Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Advanced ICT and Education

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Role of Education of People in Charge of Facilities Producing Pastry in Avoiding the Use of Food Colors

Fereshteh Farzianpour, Shayan Hosseini, Shadi Hosseini, Seyed Shahab Hosseini
Training of foodstuff producers as a group effective on the quality of food materials is an important factor in achievement of food safety. This was an analytical interven-tional study, which was performed in a cross-sectional manner in 10 months. The target population consist-ed of 180 individuals in...
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A New Approach on Indoor Positioning System

Lina Chen, Chunyu Miao, Jianmin Zhao
Carrier phase observation equation of the inverse transmitting positioning system (ITPS) was derived. The geometric dilu-tion of precision (GDOP) about the ITPS was also investigated. The positioning accuracy of ITPS was analyzed in detail. Indoors, on condition that there neglect multi-path and fading,...
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FEAR OF THE FUTURE AND FUTUROLOGICAL ORIENTATIONS OF STUDENTS-The future is not a gift,it is an achievement.

Nenad Suzic, Harry Lowder
In this research the author starts from the two hyptheses that rapid changes and contemporary reality bring fear of the future to which not even students are immune, and that among students we can recognize different value orientations in relation to the past, present and future. From a sample of 189...
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Easy and pleasant learning concept in optical design

Ilya Mimorov, Vladimir Vasiliev, Irina Livshits, Roman Anitropov
This is important to understand and take into account when creating new educational programs. ICT plays an important role in this process because current generation is already accustomed to use it in everyday life. "Written" lectures, tutorials and books are much less popular than internet resources....
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Pedagogy for Professional Learning

Iain Doherty
Professional learning is defined as formal or informal learning that leads to the knowledge, skills and personal attributes necessary to carry out professional duties. This paper critically reflects on the peda-gogical approach underlying an eLearn-ing Certificate Course. The aim of the course was to...
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The invariant eigen-operator method for Hamiltonians with qubit system-environment models

Yang de Fang
In this paper, we apply the method of "invariant eigen-operator" to study the Hamiltonian of several different qubit-environment models. We find the invari-ant eigen-operator in terms of these models, which directly leads to the ener-gy-level gap for total system.
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Study of Experiment Education Quality Promotion by Building Appointment Management Platform

Xiaoyan Deng, Zhimeng Zhang, Yancong Shi
The main aim of this paper is exploring a new laboratory teaching mode learned from the office automation in recent years. Firstly, analyzing the real requirement in experiment teaching, we build up an open appointment platform for instructors and students. Based on it, we could manage the experiment...
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Structural Analysis and Display of Handwritten Mathematical Formula Based on Ternary Tree

Peng Han, Longcan Hu, Aijun Fan
Due to arbitrariness of handwritten mathematical formula, it is difficult to do the structural analysis and displaying automatically. In this paper, an improved algorithm of generating ternary tree is proposed to solve the limitation. Firstly, a ternary tree of character sequence in handwritten mathematical...
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Storyboarding Pervasive Learning Games

Klaus P. Jantke, Sebastian Spundflasch
Game-Based Learning (GBL, for short) is apparently very attractive and challenging field of technology enhanced learning. In game-based learning, the technological systems employed for the purpose of learning are digital games. Stand-alone serious games are rare. Games employed for learning need to be...
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A Derivation of Free-rotation in the Three-dimensional Space

Legend Chen
The paper describes an algorithm deriva-tion of rotation in the three-dimensional space, which is an efficient method for rotating objects in the space. The key in the derivation process is to summarize the many thoughts on this issue, included the geometric algebra, coordinate transformation, linear...
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Privacy Quiz- Game-based learning on multiple mobile platforms

Bettina Harriehausen-Mühlbauer
The Privacy Quiz has been developed in collaboration between the University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt and Lufthansa AG. The goal of the project was the development of a mobile learning application for Lufthansa managers to learn about data privacy topics playfully and interactively. The application...
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The Exploration on Innovation of Analog Electronic Technology Course

Liu Jun, Wang Qi
This article carries on a detailed analysis and study on content, teaching methods and the problems of experimental teach-ing in the analog electronic technolo-gy(AET) course. It proposes the relevant scope, strategies and principles about teaching innovation of it. It introduces the contents and stages...
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The Misconceptions Recognized from My Business Studies in China and Abroad

Wenkai Zhou
Four year overseas studies and Chinese background made me be aware of the presence of many misconceptions in the understanding of Chinese business, tradi-tional culture and education. Certain the-ories related to politics or military like “thick face, black heart” and “Sun Tzu on the art of war” are...
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Game-Based Training of Executive Staff of Professional Disaster Management: Storyboarding Adaptivity of Game Play

Sebastian Arnold, Jun Fujima, Klaus P. Jantke, Andreas Karsten, Harald Simeit
Game-Based Learning is a modern field of technology-enhanced learning cover-ing several sub-fields such as game-based training. Learning, in general, and training, in particular, may be enormously more effective, if the process adapts to the particular needs of the human learner or trainee. The crux...
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Game-based Learning for Digital Natives: Knowledge is Just a Click Away

Kathrin Knautz, Simone Soubusta, Lisa Orszullok
In this paper, we present a project in which a university course on knowledge representation is turned into an interactive online text adventure. Our new way of using game mechanics demands a comprehensible didactic design during the planning phase as well as during the implementation of the course and...
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Research on Exhibition Entity Evaluation Model Based on Green Design

Jingjing Chen, Jinchang Chen
The concept of green exhibition design points out that the main forms of exhibi-tion design are entity design and virtual design. The key variable of green exhibi-tion design is entity based on the "4R" principle. A new exhibition entity evalua-tion model has been proposed based on the energy recovery...
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A Comprehensive Assessment to campus security Based on Grey Cluster

Yongsheng Liu, Yanan Wang
Based on the existing assessment theory and model, a newt campus security model is structured. Then use this model to evaluate campus security of four universities in Hebei province. The results showed that the model, based on grey cluster, not only could confirm the quality degree of every evaluation...
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A new evaluation index system of the assessment of higher education in China

Cao Lijuan, Li Meng
A new education index system is required in order to comprehensively improve the quality of higher education and achieve the training goal of applied talents. The education index system should be established by choosing the appropriate assessment methods. These methods could be selected by contrasting...
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The Seminar Teaching Approach of University Case Analysis of Master’s Degree Program

Wang Xing-ju, Gao Gui-feng, Zhao Lin
To explore students’ learning initiative and self-learning ability, the seminar teaching approach is necessary. The seminar teaching approach can also train students' verbal ability and enhance their sense of participation. The activities can develop students to get the comprehensive ability of exploring...
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Analysis of the Traditional Lecture Method combined with the Seminar Teaching Method in the Graduate Education

Wang Xing-ju, Zhao Lin, Gao Gui-feng
The traditional teaching method gives full play to the teacher's leading role and enables the student to obtain more knowledge. But the traditional teaching method makes the students lose the learning initiative and creativity. Seminar teaching method is a kind of research type teaching method. It fully...
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Problems of Effectiveness of Education Services for Persons with Disabilities in the Russian Federation

Elena Khudorenko
Education for Persons with Disabilities is a special socio-economic resource which is of paramount importance, aimed at reducing their isolation and economic de-pendence. The article is devoted to inves-tigating the problems of effectiveness of educational services for persons with dis-abilities and...
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Our Empirical Study of bank loans accessibility influence factors for SMEs

Hongmei Sun, Lei Cen, Na Jiang
In this paper, we use the basic data of SMEs, released in 2007-2010 on News of China's listed companies, and randomly select samples of 100 small and medium enterprises. We also utilize the bank loans availability as a proxy variable to build a multiple linear regression model. In a word, our empirical...
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A Wireless Control Platform Based on Browser/Server Mode

Xiao Hua, Xiao Yongdong
This paper builds a wireless control platform based on browser/server mode. The platform uses the ARM9-series S3C2440A to build embedded Web server, sets up a wireless local area network with ZigBee technology and designs responsive web as user interface which allow users to remote control devices in...
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Implementation of Interactive Whiteboards into the Educational Systems at Primary and Secondary Schools in the Slovak Republic

Peter Brecka, Monika Olekšáková
The contribution describes interactive whiteboards, their fundamental advantages and disadvantages, types, their deployment in practice in the frame of pedagogical innovations in the system of education in Slovakia and also their possible implementation in primary and secondary schools based on the previously...
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Service Learning for Empowering Tribal Peoples with Living Labs for Medical Education Reform in Taiwan

Duujian Tsai, Tsung Ping Yu, Yu Chia Chen, Shyh-Dye Lee
This project is establishing a platform for Living Lab experiments using smart technology in tribal areas of Taiwan, with the goal of empowering high mountain indigenous peoples. We are forging a learning environment through partner-ships between universities, tribal peoples and technology companies...
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Self-regulated learning behavior and perception of students participating in EU-SUPPORT social network

S. Charoenwet, I. Zurida
A student collaborative social network was established based on computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) platform of EU-SUPPORT network. The EU-SUPPORT is a sub network under the Norwegian Environmental Education that focuses on schools to promote the quality of education for sustainable development....
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A Study on Colleges and Universities Serving Local Economy from the Perspective of Industryuniversityresearch Integration

Huang Mingyue, Yang Guangmin
Industry-university-research integration is a unity which establishes the university-centered integration of education, scientific research and production. This unity is of very practical guiding importance to boost local economy, enhance regional economic vitality, and ensure school running characteristics...
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Construction of the Online Test System for Common Basic Course in Colleges

Xiyun Wang, Lei Wang, Dongguo Li
The teaching of common basic course in colleges has several drawbacks, such as teachers' subject and examination-driven approach. If teaching process was shifted from curriculum-centered to student-centered, there was a great improvement in teaching even in education. This paper suggests that it should...
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Improvement And Experimental Evaluation Bellman-Ford Algorithm

Wei Zhang, Hao Chen, Chong Jiang, Lin Zhu
The shortest path problem is the problem of finding a path between two vertices on a graph such that sum of the weights of its constituent edges is minimized.Simulations to compare the efficiencies for Dijkstra's algorithm, SPFA algorithm and improved Bellman-Ford were taken. The result shows that Dijkstra's...
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Virtualization Technology for Multimedia Interaction Cloud Education Services

Ren-Chiun Wang, Jeng-Ping Lin, Shih-Shin Hu
For enhancing the effectiveness of teach-ing and learning, e-learning is one of ways to achieve the goal. In past e-learning platforms, when more and more teaching materials are provided from characters (teachers, students, independent software vendors (ISV) and content service vendors (CSV)), or more...
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Discussion of Current Situation and Measures of Development Dalian Amateur Volleyball Clubs

Cao Mingming, Gao Qin
The development Dalian amateur volleyball clubs has just started. The research on amateur volleyball clubs is still inadequate and there exist problems in club operation and organization. This research expects to contribute to a faster and healthier development Dalian amateur volleyball clubs and to...
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Research on the Application of Blended Learning Model in Peasants Distance Education

Lei Chen, Jianxin Guo
It was more important to create a new training model to ensure the quality of distance education. From a peasant point of view, this paper thought that blended learning was an integration of face-to-face learning and on-line learning. Based on Beijing rural modern distance educa-tion platform, the paper...
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Mediating Effects of Value Congruence on Relationships between Motivation and Organizational Commitment in Nonprofit Sport Organizations

Wu Xiaojun, Zhu Zhiquan, Wu Hongyv
The purpose of this paper is to measure the mediating role of Value Congruence in the relationship between motivation and organizational commitment in non-profit sport organizations. An e-mail sur-vey was conducted with a sample of 223 volunteers in 12 non-profit sport organi-zations in a Jiangxi Province...
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Development of a Computerized Model of Performance-Based Measurement to Facilitate and Evaluate New Graduate Nurses’ Clinical Competence

Shwu-Ru Liou, Ching-Yu Cheng, Hsiu-Chen Liu, Shu-Ling Tsai
New graduate nurses are not adequately prepared for performing as expected by the clinical settings to meet the growing demands of complex healthcare environment. The purpose of the study was to develop a Computerized Model of Performance-Based Measurement (CMPBM) to improve and evaluate clinical competence...
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On Government’s Role in Innovating on System of Risk Investment

Wang Xie yong
We should recognize the government’s role in the initial establishment of risk investment system, however we wouldn’t neglect it’s the intervention of administrative power and system that resulted in “administrative” and “planned” capital market. Now what we should do are to counteract the administrative...
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Mining the Change of Fuzzy Quantitative Association Rules for Summative Assessment

Chih-Hong Huang, Tony Cheng-Kui Huang, Shih-Sheng Chen
A learning management system (LSM) prevails and it accumulates an amount of data about the progress of student learning, demographic and students’ background over different sessions. Educators are very concerned about the shifts of unknown relationships among a thousand variables about students in a...
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Design of personalized learning system in modern distance education for party members and cadres

Min Wang, Jianxin Guo
Personalized learning has been one of the most active areas of education innova-tion, particularly with the support of information technology development. At present, it has limited application in party members and cadres modern distance education. This article introduced ideas of designing personalized...
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ICT in Basic Education:Educational experience at EEFM Prof. “Bolívar Bordallo da Silva, Bragança”, Pará, Brazil.

Rezerneide Guimarães Melo, Rosália Souza de Oliveira
The computer and internet when incorpo-rated in to the school routine favors the development of new pedagogical circum-stances [1]. Many tools provided by ICTs offer interactive web space without the need what internet users have mastery of the programming language. The Ministry of Education - MEC directs...
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Daniela Barbulov Popov
Development of technology and visual communications implicates the necessity of the school subject visual art through which it is possible to present to the pupils the most important art pieces and achievements from the domain of visual communications which will form their opinion about aesthetics and...
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On English Reading Achievement and Perceptions

Pei-Chin Hsieh, Chang-Ho Ji
This study compared the effects of three instructional methods—synchronous online communication, asynchronous online communication, and traditional grammar translation method—in English reading comprehension. A quasi-experimental research design included pre and post reading comprehension tests for all...
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Vehicle Detection Method based on Adap-tive Background Updating Algorithm

Lin Guo, Xiang-hui Shen
This paper mainly researches and simulates the adaptive background updating algorithm based on Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) in video vehicle detection, and it researches on some methods to extract the foreground. Frame difference method uses the brightness difference of two consecutive frames to analy-sis...
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Construction and Practice of Advanced Mathematics Curriculum Applicable to Undergraduate Economics Majors

Zhao Jiayin, Lv Wei, Zhang Xiaoqiao, Huang Qun, Bi Jing
For the purpose of constructing advanced mathematics course group for undergrad-uate economics majors, the thesis dis-cusses the teaching reform that centers on transferring the focus of the advanced mathematics course group of application-oriented universities from “mathematical calculation” to “application...
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Differentiated Service of Streaming Media Playback Technology

CHENG Zi-ao, MENG Bo, WANG Dan-hua, ZHAO Yue
With users increase in the personalized demand of streaming media service, to ensure the smooth transmission of streaming media and a reasonable reduc-tion of resources has become a measure of the quality of streaming media services. According to distinguishing the type of services and taking the personalized...
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Classification of Deep Web Data Sources Based on Feature Weight Estimate

Xiaoqing ZHOU, Jiaxiu SUN, Shubin Wang
The traditional search engine is unable to correct search for the magnanimous information in Deep Web hides. The Web database's classification is the key step which integrates with the Web database classification and retrieves. This article has proposed one kind of classification based on machine learning's...
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The Effect of e-Book on Students’ Learning Styles A Study in Terengganu, Malaysia

W. Roslina, S. Fahmy, Z. Fariha, N. Haslinda, A. Yacob, N. Sukinah, N. Suhana
Electronic Book or e-Book has been adopted in the education system throughout the worlddue to its positive effect to the learning environment. This paper is a part of a continuous research effort in the Malaysian e-Book project with the aim of investigating the effect of e-Book on students’ learning...
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Moral Dilemmas in Serious Games

Jacqueline Krebs
Why don’t we decide or act in certain situations like we deem it right? Decision-making and acting appropri-ately frequently differs in individual plans, resolutions, principles and attitudes from morality. This mismatch, between verdict and behavior, covers not only all areas of life but counts for...
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Implementation of Inquiry-based Learning Supported by Digital Technologies in Courses of Professional Development for Chemistry Teachers

Zita Jenisová, Jana Braniša, Janka Melušová
Inquiry-based learning (IBL) is based on students` enquire of different situations and formulate relating questions. Experi-mental activity from real-life chemistry using school-measuring equipment con-taining spectrometer connected to com-puter was piloted with 25 in-service teachers attending course...
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Sheila Nunes, Marcia Taborda, Carla Dias, Celly Saba, Vinícius Antunes
We present the process of work created by the Laboratory of Information Technologies and Communication - LaTIC, of the Rio de Janeiro State University - UERJ, to develop Virtual Multimedia Presentations (AVM) to different undergraduate courses in face-to-face model. The AVM recognized as are excellent...
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Development of A Web-based English Teaching Course to Increase Nursing Students’ Information Literacy Competency

Ching-Yu Cheng, Shwu-Ru Liou, Wei-Chieh Yu, Hsiu-Min Tsai
This study aimed to develop a web-based course to cultivate nursing students' information literacy competency. The study was a three-semester study that included a development of the course, pilot-test and modification of the course design, and final implementation of the modified course design. All...
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Integrated Design in Sustainable Architectural Education

Shaojie Zhang, Tieqiao Xiao
Green buildings and sustainable design have become the points architects are concerned about. At the same time, a lack of collaboration with other design disciplines is a problem encountered by many architecture designers. In such a situation, some architects promote a method of integrated design, which...