrepreneurship: CIPP Model on Bogor Community Learning Center

Andang Heryahya, Bedjo Sujanto, Rugaiyah Rugaiyah
The research objective was to obtain information about the effectiveness of the implementation of the Keaksaraan Usaha Mandiri (KUM) in the Community Learning Centre (PKBM) and the Learning Group (Pokjar) in Bogor Regency. Using the CIPP evaluation model which consists of evaluating contexts, inputs,...
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Effect of Leader Member Exchange Leadership Style and Organizational Climate on Innovative Work Behavior of Banten Provincial Education Office Employees

Irna Meliana, Suryadi Suryadi, Unifah Rosidi
The objective of this research was to understand the effect of leader-member exchange and organizational climate on innovative work behaviour of Banten Province Education Office Employees. It was quantitative research which was conducted in the education office employees. The research used a survey method...
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Do Academic Supervision and Activities in MGMP (Subject Teacher Deliberations) Increase Teachers Performance?

Nurkolis Nurkolis, Rini Warastuty, Yovitha Yuliejantiningsih
The research problems are (a) the influence of academic supervision on teacher performance; (b) the influence of teacher activities in MGMP on teacher performance; and (c) the simultaneous influence of academic supervision and teacher activities in MGMP on the performance. The population was 305 teachers...
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The Challenges of School Administrators in Teaching and Learning Process for Malay Literacy Subject in Primary School

Nurfara Syakila Binti Samsul Kamal, Zuraidah Abdullah, Muhammad Faizal Bin A Ghani
Mastery of language literacy is crucial basic skills needed for students to ensure they can face the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. This study aims to explore the challenges faced by school administrators in teaching and learning process for the students who is weak in Malay Literacy in primary...
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Leadership Approach: Developing Teacher Leadership Skills in the Classroom

Asep Suryana, Widiawati Widiawati, Minnah El Widdah
Teachers in carrying out learning also act as leaders in the classroom. Leadership skills are needed by teachers to act as good teachers and leaders. Collaborative understanding between the two will guide optimal character development to prepare the younger generation. In this study identify to be able...
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Continuous Professional Development for Teacher Through Scientific Publications

Yayah Rahyasih, Nani Hartini, Liah Siti Syarifah
The research focuses on analysing the needs of continuing professional development for teachers through scientific publications. This attempts to improve mastery of science and skills in carrying out lifelong learning for teachers. Taken purposively among 40 teachers on SMP Darul Hikam School, the current...
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The Effectiveness of Information Technology-Based Management Information Systems in Junior High Schools

Ahmad Raiza Zulfikar, Aceng Muhtaram Mirfani
SMPN 6 of Bandung continuously improves their quality of education services. To provide good education services, the school has begun to develop various innovations and support information technology which is recently developing in education field. Some efforts to support education services require a...
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The Role of Administration in Higher Education in Supporting the Commercialization of Research’s Products

Carolina Lasambouw, Ediana Sutjiredjeki, Neneng Nuryati
Polytechnic as a Vocational Higher Education in Indonesia is under pressure to strengthen the quality of their research products in order to keep going beyond the demand of the society and the industries. Research is an investment for improving people’s welfare and increasing economic value. Therefore,...
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The Improving of Customer Satisfaction: Service Triangle Approach

Risa Rohaibatul Bahri, Endang Herawan
This research entitled “Improving Customer Satisfaction: Developing a Service Triangle Approach?” The research deals with the service quality approach namely service triangle on customer satisfaction in three elements service. The study also describe about the concept of customer satisfaction, to introduce...
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Implementation Efforts of Regional Autonomy Policy in Education (Analysis of strategic plans of district/city education offices in Indonesia 2013–2018)

Lina Herlina, Asep Suryana
This study aims to examine the implementation of regional autonomy policies in the education sector at the level of the District / City Education Office, by reviewing one of the Dasas Education Strategic Plans (Renstra) in Indonesia in 2013–2018. This study uses a descriptive method with a qualitative...
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Measuring Schools Readiness in Industry 4.0 Based on the School’s Web Profile

Istifadah Istifadah, Aan Komariah, Kaniati Amalia, Muthahharah Thahir
School websites generally have a function as an information medium and have a function as a school administration tool. As a function of information media, the web can become a medium of communication, become a medium of interaction and become a medium of collaboration among stakeholders. Whereas as...
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Participation in Character Education

Aan Komariah, Dedy Achmad Kurniady, Purwanto Purwanto, Siti Nurlatifah, Cucun Sunaengsih
Participative leadership is an effort in the part of school principals to encourage and facilitate other parties’ participation in important decision making. Character education implementation requires active participation from various parties. However, the lack of school community’s participation in...
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Students’ Enrolment Based on Zoning System and Its Impact to the Academic Performance

Rahmat Fadhli, Munir Munir, Ima Rahmawati
Students’ enrolment based on zoning system policy in Indonesia draws a full attention to all social levels and it extremely becomes a serious issue to be taken into account. This policy initially was decreed by the minister of education and culture in 2017 to bring the equality in education for K-12...
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Educational Leaders’ Outlook on Strategic Communication Skills

Rita Anggorowati, Aan Komariah, Johar Permana
The purpose of this study was to seek out educational leaders’ viewpoint on strategic communication skills at school. A reflective action research was used by doing informal, semi-structured interviews to teachers and educational leaders i.e. principals and supervisors as well as extracting information...
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Self-Leadership: Challenges of Malaysian Students Toward Industrial Revolution 4.0

Edria Nita Mustaffa, Muhammad Faizal A. Ghani
The impact of globalization, liberalization and the changing attitudes of society towards future leaders requires adjustment and improvements in leadership style. A leader is not born naturally. We always hear the phrase “Born to Be a Leader”, but the expression is not always found in the realm of reality....
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Student-Centered Leadership and Teachers’ Competency in Integrating Frog VLE in Teaching and Learning

Ahmad Muhaimin Mat Jusoh, Kazi Enamul Hoque, Muhammad Faizal A. Ghani
This study aims at examining the relationship between student-centred leadership and teachers’ competency in using Frog VLE in Pudu Zone primary schools in Kuala Lumpur. This is a non- experimental quantitative research using survey technique through the administration of a set of questionnaires on teachers’...
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Increased Productivity of Educators at the Marine Operations Education Command

Arya Delano, Eliana Sari, Mukhneri Mukhtar
The objective of this research was to understand the effect of work climate, work stress and work motivation on productivity teacher Marine Operations Education Command. It was a quantitative research which was conducted in Marine Operations Education Command. The research used a survey method with path...
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The Model of University Autonomy

Asep Sunandar, Ali Imron
University autonomy is a strategic effort taken to realize professional service of universities. This research aimed to describe the implementation process of university autonomy and to find the model of autonomy implementation. The researchers utilized qualitative approach in the form of a case study...
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Global Trend-Based Analysis Through Management Information Systems for Lecturers of School of Postgraduates Indonesia University of Education

Eka Prihatin
Industry 4.0 has become a current trend of automation and digitalization of industries. The impacts and importance of Industry 4.0 are reflected in all aspects of lives, especially in the world of education. This era got rid of manually operated systems into an automated system in a well-designed rule...
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Synergy Through School Collaboration in Life Management Skills Education for Students with Disabilities

Johar Permana, Eka Prihatin, Imas Diana Aprilia, Liah Siti Syarifah
The present study was carried out to draw attention on the management of school collaboration in implementing life skills education for students with disabilities. This is because the resources possessed by educational institutions are very limited, thus the synergy of school with the community becomes...
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Academic Service Quality in Education Management in Higher Education

Enjang Yusuf Ali, Munir Munir, Johar Permana, Dedy Achmad Kurniady
The purpose of this study is to analyze how the quality of academic services can support education management activities in tertiary institutions. The method used in this research is a qualitative approach with descriptive methods. There is a collection of data used by interviews conducted with some...