Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Research of Educational Administration and Management (ICREAM 2020)

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Parents in the Quality Culture

Why do They Become Involved?

Nuphanudin, Aan Komariah, Dedy Achmad Kurniady, Nada S. Rekinta Putri, Olga Reisha Azzahra, Nikolas Sirilis
The current study aims to gain an in-depth understanding of the parents’ involvement in a quality culture system in SMK 7 Bandung. It was a case study method. The result showed: interpersonal communication in SMK 7 Bandung is the result of a good engagement between teachers and parents. Parents understand...
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Improving the Competence of Teachers in Maritime Vocational Schools in Indonesia

Kurniawan Abadi, Sutipto, Ivan Hanafi
This study aims to analyze the effect of coaching, supervision, and work motivation on the competence of Sailing Vocational Teachers in Indonesia. In addition to knowing whether there is a good relationship between each variable directly. This research uses a quantitative method with a path analysis...
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Leadership and Administrative Skills:

A Panacea for Administrative Challenges in Schools

Peter Lameck Mduwile, Aan Komariah
This paper examined leadership and administrative skills and it emphasized on the meaning of leadership, leadership skills, the concept of efficiency, and administration for improving leadership and management in educational institutions. The topic under discussion suggests the need for leadership and...
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Financial Aid

The Active Role of Regional Government on Accomplishing Compulsory Education for Secondary Education

Dedy Achmad Kurniady, Aan Komariah, Muflih Ma’mun, Irvan Gunawan
The purpose of this study is to determine the amount of educational operational costs in accordance with the targets, coverage, and direction of the regulations to be set. The method used in this study is the Regulatory Impact Assessment, a method that systematically and consistently studies the effects...
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Learning Organizations Employees of the Center for Data and Technology

Muhammad Hasan Chabibie, Mukhneri Muktar, R. Madhakomala
The purpose of this study is to understand how much the impact of transformational leadership, self-efficacy, and motivation on organizational learning of Data and Technology Employee soft the Ministry of Education and Culture. The research method uses quantitative research involving up to 193 employees...
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Leadership Chair and Tutor of the Learning Centers (PKBM) on the Effectiveness Quality of Learning

Rd. Moh. Dadi Rosadi, Endang Herawan
This study aims to analyze the Leadership Role of the Chair of the Learning Center on the Effectiveness of the Quality of Learning Quality. This type of research is qualitative research using analysis of strengths, opportunities, aspirations, results. The data collection technique is done by using observation,...
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Problem Solving for Elementary School Students in Rural Areas in Online Learning Activities During New Normal Covid Conditions 19

Case Study at Cikembang 01 Elementary School, Cikembang Village, Kertasari District, Bandung Regency, West Java Province

Luthfi Audia Pribadi, Yayah Rahyasih
This research aims to find solutions to rural problems in optimally learning in the new normal era. The method used, namely using secondary data, was interviews with discretive qualitative methods to see the level of knowledge of teachers and parents regarding learning patterns during the COVID 19 pandemic...
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Strategic Planning on the School Quality

Deden Pitriantini, Johar Permana
The quality of the school can be achieved if the strategic planning can be implemented properly. An organization without a plan, like a ship without a purpose. This research examines the extent to which the implementation of school planning can lead to school quality in accordance with government-set...
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Principal Leadership and Student Achievement

Lili Abdullah Rozak, Sumarto, Aan Komariah, Evy Segarawati Ampry
This research aims to understand the extent to which the principal’s leadership affects student achievement in Ciamis Regency, West Java Province - Indonesia. This research was motivated by the acquisition of the 2019 National Exam scores in Ciamis. This type of research used in this study is qualitative...
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Internet User Behavior and Social Media in Learning

Aslam, Abdul Azis Wahab, Purnama Syae Purrohman, Zulherman, Evy Segarawati Ampry
This study aims to obtain an overview of the behavior of the internet and social media users in learning. The research was conducted by surveying 99 students, students, and teachers in Muhammadiyah schools in East Jakarta. The survey results show that most respondents use it for pleasure-seeking activities,...
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Education and Training Management in Increasing Teacher Performance

Rismiati Rahmi, Nasir Usman, Murniati A.R.
The purpose of this research is to find out: the formulation of the program, the implementation of the development program of Education and Training in Improving Teacher Performance, and the obstacles faced by the Department of Education and related division in carrying out Education and Training in...
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Analysis of Benefits and Problems of Leadership Training

Taufani C. Kurniatun, Moeh Adam, Haris Marzuki Susila, M. Djamaludin
This study aims to analyze the problems of leadership training. The method in this study used qualitative method with data processing using Nvivo 12 which is given to 9 alumni of leadership training, 3 instructor, and 3 direct supervisors. The results showed that there were benefits and problems encountered...
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Management Development of Teachers’ Professional Competence

Yohamintin, Johar Permana, Sri Wulansari, Sri Mulyani, Irawati Sabban
The study aims to reveal the desired standards of professional competence, as well as efforts in management development of professional competence, and teacher responses to the policies taken by the principal to development the teachers professional competence. This study used a qualitative approach...
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The Woman School Principals’ Leadership Facing the Educational Change in the Globalization Era

Kholifatul Husna Asri, Kaniati Amalia, Muthahharah Thahir, Dedy Achmad Kurniady
The purpose of this study was to find out the role of leaders in schools in facing educational changes in the era of globalization. All kinds of demands for student life are increasing, requiring qualified leaders who are brave in facing various problems and challenges in the world of education. This...
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Quality Assurance of Transformational Leadership in Education

Novi Nurhayati, Asep Sudarsyah
This research is to describe and analyze the quality assurance of transformational leadership of Head of Teachers and Educators Development Division (P3TK) to the subordinates in an education organization at meso- (middle) dimension amid the occurring Covid-19. The method applied is that of qualitative-descriptive...
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The Development of Academic Services Model in Enhancing Better Graduates Quality

Sri Mulyani, Moch Fakhry Gaffar, Suryadi, Sri Wulansari, Yohamintin
A good and integrated academic system service is one of the factors that can determine the quality of graduates of higher education institutions. The research focuses on the analysis and exploration of an integrated academic service system implemented by the Pertiwi School of Economics, which consists...
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Improving Teaching Performance Through Collegial Supervision in Schools

Wariah, Udin S. Sa’ud
This research focuses on the implementation of collegial supervision of teachers and their impact on teaching performance. Specifically, this study is for: 1) knowing the description of the implementation of collegial supervision, 2) exploring a number of factors that support and inhibition in the collegial...
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Implementation of Principal’s Digital Leadership in Communication and Teacher Professional Development at School

Ius Rusnati, Mohammad Fakry Gaffar
This research aims to examine the implementation of digital leadership in terms of communication and teacher professional development. The descriptive-analytic method with a qualitative approach was performed. The primary data was collected from respondents through interviews with principals in the elementary...
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Study of School Planning

Implementation of School Strategy

Yanti Juwariah, Taufani C Kurniatun
This research aims to obtain an overview of the implementation of school services conducted at SDN 1 Darandan Purwakarta Regency. This study focuses on how the school process is conducted, how it is implemented, as well as the obstacles faced in the implementation of school planning. Data collection...
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Implementation of Managerial Competence Headmaster in the New Era

Karinawati, Diding Nurdin
The study aims to describe a picture of the implementation of managerial competence in a new normal era, using qualitative methods through interviews, documenting and analyzing qualitatively where the subject is headmaster and teacher. Studies have shown an image of the implementation of managerial competence...
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The Use of ARKAS Application in Management of School Operational Assistance Funds (BOS)

Sakimin, Eka Prihatin
This study aims to describe how the application of the school activity plan and budget is used in managing school operational assistance funds. This type of research is qualitative research. Data collection techniques with observation, interviews and documentation. The sample in this study were financial...
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The Effectiveness of Online Website-Based New Student Admissions (PPDB)

Dede Supendi, Aan Komariah, Dedy Achmad Kurniady
The purpose of this research is to see the effectiveness of the implementation of web-based new student admissions. The research method used is descriptive qualitative which is carried out in public junior high schools in Purwakarta Regency. The results showed that the application of web-based online...
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Managerial Competence:

Impact to Learning Quality

Iwan Rahmat Juanda, Nugraha Suharto
This research contrasts with the limited study of the influence of the principal’s managerial competencies on the quality of learning services. Whereas these two variables have a close relationship in the implementation of Education in schools. The quality of learning is present through the attack of...
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Impact of Leadership Efficacy on Teacher Teaching Performance in Elementary Schools

Apriant Cahyo Supriadi, Asep Suryana
The contribution of leadership efficacy has been extensively researched, and the results have contributed positively to teacher performance. This research aims to complete the previous research by reviewing the specific scope that is in elementary school. This research was conducted using descriptive...
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Teacher Performance:

Gender and Education Status in Teacher Certification Perspective

Maryah Sariningsih, Aan Komariah
A number of studies have shown that teacher professional allowance (certification) does not have a positive impact on the teacher own performance. This research seeks to dig deeper into this by looking at teacher gender and education level. Data is obtained from secondary data collected from Dapodik...
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Principal Supervision and Teacher Performance in Public Elementary Schools

Ai Rohartini, Cicih Sutarsih
Supervision has an important role in building teacher professionalism that is realized in the form of improving teacher teaching performance in schools. This research tries to dig deeper into the contribution of supervision by the principal to the teaching performance of teachers in elementary schools....
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The Implementation of Physical Special Allocation Funds (DAK) at Primary School

Sri Wulansari, Suryadi, Mohammad Fakry Gaffar, Sri Mulyani, Yohamintin
The aim of this study is to explore the information regarding the implementation of the physical special allocation funds in education, included: 1) communication; 2) resources; 3) disposition; and 4) bureaucracy. The qualitative method was conducted by collecting data from participant observation, in...
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Instructional Leadership:

Contribution on Teaching Performance

Totoh Fatonah, Abubakar
Instructional leadership plays an important role in improving teacher teaching performance. This is being reviewed through research by focusing on its application in elementary schools. The purpose of the research is to find out the magnitude of the influence of instructional leadership on teaching performance...
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Implementation of Servant Leadership in New Normal Policies

Da’iatul Istiqomah, Nani Hartini
This study aims to analyze the role of the principal in implementing servant leadership in new normal situations at Islamic junior high school 7 Ciamis. This study uses a qualitative approach by using case study method to develop the competence of principal in responding to the new normal policies and...
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Learning Management of Tahfidz Al-Quran

Analysis of Students Motivation and Achievement

Siti Nuraeni, Eka Prihatin
The purpose of this study was to seek out the management of learning in Islamic Boarding Schools in the field of Tahfidz Al-Quran. The study is a qualitative descriptive study using case study methods in Indonesia that assessed the Tahfidz Quran learning management from the motivations of learners and...
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The Analysis of Self-Learning Management During the COVID-19 Pandemic Period:

A Study Investigating Students’ Perception of Online Learning

Irman Suherman, Muhammad Fakry Gaffar
This study aims to analyze the self-learning management of student during online learning in a program developed in Indonesia called school from home during the Covid-19 pandemic. This research used a mix method. Data were collected through surveys and semi-structured interviews with 79 students at private...
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The Effect of Understanding the Role and Position of State Civil Apparatus Agenda on Work Behavior of Basic Training Participants of Candidates for Civil Servants

Ade Suhendar, Asep Suryana
The success or failure in one’s professional life is influenced by many factors that are closely related in daily life or profession. The State Civil Apparatus has duties and functions that are regulated in law so that in living their life while acting as a state servant begins with their role as a public...
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An Analysis of Digital Leadership in the Pandemic Covid-19 Era

Fujy Puspita Damayanti, Aceng Muhtaram Mirfani
The development of technology globally and spread of Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) around Indonesia has necessitated social distancing measures to minimize the disease dissemination. Along with this deal, it is necessary to have a leader’s role in face this problem. This research addressed to identify...
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The Leadership Capacity of the Principal in Improving the Quality of Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Muthahharah Thahir, Aan Komariah, Kholifatul Husan Asri, Widiawati Widiawati, Cucun Sunanengsih
This article aims to explain the leadership capacities that a school principal needs to improve the quality of learning, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is because of that The Covid-19 virus that is currently globalizing does not only have an impact on human health. The time of the Covid...
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The Implementation of Transformational Leadership to Improve School Quality

Milaty Septi Hasanah, Sururi
This study purposes to find out the implementation of transformational leadership behaviors that school principals demonstrate at schools during their administrative practices on daily basis to quality of school improvement. This study conducted in Mutiara Insani Kindergarten School Purwakarta and used...
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An Efective Learning Method During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Tita Heliyani, Cepi Triatna
As an effort to prevent and break the chain of spread of the covid-19 virus, the Indonesian government has implemented a large-scale distancing policy, which regulates a number of activities of residents in areas suspected of contracting COVID-19. The impact of this large-scale social distancing effect...
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Character Education in Home Based Learning During COVID-19 Pandemic

Yansen, Aan Komariah, Djam’an Satori
This research aimed to describe character education, implementation of character education, and the results of character education during the COVID-19 epidemic. The methodology used in this research is qualitative with descriptive approach. The results of the analysis show that character education is...
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Situational Leadership Readiness

The Impact of 4th Dimensions in Elementary School

Teguh Wendy Arisman, Eka Prihatin
Situational leadership become the topic focus of this study. The purpose of this study is to find out the implementation of principal’s situational leadership in elementary school based on 4 dimensions of situational leadership approach. This research used a descriptive qualitative research and to obtain...
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Academic Supervision: Efforts to Improve Teacher Quality in Developing the Professional Ability Educators

Silviany Rizkillah, Taufani Chusnul Kurniatun
The purpose of this study was to determine the benefits of academic supervision for teachers in SDN 263 Rancaloa in developing learning and teaching situations in class, the ability to diagnose student difficulties in learning, creativity in developing learning methods, creativity in planning, implementing,...
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The Effect of Servant Leadership on Teacher Performance

Lukman Saepurohman, Djam’an Satori
One way to increase teacher productivity is to provide adequate facilities by the principal. Teachers led by principals who apply servant leadership styles tend to be more productive because they have more opportunities to develop self-capacity. Through survey approaches and regression analysis, this...
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Academic Service Quality Survey in Higher Education

Cucun Sunaengsih, Aan Komariah, Dedy Achmad Kurniady, Muthahharah Thahir, Badrud Tamam
This research aims to identify the implementation of academic service quality in Higher Education in Indonesia. The academic service is a core product of the Higher Education so positively perceived academic service quality will also lead to positive image of the Higher Education. However, inconsistency...
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Impact of Principal’s Communication on Teacher Performance

Pepi Pramahsari, Cepi Triatna
The essence of leadership is communication, as the results of existing research contribute to the performance of individuals in the organization. The purpose of this study is to test how significantly the influence of principal communication affects the performance of primary school teachers. Researchers...
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Servant Leadership: Responding the Challenges for Change in Higher Education

Annisa Lutfia, Udin Saefudin Sa’ud, Deden Saepudin
This study aims to describe servant leadership characteristics possessed by leaders of higher education institutions. This is important because higher education institutions as the center of excellence are required to answer the challenges for change demanded by the market, and servant leadership is...
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Bazz Group: Enhancing the Role of Expert Group in Student Learning Activeness

Neni Rohaeni, Aan Komariah
This study aims to analyze the increase in student group learning activeness which affect student learning outcomes in Natural Science learning through methods bazz group. The method used is this type of classroom action research by model Kemmis & McTaggart, performed in two cycles. Each cycle consists...
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Quality Culture of Education: Commitment of Leaders in Building a Quality Culture of Education in Higher Tourism Education

Deden Saepudin, Udin Syaefudin Sa’ud, Annisa Lutfia, Irawati Sabban
This study aims to analyze and get an overview of the form of commitment of leaders in building a culture of quality education in higher tourism education institution (a case study at the Bandung Tourism College). The research method used is descriptive research with a qualitative approach. The main...
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Management of Classroom: Utilization of Learning Facilities and Teacher Performance on Learning Effectiveness

Fadhila Maulida Ismi, Aan Komariah
This study aims to analyze and describe the effectiveness of learning through the use of learning facilities and teacher performance in management of classroom. The qualitative descriptive method was used as the main method in this research. The data collection process was performed by observation and...
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The Influence of Transformational Leadership on the Quality of Early Children Education Institutions

Isrowiyah, Munir
This study aims to determine the relationship between transformational leadership and the quality of early childhood education institutions. The method used is quantitative with regression techniques on 100 respondents’ parents. The data collection used a Likert scale questionnaire for the satisfaction...
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Supervisors Facilitate Principals Teachers in Creating Student Achievements

Chairul Fahmi, Yusrizal, Niswanto
This study aims to analyze the role of supervisors’ commitment to facilitate school principals and teachers in improving student achievement at 2 state Islamic first high school Tungkop Aceh Besar. The research method used was a descriptive qualitative which was carried out for six months of the study...
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Principal Leadership in Increasing Teacher Job Satisfaction

Adnin AS, Murniati, Nasir Usman
The purpose of this study was to analyze and describe in depth about the principal’s leadership in creating teacher job satisfaction. The method used is qualitative descriptive text, so that this research can be carried out in depth and will produce products related to the leadership of the principal...
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Academic Supervision Using Professional Learning Community (PLC) by Principals of Public Elementary Schools in Enrekang Regency

Evy Segarawati Ampry, Aan Komariah, Lili Abdullah Rozak, Aslam, Nadir G
The present study aims to examine the implementation of academic supervision using Professional Learning Community (PLC) empowerment by principals of elementary schools in Enrekang Regency. The data was gathered from observations, interviews, and documentation. The research subjects were teachers, principals,...
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Adaptation to New Habits: School-Based Financing Strategies for Public High School During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Gema Muhammad Shidiq, Endang Herawan
This research has purposed to provide an overview of high school’s funding strategies in facing the New Normal during the Covid-19 pandemic. The qualitative method was used through survey questionnaire with a number of school principals in several high schools in West Java Province with the Snowball...
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The Fulfillment of Infrastructure in Determining the Quality of Education in Purwakarta District

Johny Heriyanto Utomo, Asep Sudarsyah
Aims of this research to determine the quality of education through the fulfillment of infrastructure in Purwakarta District. The research method used is a qualitative method through a case study in Purwakarta. The technique of collecting data through interviews, observation and documentation study....
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Ethnopedagogical Leadership Based on Lampung’s Local Wisdom in Schools

Salma Faizah Amatullah, Aan Komariah
This study aims to describe and to analyze the ethnopedagogical leadership based on local wisdom in Lampung schools in strengthening national identity to actualize leadership values in responding to the demands of globalization. The method used is qualitative method using snowball sampling technique....
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Learning Management in the Pandemic Time Covid-19

Utia Rusdah, Cicih Sutarsih
This research is based on the author’s curiosity about the learning process during the Covid-19 pandemic. The purpose of this study was to obtain 1) learning management 2) learning implementation. The main data sources in this study were the Principal, Deputy Head of Curriculum, Educators and Students...
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Islamic Boarding School Supervision to Creating Smart Students

Suparta Rasyid, Dadang Suhardan, Yayah Huliatunisa
This study aims to describe and analysed in depth the supervision of Islamic boarding education on the creation of bright and good character students. The method used is a combination method with an exploratory design where the product of this research will produce a product related to an effective and...
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The Activities of E-Learning in English Foreign Language Classroom

Study in a Private University

Ikbal Opus Nurullah, Asep Suryana
E-learning using Edmodo become a topic discussion in this study which aimed to find out the students’ activities during the learning process, and also discovered the benefits and limitations that faced by them. This study was conducted under qualitative approach by using case study method, and analysed...
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Analysis of the Need for State Junior High School Teachers in Purwakarta District in 2020

Aries Rapelianto, Udin Syaefudin Sa’ud
This study aims to describe the needs of SMP Negeri teachers in Purwakarta District in 2020 so that a description of their needs can be found. This research is a descriptive study with a quantitative approach method. The subjects of this study were State Junior High School teachers in Purwakarta Regency...
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Learning Organization Implementation Strategy for Developing Team Learning in Schools

Eva Miftahul Jannah, Cicih Sutarsih
In responding to any changes, ideas, creativity, and organizational resilience require learning in organization. Sensitive and responsive to stimuli from the outside environment give rise to learning organizations. The purpose of this study was to determine how the application of learning organizations...
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Learning Leadership:

Improving Academic Quality in Improving Teacher Performance

Indah Anggraeni, Taufani Chusnul Kurniatun
This study aims to determine the activities of the principal in influencing people who carry out busy academic activities at school, related to learning as an effort to improve academic quality in improving teacher performance. This study uses a survey method through a quantitative approach. Respondents...
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The Role of the Professional Learning Community to Develop Teacher Leadership

Rose Desy Nurkartika, Nani Hartini
The Professional Learning Community (PLC) has great potential as a means of developing teacher professionalism and leadership. This study aims to look at teachers’ perceptions regarding teacher leadership from their involvement in the professional learning community and identify variables that encourage...
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Influence of Digital Leadership Models on the Performance of Educators and Educational Personnel in the COVID-19 Pandemic in the First Middle School

Muh Agrian Nugrah Pratama, Dedy Achmad Kurniady
This research is entitled “Influence of Digital Model on The Performance of Educators and Education Personnel in Padalarang District of West Bandung Regency”. In the current Covid-19 Pandemic, education must be conducted using digitalization using Online between Educators and Students and Education Personnel...
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The Presence of Internal Quality Management Strategies in Improving a Culture of Quality

Irawati Sabban, Abdul Azis Wahab, Yayah Huliatunisa, Deden Saepudin, Yohamintin
The present study aims to find out the effects of internal quality management strategies in the culture of quality of Pasifik Morotai University using sequential mixed method. Multiple regression analysis was implemented to analyse quantitative data, while qualitative data was analysed using Miles-Huberman...
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How to Implement Supervision Programs at School

Raita Gina Aprilina, Nugraha
The qualitative research method that was used in this research aimed to reveal supervision programs that has been implemented in Special Needs Schools. The method used in this research is interviewing school principals in Cluster 38 Bandung that consist of five Special Needs School. To gain best supervision...
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Quality Assurance in Private School Reviewed From the Effectiveness of Supervision

Imas Eka Nurfadillah, Nugraha Suharto
The purpose of this research is to investigate the implementation of quality assurance in private school through supervision. Researcher study the relationship and effect of supervision toward the level of implementation in quality assurance. This research is a quantitative where A Five Likert-scale...
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The Influence of the Principal’s Leadership Behavior and Islamic School Culture on Teacher’s Performance

Rizki Ulfah, Sururi
This research aims to understand the influence of leadership of the school principals and Islamic school culture of teacher’s performance. The kind of research done is associative with the quantitative approach. Measurement techniques used is Likert scale. Analysis of the technique used is a technique...
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Teachers as Human Resources in Educational Organization of Transitional Societies, Indonesia

Dewi Wulan Sari, Yayah Rahyasih
Development efforts of education are mandatory for every country to develop. Indonesia is a transitional country that has tremendous human resources. However, the distribution of them uneven. Therefore, there are a lot of gaps. In fact, Indonesia has unskilled human resources than skilled human resources....
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The Principals Spiritual Leadership in Students Strengthening Character at the Vocational Elementary School

Mutiah, Cepi Triatna
My research aims to determine: 1) sources that build value student character values, 2) the principal’s spiritual leadership program for strengthening character of SDN MARGASARI students, 3) implementation strategy the spiritual leadership of the principal in strengthening the character of the applied...
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Student Management Based on Total Quality Management in Character Building in Boarding School

Endang Giri Yanti, Nurdin, Endang Hermawan
This study aims to analyse character building in boarding schools through student management based on Total Quality Management) The research method used is descriptive - analytic method using a qualitative approach that is limited to the principal, vice principal, head of the boarding school, teachers,...
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Transformational Leadership for Improving Teacher’s Performance During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Erly Savitri, Asep Sudarsyah
This study aims to analyze the effect of transformational leadership for improving teacher’s performance during the Covid-19 pandemic. This research is a sequential explanatory study using a combination research method (mixed methods) starting with the quantitative research stage and continuing with...
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Transformation of Educational Quality Assurance Concepts and Practices to Reduce the Gap in School Self-Evaluation Results With Accreditation Evidence From Indonesia

Roni Indra, Aan Komariah, Taufani C. Kurniatun
This study aims to describe the concept and practice of quality assurance of primary and secondary education in Indonesia with a focused on school self-evaluation and accreditation. This research used quantitative and qualitative approaches. The data used are secondary data of the national quality mapping,...
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Evaluation of the Quality of Education Services

Yayah Huliatunisa, Dadang Suhardan, Suparta Rasyid, Irawati Sabban
This study aims to examine the implementation of the quality of education services at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Muhammadiyah University of Tangerang. After several problems were found such as; service procedures are still in a manual pattern, there are mismatches of data between Faculties and Universities,...
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Teacher Adaptability Through E-Leadership and Vocational Work Environment in the Era of Digitalization

Melisa Nur Asima, Aan Komariah, Diding Nurdin, Ima Rahmawati
The aim of this research is to increase the adaptability of teachers through e-leadership and the work environment in facing the changes of vocational world in the digitalization era. The approach used in this research is quantitative with a survey method on 300 respondents as the research sample at...
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Impact of Organizational Culture on Knowledge Sharing Behavior

Fransiskus Sawan, Suryadi, Nurhattati
Knowledge is one of the important sources in an organization. Therefore, knowledge management is needed so that knowledge can be utilized effectively and efficiently. One dimension of knowledge management is knowledge sharing behaviour. This is influenced by many factors. One of them is organizational...
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The Impact of CPD in Teaching, and the Role of Principal in Promoting CPD

A Literature Review

Cecep Somantri, Harris Iskandar
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) has increasingly been seen as a fundamental element of learning, teaching and education worldwide. However, the concept of CPD lacks clarity in terms of how it is defined, as well as in its goals. This paper focuses specifically on the role of school principals...
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Employee Education Background on Credit Risk Defining Factors of Islamic Banking in Indonesia and Malaysia

Danang Syailendra A.P, Farah Margaretha Leon
The main problem of this research is because the rapid development of the market share of Islamic banking in Indonesia and Malaysia in the past five years is interesting because the risks with varying complexity will always be close to the operations of Islamic banks. This study aims to determine the...
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Effectiveness of Teacher Training Using Online Media During COVID-19 Pandemic in Indonesia

Dian Hidayati, Rafiq Mubarak
During the COVID 19 pandemic, the Indonesian government implemented an online learning system. Teachers and students forced to be ready to do online learning. Teachers expected to improve their ability to adapt to online teaching and learning patterns. The training programs and seminars for teachers...
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Optimization Model for Effective Implementation of the Recommendations From Research Findings in the Field of Education Management

Widodo Sunaryo, Soewarto Hardhienata, Herfina
Many research findings in the field of Education Management cannot be implemented effectively. The problem derived from the fact that many research findings generated recommendation which still focus on normative and theoretical orientation. Despite that, the organizations, where research took place,...
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Application of Appropriate Technology in Household Waste Treatment in Community Education Perspective

Elih Mulyana, I Wayan Ratnata, Wasimudin Surya Saputra, Neris Peri Ardiansyah
This paper aims to describe the educational process of household waste management training by applying appropriate technology as part of human resources development in processing household waste. The participation of housewives and non-governmental organizations in this activity is part of increasing...
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The Increased Learning Effectiveness Through Strengthening Organizational Climate and Pedagogical Competency

Hendarman, Virni Sahna Saefi, Yuyun E. Patras
This research focussed on how organizational climate and pedagogical competency affect learning effectiveness of government teachers within primary school in the area of the Tanah Sereal sub-district. In this area, it seems that government teachers have yet to make use the two variables in improving...
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The Role of Indonesian School Principals’ Leading Distance Learning During Covid-19 Pandemic

Yoni Nurdiansyah
The focus of this study is to investigate how the principal leading distance learning during this pandemic. The aims are to get a comprehensive result of how the principal aware of the concept of distance learning and what challenges they faced during the process. A qualitative research approach was...
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Quality System Certifications in Education Sector

Rajyashree Yadav, Neeraj Yadav, Jaishree Yadav
Different quality system certifications, accreditations, and awards are available for education sector. The paper compares some of these choices so that educational institutes can decide which option suits them more. Literature review and expert opinion of three experts are used for this purpose. Strategies...
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Analysis of Antecedents Visit Intention on Thousand Islands Tourism Moderated by Travel Motivation and Employee Education and Training on Improving Performance in Providing Services

Mohamad Surya Atmaja, Nico Lukito
The purpose of this study is to analyze Antecedents Visit Intention in Kepulauan Seribu Tourism as moderated by Travel Motivation. The problems of this research are: Is there an effect of Travel Motivation on Visit Intention, the influence of constraints on Visit Intention, the effect of perceived travel...
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Knowledge Management, the Effects of Job Stress, Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment, and Workplace Bullying to Turnover Intention

Riska Sari Dewi, Zainul Bahri Dalimunthe, B. Medina Nilasari
This research was to investigate the effects of job stress, job satisfaction, organizational commitment and workplace bullying to turnover intention. The problem of this research was turnover intention in managing human resources where the intensity of employee turnover is increasing. In the suspected...
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Intersection of Native Characteristics Factors as a Feasibility of Teaching Factory Collaboration Program Between Companies and Vocational Schools in Extrusion Material for Lighting Product

Catur Kurniawan, Haryantini
This study observes the native character factors of company institutions hereinafter referred to as DUDI (Business and Industry Field, eg. Company) and SMK (Vocational High School) using multivariate statistical factor analysis in the field of expertise in fabrication and assembly of extruded material...
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Educational Background on Product Knowledge: Antecedents Consumer Based Brand Equity

The Undergraduate Student Perspective

Kurniawati, Irlan Bundi Setiawan
The objective of the empirical study is to analyze antecedents from consumer-based brand equity. The data collection method used was a questionnaire with a purposive sampling technique to 317 undergraduate students who had experience consuming fast-food restaurant products. They had the frequency of...
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Supervision Improve the Professional Competence of Cultural Arts Teachers

Junita Ratnasari, Cut Zahri Harun, Niswanto
The research objectives were to determine the program, program implementation, and follow-up of the academic supervision program at SMPN 1 Peureulak. The research method used is descriptive qualitative. The results showed that the supervisor made the program to determine a schedule for the implementation...
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Comparative Analysis of the Implementation of Life Skill Education Management in Students With Disability Between Public Special School and Private Special Schools

Johar Permana, Eka Prihatin, Endang Rochyadi, Liah Siti Syarifah
The implementation of life skills management carried out by schools for students with disabilities has a difference between one school and another, in this article we will analyze the comparison of the implementation of life skill management for students with disabilities in State Special Schools and...
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Spiritual Leadership Management in Strengthening the Character of Students in Integrated Islamic Primary Schools

Nasir Usman, Murniati A.R., Ulfah Irani Z.
This research aims at describing the sources, programs, and strategies of spiritual leadership management in strengthening the character of students in integrated Islamic primary schools. This research is a qualitative descriptive study. The instruments used are observation, interview, and documentation....
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Instructional Leadership and Capacity Building for Teaching Quality

Ajat Sudrajat, Abubakar
This research aimed at finding the correlation between instructional leadership and capacity building along with teaching quality improvement, both as an individual or as a team. It deployed a survey method conducted among 170 primary school teachers of Cluster 01 in Cikampek, Karawang using proportional...
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Transformation of Pesantren Persatuan Islam

A. Rofik Husen, Danny Meirawan
Law No 18 of 2019 on Pesantren becomes initial milestones for the institutional formulation of Pesantren (Islamic boarding school) in Indonesia. This law ratifies a pesantren as a part of national education systems after several decades as a non-formal educational institution. Consequently, it needs...
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Islamic Boarding School Learning Management in New Normal Era

Ummi Fathiyatussa’adah, Suryadi
This study aims to explain the phenomenon of learning management at the Darul Ulum Islamic Boarding School Pekalongan during covid-19 and how to maintain effective learning management in the new normal era. This research focused on planning and implementation. This study using descriptive methods and...
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Management of Distance Learning in Rural Areas in the Era of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Widia Wahyuni, Aan Komariah
The purpose of this study was to explain the management of distance learning in rural areas during the Covid-19 pandemic which consisted of (1) long-distance learning planning in rural areas, (2) implementation of learning and (3) assessment of learning. The type of research used is qualitative exploratory...
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Productivity of Lecturers in International Indexed Journal Publications

Abdul Azis Wahab, Dedy Achmad Kurniady, Aan Komariah, Amelia Nurusysyifa, Abdul Muhyi
This study measures the productivity of lecturers at the University of Education of Indonesia in publishing scientific papers or international indexed journals, by calculating the number of publications in reputable international journals, namely Scopus index and WoS/Thomson Reuters index. The method...
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Analysis the Effect of Transformational Leadership on Student Satisfaction and Its Impact on Motivation to Learn on Higher Education

Justine Tanuwijaya, Deasy Aseanty, Andreas Wahyu Gunawan
The purpose of this study is to have better understanding the role of transformational leadership and its impact of student satisfaction and motivation to learn. This research took students as the research object. The survey questionnaire was used to obtain data. Results from a survey of 258 students...
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Indonesian-Malaysia Elementary School Principal Participative Leadership

Aan Komariah, Dedy Achmad Kurniady, Zuraidah Abdullah, Cucun Sunaengsih
This research aims to describe elementary school principal participative leadership in Indonesia and Malaysia in the implementation of character education. Participative leadership manages active participative from various parties to disseminate or deliver ideas and recommendations in decision making...
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Work Motivation:

Correlation of Teacher Performance in State Vocational High Schools

Devi Pramiati Agustriani, Nur Aedi
This study aims to determine the effectiveness of work motivations on teacher performance at SMK Negeri 1 Cisarua, West Bandung District. To prove the hypothesis in this study, the data collection methods used were questionnaire and documentation techniques. The validity test used Pearson’s product moment...
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Youth Unemployment in Emerging Economies:

Is There Role for Macroeconomic Policy? New Evidence in the Case of Indonesia

Eva Lathifah Ali
The 1997 Asian financial crisis and the recent global financial crisis affect labour market outcomes significantly, particularly for emerging economies such as Indonesia. However, twenty years after the crisis, with economic recovery on its way, job crisis on the vulnerable groups of the labour market...
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Postgraduate Student Readiness Entering Cloud Class Era

Danny Meirawan, Eka Prihatin, Enjang Alinurdin, Ratu Dintha IZFS
Covid 19 is to trigger any learning organizations to change academic service strategy in various education aspects both formal and informal. Cloud class is a choice for almost all higher education in order to still implement the learning process. UPI Postgraduate School as well uses this strategy and...
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Leadership Style of Principal to Increase Teacher’s Professionality

Liyal Khaira, Murniati A.R., Nasir Usman
Goal of this research is to examine the leadership style of the principal in improving the professional competence of MI teachers in UPTD East Peurelak region, East Aceh Regency. This study applied a qualitative descriptive method. The subject of this study was determined by using purposive sampling....
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Leadership of Schools in Improving Teacher Discipline and Motivation

Feriyanti, Murniati A.R., Nasir Usman
The leadership of the principal as the top manager has a strategic role in increasing teacher discipline and motivation. The purpose of this study was to determine the policies, programs, strategies, supporting and inhibiting factors of the principal’s program in improving the discipline and motivation...