Proceedings of the 2020 6th International Conference on Social Science and Higher Education (ICSSHE 2020)

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Review of Distance Learning Solutions Used during the COVID-19 Crisis

Sergey V. Shaytura, Alina M. Minitaeva, Konstantin V. Ordov, Slaveyko G. Gospodinov, Vitaliy O. Chulkov
Forced to go into self-isolation due to the coronavirus outbreak, all students had to be moved to distance learning. Imposed by the Government in a short time, distance learning has hit both the learning process and the teachers hard. This paper provides a follow up on the emergency transition to distance...
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Analyzing the Moderating Effects of Past Work Experiences on Job Burnout in off-campus Hospitality Internship Using Structural Equation Model

To-Han Chang, Chia-Ling Lee
The study estimated interns’ job involvement and tested its impact on job burnout, job performance, and intention to stay with 395 Taiwan technology university students in the off-campus hospitality internship. The structural equation model rejected the null hypothesis that interns’ job involvement negatively...
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Development of Foreign Language Auditive Students’ Competence of Technical Specialties (The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

S.I. Prokopeva, A.G. Krivoshapkina, I.L. Savvina
According to federal state educational standards of higher education in Russia, the main requirement of a graduate’s foreign language training is the ability to understand foreign language for conducting foreign language communication in intercultural and professional activities. Accordingly, it is necessary...
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The Relationship between Interaction and Student Satisfaction with Online Learning in Social Work Undergraduates in China

Fuwei Li, Fanghua Jhang
Little attention is paid to the association between interaction and satisfaction with online learning in social work students. Drawn on the interaction model, the purpose of the study is to explore whether three types of interaction predict student satisfaction within online learning environments during...
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Promoting “Three-Whole Education” through Back Feeding Teaching of Scientific Researches

Huajie Huang, Shuyue Chang, Zhenqing Liu, Yugang Hu, Tian Xia, Deng-Guang Yu
The importance of the ideological and political work in colleges and universities is pointed out in the coming high education in China. Accordingly, three-whole education in colleges and universities for undergraduate and graduate students is a comprehensive reform for extending and deepening the ideological...
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The Practice and Inspiration of Bisection Class to College English Teaching

Shulin Yang
Higher education in China has experienced rapid development and attained remarkable achievements from the end of the 20th century to the beginning of the 21st century. However, teaching in universities has become increasingly inadequate, and many problems have been exposed to the continuous expansion...
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Characteristics of Industry-Academia-Research Cooperation Based on Local Undergraduate Universities of Yunnan Province from the Perspective of Patent

Lina She, Li Zhang, Yujiao Wang
This work studied the patent output and social network characteristics of local undergraduate universities in Yunnan Province in terms of cooperation with outside scientific research institutes and enterprises in scientific and technological innovation. Through analyzing the cooperation mode, technical...
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Teaching Methods Reform of “Algorithm Design and Analysis” Course

Jing Zhao, Ming Li
In order to improve the teaching quality of Algorithm Design and Analysis course, we reform the teaching methods according to student characteristics and other factors about the course. This work firstly proposed the mixed teaching methods based on heuristics, inquiry, discussion, and cases, then implemented...
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Shanghai Preschool Teachers’ Developmentally Appropriate Beliefs and Practices

Bing-jie Zou, Rachelle Kisst Hackett
This quantitative study applied a survey design to examine Shanghai preschool teachers’ engagement in appropriate and inappropriate beliefs and practices of DAP. Altogether 182 respondents from 13 preschools in Shanghai completed the Teacher Beliefs and Practices Survey (three to five-year-olds) (including...
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The Impacts of IPEEE Teaching Method on Teacher Self-efficacy: Based on TAM

Huaxin Wang, Lin Chen, Jingqiu Wang
This study investigated the impacts of a learner-centered teaching method-Integration of the Professional Education and Entrepreneurship Education (IPEEE) on teacher self-efficacy based upon Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). Specifically, this work mainly studied the influence of perceived usefulness...
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Influencing Factors of Business Students’ Entrepreneurship Intentions in Shandong Higher Vocational Colleges Based on Probit Model

Lijuan Xu, Xiaoyan Quan, Zhe Zheng
Based on the questionnaire survey on the entrepreneurial intention of business students in higher vocational colleges, the Probit model was used to study the factors affecting the entrepreneurial intention of business students in higher vocational colleges in Shandong Province. It was found that factors...
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Educational Inputs and Intra-county Education Inequality in a Western Province of China

Yi Long, Yumei Zhou
China has determined to narrow intra-county education gap and held county level governments accountable for achieving this goal through state evaluation. This study examines the relationship between intra-county education inequality and county level educational inputs. Based on statistical analysis of...
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Combination of STEAM Concept and Virtual Reality Teaching—Taking the Virtual Smart Car Experiment as an Example

Xiaoyao Chen, Yulong Bai, Xiang Wu
Being project-based or problem-solving-oriented, STEAM education aims to guide learners to use interdisciplinary knowledge to solve practical problems. While being immersive and imaginative, virtual reality (VR) is becoming more and more popular in education as a new and effective interactive way. A...
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Giving Full Play to the Teachers’ Leading Function and Comprehensively Promoting the Effective College English Class Based on POA

Yuwei Bu, Rui Li
As the practice subject, the teacher and the students really know whether a teaching model or practice is effective or not. The teaching practice of the author proves that: 1) Production Oriented Approach (POA), a theory system based on the teaching practice of China and absorbing the findings of many...
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Vulnerability or Resilience: New Work Program for Teaching Practice in China’s Social Work Field in the Time of COVID-19 Epidemic

Peng Wang
Social work originated in Europe and the United States, and gradually rose up in developing countries in the middle of the last century. Teaching practice in social work field has always been the basis for social work to take root in the multicultural society and the localization of social work in Asia....
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Research on the Training Mode of Software Engineering Applied Talents under Emerging Engineering

Yanmei Liu
Based on the concept of “Emerging Engineering”, the training mode of applied talents was studied in this paper in four dimensions, i.e., New Orientation, New Mode, New System and New Concept, to solve the problems with the training mode of software engineering talents in Wuhan Institute of Design and...
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Instructional Design of Biochemistry Experiment Course Based on the Virtuality and Reality Combination in the Context of COVID-19 Epidemic

Di Jia, Chunjing Zhang, Shuyan Li, Zhenglin Zhao, Jing Xu
Experiment teaching of biochemistry and molecular biology is indispensable to undergraduate medical education. In the context of COVID-19 epidemic, how to combine a virtual simulation platform with biochemistry laboratory experiments organically is a pressing problem that must be faced and solved. Based...
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Course Construction of “Knitting” under the Background of New Engineering

Jinfeng Wang, Weilai Chen, Ming Weng
Under the background of new engineering education, the teaching reform of the “knitting” course was carried out in several aspects. The teaching content combines art and engineering, theory and practice. Besides, it incorporates new knitting technologies, new processes, new applications, and results...
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Current Status and Inspiration of Knowledge Base Construction for Libraries in “Double First-class” Colleges and Universities

Xiao-Feng Xu, Chi Zhang
For obtaining the real-time data and construction trends of knowledge base construction in Chinese colleges and universities library, this work adopted the methods of website survey, telephone interview confirmation and CALIS alliance library knowledge base construction list comparison verification....
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Application and Thinking of Participatory Teaching Method in College Curriculum Implementation

Yanyan Sun, Shujun Sheng
In college teaching, the traditional teaching method based on teacher’s instruction is facing more and more challenges. The teacher-centered teaching method needs to be gradually changed to the student-centered method. Combining with the implementation of the course International Goods and Transport...
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A New Way for Online and Offline Mixed Top-ranking Course Construction for the Clinical Medicine Major

Chunjiang Li, Jinbo Zhang, Xiaojun Ma
The construction of “top-ranking courses” has become the basic foothold of the first-class undergraduate course construction in colleges and universities, which is the core element of cultivating first-class talents, and exploring the path of scientific construction is an urgent problem to be solved...
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Teaching Reform and Practice of Medical Microbiology Course Based on Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talent Training Mode

Chunjiang Li, Jinbo Zhang, Xiaojun Ma
In the context of innovation and entrepreneurship education, medical microbiology is characterized by close connection with clinical practice and strong practicality. In this work, innovation and entrepreneurship education was integrated with medical microbiology. It is conducive to improving teachers’...
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Statistical Analysis on the Book Borrowing Quantity of University Library—Taking Qilu University of Technology as an Example

Yulin Huang, Zhongshang Liu, Yongxue Liu, Wenrui Qu
According to the library book borrowing amount data from June 2013 to December 2018 at Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences), this work studied the statistical laws of data series of borrowing quantity. Based on the combination of seasonal effects, long-term trends, and random...
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Professional Development of International Chinese Teachers Based on the Complex Dynamic Theory

Xiaoyan Zeng, Shiyu Gou
From the perspective of complex dynamic theory, this paper analyzes the definition, characteristics and path of the professional development of international Chinese teachers, and further explores how to improve the professional development of international Chinese teachers in the new era. After re-examining...
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Research on the Teaching Reform of Customs Declaration Practice

Yanyan Sun, Shujun Sheng
In order to solve the problems in the course implementation of Customs Declaration Practice, such as fast updating of teaching knowledge, strong practicality of teaching content, insufficient experience of teaching team and students’ insufficient attention to the course, the author first analyzed the...
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An Analysis of the Conversation Art and Skills of College Counselors

Jianying Wu
The communication between college counselors and students is the most direct and effective method for ideological and political education. The college counselors themselves should get well prepared for the communication, during which some rules and strategies should be followed. It is exactly the art...
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Cultivating College Students’ Autonomous Writing Ability Based on Pigai Web

Fen Zhang, Min She
Pigai Web ( offers a good study platform for college students to improve their English writing skills. To confirm whether students’ English writing skills can be effectively improved by using Pigai Web or not, empirical comparison between the traditional writing teaching and the autonomous...
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Practice and Reflection on College English Reading Teaching Based on Presentation-Assimilation-Discussion (PAD Class) Mode

Min She, Fen Zhang
Chiefly taking the students as the main body of teaching, Presentation-Assimilation-Discussion (PAD Class) teaching mode conforms to the development law of modern education, arouses the teachers’ enthusiasm and inspiration in English teaching, increases the students’ motives to study and explore actively,...
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Discussion on the Development Status and Trends of Intellectual Property Information Services in University Libraries

Lingling Peng, Chi Zhang
At present, various university libraries provide intellectual property information services as an important component of innovative services. In this context, by investigating the first group of national intellectual property information service centers that were set up in universities, this paper discusses...
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New Approaches to the Analytical Methods on the Teaching of Reintegration

Xiaonan Xiao
In current textbooks, when discussing the solution of reintegration, geometric figures are generally used to find the integration area to determine the upper and lower limits of the integration and to calculate the reintegration into repeated integration on a simple area. This method of calculating reintegration...
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Advantages of Operational Mechanism of Application-Oriented Private Colleges—Taking Nantong Institute of Technology as an Example

Mingyu Chen
As the foundation of internal operation systems of application-oriented private colleges and the main channel of interaction between private colleges and society, the operational mechanism of privately-run colleges effectively guarantees its sustainable development. This paper firstly expounds on the...
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Research on the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Awareness of Medical Students under the Strategy of “Healthy China”

Xiashuang Zhang, Yueying Zhao, Zhuting Xiao, Hongying Zhang
This thesis investigates the current situation and problems of medical students’ innovation and entrepreneurship awareness under the strategy of “Healthy China”, analyzes the causes of the existing problems, and then puts forward effective ways to cultivate the innovation and entrepreneurship awareness...
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Research on the Application of “Autonomous-Cooperative-Inquiry” Teaching Mode in the Course of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics under the Background of Informationization

Yanhong Wu, Juanjuan Song
Informatization brings opportunities for teaching reform, especially for the teaching reform of basic courses in colleges and universities. The sudden COVID-19 epidemic completely changed the original teaching mode. The development of online teaching and the use of online teaching platforms provide unlimited...
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Empirical Study on Online Experimental Teaching Design of Physics at Harbin University under the Background of Epidemic Prevention and Control

Lan Zheng, Hong Liang, Xueyan Zhou
At the beginning of the New Year 2020, a sudden epidemic broke the original order of life. Colleges and universities in China have had to postpone the start of classes to prevent the epidemic from spreading to schools. According to the decision and deployment of the central government and the requirements...
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Exploration on Teaching Reform of Agro-meteorology for Applied Meteorology Major in Local University

Lingli Fan, Guangya Zhang
Agricultural meteorology is the core professional course of Applied Meteorology in Guangdong Ocean University, which plays a very important role in the cultivation of Applied Meteorology talents. According to the demand of cultivating high-quality applied talents in local universities, through the analysis...
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FPGA Experimental Teaching Based on Engineering Development Process

Xiulei Zhang, Jin Xiao, Haosong Yue
The conventional Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) experimental teaching failed to give sufficient attention to the integration with engineering application. As a result, students cannot form the FPGA engineering development and application concept, and cannot understand the FPGA engineering development...
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Research on the Effectiveness of Class Psychological Quality Development Training for Freshmen—Taking A University in Guangdong Province (China) as an Example

Lan Wen, Xiujun Wang, Yanping Xu, Qizhi Liu, Xiaowen Liang
Class quality development training for freshmen is an outdoor practice teaching link in college students’ mental health education courses. In order to demonstrate its practical effect, the author conducted a self-designed questionnaire survey on 279 college students who participated in the activity....
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An Investigation and Research on the Effectiveness of College English Online Learning

Xiang-Fa Zeng, Song Wang
To investigate the status quo of college English online learning effectiveness among freshmen, and propose specific solutions, a questionnaire was done among 1047 freshmen from colleges and universities, and data analysis was conducted with SPSS 21.0 software. It is found that students’ effectiveness...
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Innovation and Practice of Digital Resource Services in University Libraries under the Background of COVID-19 Pandemic

Chunyu Wang
Regarding the digital resource services of university libraries under the COVID-19 pandemic as the research object, this paper aims to explore the digital resource service methods of university libraries under the circumstance of public health emergency and improve the service of university digital resources....
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Research on the Way of Integrating Industry Spirit into Campus Culture Construction—Taking Contemporary Civil Aviation Spirit as an Example

Xia Liu
The contemporary civil aviation spirit, with loyalty, solid science, unity and cooperation, and dedication as its main content is the spirit of the civil aviation industry. It is an important task to integrate industry spirit into the campus cultural construction to highlight the industry characteristics...
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Research on the Reconstruction of Governance System in Secondary College under the Background of University Management Decentralization

Qi Cheng, Hongxun Wang
With the continuous expansion of the university, the focus of university management is constantly moving down, and the governance of secondary colleges has gradually taken place. Based on the analysis of the current situation and development trend of the internal management of colleges and universities,...
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Research on Competency Assessment of Auditing Graduates Dispatched Overseas

Dailin Liao, Chunyu Zhao, Yan Hu
To evaluate the competency of auditing graduates and facilitate the determination of the best candidates dispatched overseas for enterprises, an assessment system is established in this study. Firstly, an assessment indicator system including professional knowledge, professional skills, professional...
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A Study on College English Teaching of Medical Students under the Guidance of CSE—Taking Chengdu Medical College as an Example

Yu-feng Tang, Xiang-fa Zeng
China’s Standards of CSE aims to guide English teaching and testing, to cultivate students’ cultural awareness and to improve their practical language ability and intercultural communicative competency. A survey among the medical students in CMC reveals the current situation of College English teaching...
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Analysis of Online Teaching of Applied Undergraduate Courses in Engineering

Yue Ma
During the COVID-19, many universities use online teaching methods to ensure the normal operation of the teaching., the traditional teaching experience has been unable to meet the needs of online teaching, This paper takes the 1-4 weeks online teaching at Harbin Institute of Technology as an example...
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Understanding, Cooperation, Recreation and Application—A Teaching Practice towards the Design of Ethnic Patterns

Zhen Qin, Tie Ji, Yiping Cao
Exploring a teaching method for ethnic pattern design, which echoes the spirit of “creative transformation, innovative development” in the requirements of traditional culture, could embody the cultural connotations and meet the industrial needs. The course was delivered with three steps of original collection,...
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Exploration and Practice of Diversified Chemical Experiment Teaching Mode—Taking the Local Colleges as an Example

Feng Wang, Na Qiu, Wei Huang, Xuejing Liu
The comprehensive competence of chemistry majors requests the capacity of “thinking” and “doing”. There exists certain indivisible intrinsic relation between the “thinking” and “doing”. Considering the vital role of experiment in the coordination of “thinking” and “doing”, it is urgent to foster the...
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Research on the Construction of Off-Campus Practice Teaching Base for Applied Undergraduate Medical Colleges—Taking Science and Engineering Major of Medical Technology College of Qiqihar Medical College As an Example

Li-na Wu, Jin-cheng Guo, Chun-jing Zhang, Shu-li Zhang
The construction of practical teaching base for applied undergraduate medical colleges is a very important condition for training applied talents. This article takes the current situation of the construction of off-campus production practice bases for students of science and engineering majors in the...
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Research on the Singing Psychology of Tibetan Students

Jing Leng
The basic task of vocal art psychology is to reveal the essence of the psychological phenomenon of vocal music teaching and learning and the scientific law of its occurrence and development. It specifically study the law and physiological mechanism of singing and vocalization. Through understanding and...
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Exploration and Research on Classroom Teaching Reform under the Concept of Engineering Education Professional Certification

Yanan Gou, Kun Yang
The core concept of engineering education professional certification is student-centered, results-oriented, and continuous improvement. The core link to realize the concepts is classroom teaching. The two main subjects of classroom teaching are teachers and students. Based on the starting point of teachers...
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Task-Based Hybrid Learning Using Rain Classroom Intelligent Teaching Platform

Li Li, Kaijun Liao, Huamin Zhang
As e-learning is becoming increasingly popular in modern teaching with the popularity of the Internet, hybrid teaching is becoming widely used in higher education. This paper introduced the creation of teaching design, teaching materials and teaching organization based on the study and research on hybrid...
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Brand Effect Assessment of University Affiliated School—Taking Experimental Middle School of D University in Chengdu as an Example

Meiduo Zhou, Yujia Xie
Under the background of promoting the policy of building college-affiliated schools together, many colleges and universities are beginning to explore the model of running basic education in colleges and universities. This study takes the Experimental Middle School of D University in Chengdu as the research...
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Promoting Learning by Writing: A Study of “Length Approach” in Non-English Majors

Cheng Chen, Xuecheng Wang, Yamin Jiang, Fei Chen
The “Length Approach” is a method to promote learning by writing long compositions. In order to test the effectiveness of this approach in promoting students’ writing and comprehensive English ability, the current study introduces the “Length Approach” into college English writing teaching. This study...
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An Empirical Study on Cultivation of English Majors’ Critical Thinking in Private Colleges

Xun Bu
In context of alarming absence of critical thinking and national call for “Golden Courses”, Advanced English course carries out a series of teaching reform to enhance English majors’ critical thinking. This paper aims to investigate students’ opinion of CT-oriented teaching reform and the role of each...
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Exploring the Connectivity between Undergraduate Translation Education and Translation Accreditation Test

Lei Dai
It has been 14 years since the launch of the undergraduate-level translation education (Bachelor of Translation and Interpreting, abbreviated as BTI henceforth) in China. Although a large number of high-quality graduates have been churned out over this period, problems prevail. The main one is that the...
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Exploration and Practice for the Incorporation of Ideological and Political Education into Professional Courses—Taking Cybersecurity Technology as an Example

Kun Yu
Taking the computer professional course Cybersecurity Technology as an example, this study deeply excavates the ideological and political education resources contains in the course from the aspects of course content, practice, course assessment, exchange and cooperation, etc., so as to strengthen moral...
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Educational Service and Fertility Intention for a Second Child Based on 810 Questionnaires

Meiduo Zhou, Xu Zhao
In order to explore the factors that affect the fertility intention for a second child, this article explored from the perspective of education, combined with questionnaire survey data and used descriptive statistical and multiple linear regression from four dimensions. It found that with the focus of...
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The Position of Intellectual Property Information Service Center in Colleges and Universities—A Case Study of Intellectual Property Information Service Center in Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Chi Zhang, Lingling Peng
In order to clarify the position of intellectual property information service center in colleges and universities, starting from the advantage of developing intellectual property information service in colleges and universities, this study discusses the position of intellectual property information service...
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Exploration and Practice of Ideological Political Education in College English Teaching—Taking the Teaching Design of the New Standard College English as an Example

Lan Zhang, Ran Li
This paper studies the necessity and practice of the teaching design involving ideological and political education for college English teaching materials. Taking the text teaching section as an example, it consisted of six parts: lead-in, activities before class, cultural background, text analysis, summary...
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Research on the Board of Trustees System and Enlightenment of American Research Universities

Ruishu Wang, Wanbing Shi
The purpose of this paper is to study the board of trustees of American research universities by historical analysis method, survey method and other methods. The board of trustees is the most distinctive higher education governance system in the United States. And research universities are the main strength...
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Application of Microlecture in Advanced Mathematics Teaching

Junwen Cui
This study focuses on the application of microlecture in advanced mathematics teaching. Through a questionnaire survey of nearly 600 first-year students in 4 universities in Tianjin, it is found that the integration of microlecture in advanced mathematics teaching can enhance students’ interest in learning...
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The Imbalance and Reconstruction of Research, Teaching and Learning in Cultivation of Business Postgraduates in Application-Oriented University in China

Yue He
The short experience of Graduate training in applied-oriented universities did not form a systematic training mode with application characteristics and outstanding research ability. This made the dislocation of research-teaching-learning in cultivation. In view of the training objectives and characteristics...
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The Effect of Traditional Chinese Medicine “Qigong State” on EEG of College Students under the Anxiety State

Hua Zhang, Zhibing Zhong, Mei Feng, Xingyu Ding
To investigate the effects of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) “Qigong state” on the EEG of anxious college students, 72 college students were randomly divided into an experimental group and a control group. The experimental group underwent a 2-month TCM Qigong static exercise which the control group...
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The Prevalence of Intellectual Extremism among Palestinian Youth and Its Relationship to Some Variables

Abdal-hadi K. Abu-Saada, Hatem M. Saadallah, Haroun M. Bhar, Samir M. Zaqout
Extremism is a global issue that affects a lot of countries all over the world ever since. Youths are considered the main tool to implement various forms of extremism. This article aims to diagnose intellectual extremism among Palestinian youth. In this article, we analyzed the data obtained from Palestinian...
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Research on the Influencing Factors and Countermeasures of College Students’ Online Learning

Chao Yang, Di Jia, Shuyan Li, Zhenglin Zhao, Chunjing Zhang
Online learning is the only way for teaching during COVID-19 epidemic. To improve the effect of online learning and benefit more for college students, this paper discusses the influencing factors of online learning through literature research, including network platform problems, students’ factors, teachers...
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Research on the Reform of Education and Teaching Methods in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Yiqiang Han
With the development and application of artificial intelligence technology, human society has gradually entered the era of artificial intelligence, which will inevitably have a profound impact on the field of education. The purpose of this study is to explore the path and method of promoting education...
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Optimizing the Way of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Communication

Qiang Niu
Under the new situation, great changes have taken place in the social communication environment and the characteristics of the audience groups. The ultimate goal of ideological and political education is to achieve the educational effect of “entering the mind and entering the heart”, so that students...
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Ways to Enhance the Quality of Training Legal Characteristic Talents in Science and Engineering Colleges

Yao Guo, Liqin Zhang
Science and engineering colleges are the natural basis for cultivating professional and diversified legal talents. However, judging from the current status of legal personnel training in these universities, many problems still need to be resolved. Therefore, this article starts with the unique standards...
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Thinking of University and President Administration Bound by Marketization

Yunlan Wang, Ling Ye
Higher education marketization is a double-edged sword. Universities’ involvement in the marketization wave brings both opportunities and challenges. This study attempts to provide ideas for the governance of universities and principals. Through investigation and research, this study finds that higher...
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Research on the Promotion of Students’ Autonomous English Reading Ability through Reflective E-journal

Ran Li, Lan Zhang
How to promote college students’ autonomous English reading ability has become an important teaching practice in today’s college English education. Based on Pavlovich’s theoretical framework on multi-dimensional reflection, this study designs a general format of reflective e-journal which is used after...
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The Specialization of University President and its Guarantee Mechanism under the Modernization of Higher Education Governance Based on Internal Governance and External Governance

Yunlan Wang, Yingjie Wu
The purpose of the study is to investigate the specialization of university presidents and propose a safeguard mechanism, in order to promote the specialization of university presidents under the modernization of governance. Based on the construction of “two bodies and three dimensions”, the paper discusses...
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Construction of the Graded Teaching Model for Specialized Courses

Kexin Deng, Juan Xiong
The purpose of the study is to analyze the characteristics of specialized courses and put forward a hierarchical graded teaching model suitable for specialized courses. Compared with the graded teaching of public courses, the graded teaching of specialized courses has its own characteristics and is relatively...
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An Empirical Study on the Measurement of Operational Efficiency of Science and Technology Business Incubators in China

Ge Wen, Qiang Liang, Zhichen Zhang, Tingting Liu
Based on DEA-BCC model and DEA Malmquist index, 4848 science and technology business incubators in 30 provinces of China are selected and their operation efficiency is analyzed in this paper. The results show that the management and technology of science and technology business incubators in most provinces...
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Cyber Security Training in Europe and America and its Enlightenment to China

Weiwei Wang, Liang Guo
With the rapid development of emerging information technology and the deep popularization of social information, a series of cyber security problems pose a serious threat to national security, economic stability and people’s lives. If we want to effectively reduce the risk of cyber security with the...
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A Survey of Classroom Misbehaviors of Central Asian Foreign Students in Shaanxi Province

Bin Yang
Problematic behaviors occur frequently in foreign students’ Chinese class, which affects the normal teaching order. Afterh aving observed and tracked some Central Asian students’ classes for a long time, we have found five common undesirable phenomena: lateness, absence from class, over-using mobile...
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Challenges and Responses to the Changes of Translation Part in the CET-6: Adding Chinese Culture-loaded Words and Expressions

Zhou Chen, Rongrong Pan, Min Yang
Since the reform of the CET-6 in 2013, a major change has taken place in the type of translation part, shifting from the original single sentence translation to Chinese-English paragraph translation. The subjects and vocabularies are more closely related to Chinese culture. Based on such a change, the...
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Empirical Study on Professional Group Evaluation—A Case Study of Water Conservancy Construction and Management

Lihuan Liu, Jiang Cen, Huifang Xiao
The evaluation work of professional group construction can promote and strengthen the construction of teaching quality assurance system. On the basis of refining, the connotation of professional group, the evaluation model of the weighted average comprehensive standard is constructed, and the calculation...
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Exploration and Practice of Deepening Industry-Education Integration Mechanism in Guangxi Applied Undergraduate Universities and Colleges

Feng Wei, Xinjian Yang, Xiaoling Yu, Hui Zhou
Close college-enterprise cooperation, resource sharing, mutual benefit and win-win result are the main characteristics of modern applied undergraduate higher education. Promoting industry-education integration is an inevitable choice for applied undergraduate universities and colleges to adapt to the...
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The Role and Path of University Academic Journals in Research Integrity Building

Shunshan Wang
Research integrity is instrumental in academia and provides a solid foundation for innovation. University academic journals perform key functions in communicating and sharing knowledge, which is critical for fostering academic research integrity. In this work, the role of university academic journals...
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Research on the Effect of Human Capital Investment on Rural Family Cultural Consumption—Empirical Analysis Based on CFPS2018 Data

Yongmei Xia, Yu Han, Ge Wen
Based on the microdata of China Family Panel Studies (CFPS) in 2018, this paper uses the Tobit model to analyze the impact of human capital on rural household cultural consumption. The results show that the improvement of average education years, health status, and the cognitive and non-cognitive ability...
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Innovation of Biochemistry Experiment Teaching Based on OBE Concept

Xiang Li, Yanyue Lou, Jinhuan He, Yanxian Lian, Chunmei Pan
To strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship awareness among college students based on the outcome-based education teaching concept, the content of biochemistry experiment teaching was reviewed, a multi-level open experimental teaching system was evaluated, and an evaluation method was established using...
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Practice and Exploration of Online Teaching During Epidemic Period

Liangtao Yang
Under the background of COVID-19, online teaching has become the main force in the implementation of “continue to study during the suspension” in the epidemic prevention and control stage. Colleges and universities all over the world have made emergency preparations in a short time and carried out large-scale...
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Current Situation and Performance Evaluation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Colleges and Universities—A Quantitative Analysis Based on the Survey Data of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region

Shou-jian Zhuang
The purpose of the study is to study the current situation and performance of innovation and entrepreneurship education. In order to speculate on the above research goal, we distributed 6,000 questionnaires and recovered in 5,444, with a recovery rate of 91%. We find that (1) The entrepreneurial performance...
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Human Resource Management Practices and Employee Well-being in New Ventures: An Empirical Study Based on Organizational Justice and Supervisor-Subordinate Guanxi

Hongying Li, Shufen Li
With the development of positive psychology, more and more attention has been paid to the subjective feelings of employees in new ventures, and employee well-being has also been widely concerned by scholars. This study investigated the influence of human resource management practice on employee well-being...
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A Survey of Employers’ Feedback on English Majors from Private Colleges

Xun Bu
In the context of increasingly fierce competition in the job market, it is difficult for English majors, especially those from private colleges to obtain jobs after graduation. This paper, based on the theory of need analysis, surveys employers’ feedback on English majors from private colleges, to reveal...
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The Evolution of Actor Networks about Shenzhen’s Action to Build a Child-Friendly City: A Research Based on 450 News Texts

Meiduo Zhou, Huan Mu
On the basis of the 450 child-friendly city related news texts from Shenzhen Municipal Government Information Open Directory System in 2016 to 2019, we use the method of social network analysis to take an exploratory study on the evolution of actor networks in Shenzhen’s action of building a child-friendly...
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The Quality Evaluation System of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Colleges and Universities

Xiaoli Shi
Promoting innovation and entrepreneurship education is an important measure to deepen the reform of education and teaching in colleges and universities and improve the quality of talent training. Systematic research on the quality evaluation system of innovation and entrepreneurship education in colleges...
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A Study of College English Teaching Mode Based on OBE Concepts

Huimin Zhao
As the economy and society develop, the labor market needs more senior English personnel with better ability and innovation. Currently, English teaching still stays in the traditional mode, that is, the students only learn language knowledge rather than the skills of communication. Therefore, the all-round...
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Network Strength, Knowledge Flow and Innovation Performance—an Empirical Study Based on SME Collaborative Innovation Network

Li Wang, Ting Duan
Taking the collaborative innovation network of SMEs in China as the research object, this work collects data through questionnaires, and uses SPSS and AMOS software to demonstrate the relationship of network strength, knowledge spillover, knowledge transfer and innovation performance in collaborative...
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Study on Building a New Online Education Model for College English in the Post-Pandemic Era

Fenghuang Zeng
College English teaching all over China was conducted online at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Online teaching will not completely replace or be replaced by offline teaching after the resumption of school, so, to obtain a better teaching effect in the post-pandemic era, a new online education model...
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Analysis on the Impact of Legally Paid Land Acquisition on the Employment of Land-Lost Farmers in the Process of Urbanization

Lili Xu
In order to improve the employment quality of land-lost farmers and safeguard their employment rights and interests, this paper introduces the effect of legally paid land requisition on land-lost farmers in the process of urbanization through qualitative and quantitative analysis. It is found that urbanization,...
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Research on the Integration of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and Practice Teaching Based on the Improvement of the Employability

Yanhua Diao, Yaguang Li
What is the effect of integrating innovation and entrepreneurship education with practice teaching? How does the combination of the two improve employability? To verify these, the maturity scale was used in this study. A questionnaire survey is conducted among 428 senior college students and 44 teachers...
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Employee-Organization Relationship and Organizational Citizenship Behaviour: The Roles of Organizational Identification and Leader-Member Exchange

Hongying Li, Yanling Cao
Based on the social exchange theory and organizational identification theory, this study constructs a theoretical framework to explore the mediating mechanism and boundary conditions between employee-organization relationship and employees’ organizational citizenship behaviour. Firstly, this paper proposes...
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The Research on the Teaching of College English in the Era of Mobile Interconnection—A Study Case of College English Teaching in an Independent College

Ge Zhang
In order to improve the quality and efficiency of talent’s cultivation, this study proposed a college English teaching strategy based on mobile interconnection technology. The strategy took college English teaching in an independent college as the research object. Firstly, through comparative analysis,...
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Action Research for Using Problem Based Learning in Adult Education

Hung-Chi Hsu, Hui-Lin Hsu
The study is a case study based on action research, under the process of Problem-Based Learning (PBL), to explore if it is able to promote learners’ self-learning, problem-solving, and capacity of specialty, meanwhile, to exam how much, through rethinking process of action research, teachers able to...
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Chinese EFL Learners’ Retrieval of English Idioms in Language Production

Qingyan Zhang, Shidong Shan
While EFL learners’ comprehension of English idioms seems well-documented in the literature, much less has been written about their production of idiomatic phrases. To investigate how idioms are retrieved from the mental lexicon of second language (L2) learners during language production, the think-aloud...
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Research on College Mathematics Education Based on TPACK theory

Fengmei Xin, Hui Wang, Ying Guo
In order to solve the main contradiction between the weak technical skills and the subject teaching ability required by the society at that time, the TPACK knowledge structure of mathematics teachers was explored based on TPACK theory, aiming at the bottleneck of current university teaching and education....
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The Course and Textbook Construction of a “Basic Textile and Clothing Knowledge” Course

Taohai Yan, Yu Lin, Yajing Shi
To investigate the teaching content, teaching methods, and assessment methods of the “Basic Textile and Clothing Knowledge” course offered by Minjiang University in China, a comprehensive course system was formed, and after the course was reformed, the textbook construction of the course’s “Practical...
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Research and Analysis on the Application of Virtual Laboratory in Teaching

Yanchao Liu, Haibo Wang
Due to the rapid development of computer and network communication technology, the virtual laboratory has been generated and applied in various fields, and its application in the field of education has been promoted rapidly. This paper introduces the difference between traditional experimental teaching...
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Research on Effective Connection Construction of 3+2 Connection Training Mode—Taking Zaozhuang University Mechanical Major 3+2 Connection Training As a Research Example

Yanan Gou, Kun Yang
The 3+2 connection training mode bridges the gap between higher vocational education and application-oriented undergraduate education. This brand new training mode aims to integrate these two educational systems so as to cultivate the compound and high-qualified talents. However, with the implementation...
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Analysis on the Influencing Factors of Citizens’ Response and Diffusion to Public Policy—Taking the “Universal Two-Child” Policy as an Example

Bo Ren, Yueying Liang, Yu Zhang
To analyze the social effect of public policy by analyzing citizens’ responses to public policy and the influencing factors among citizens. The random multi-category logistic model was used to analyze the response of Tianjin residents to the “two-child” policy and the relationship between the influencing...